Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 12.2

Translator Note: There will be an edit to the name of Blue Wave Kingdom to Green Wave as it was described to be a kingdom with endless plains and plateaus. Apologies~

Chapter 12.2: Charisma that Overwhelms Both Males and Females

What infuriated her further was that the little girl who had been so skinny and ordinary looking before could actually grow up to become so beautiful.

That pair of long upslanted phoenix like eyes were so alluring like those of a seductive fox spirit, her facial features unbelievably beautiful. She was practically….. practically comparable to Yan Ning Luo!

And who was Yan Ning Luo! ?

That was the Green Kingdom's Wave topmost beauty, the strongest person among all women.

An existence one yearned but could never reach, one they could only revere and worship, as it would never be attainable for them all.

But this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d child!

What right does she have to be more beautiful than them? !

The more she thought about it, the more imbalanced she felt in her heart. Yan Xi Ruo was almost going mad! The usual sense of superiority she always felt, could not be found at all before Qing Yu, as just that face alone was adequate to make her feel envy, jealousy and hatred.

Looking at Yan Xi Wu beside her, it was obvious that she was also mesmerized into a daze as she stared at Qing Yu's face.

Qing Yu looked at the two women's foolishly dazed faces and she could not help but smile. She touched her face lightly with a hand and with her gaze highly mesmerizing, she asked: "Pretty?"

"Pretty." Yan Xi Rou nodded, although she hated to admit it.

Suddenly realizing what she had just said, the expression on her face immediately changed, looking angry and embarra.s.sed at the same time.

"Ay, what did you use to become….. so beautiful?" Yan Xi Rou was not all that scheming, but just too spoilt and bossy, a domineering bully. Besides loving to bully the weak and a little foul mouthed, she hadn't really done anything too wicked.

Yan Xi Wu was instead a bit more intelligent. She had not said a word right from the start, but just observed everything silently.

"About that~~~" Qing Yu narrowed her eyes and gave a light laugh, a finger rubbing her chin, seemingly deep in thought.

Just as Yan Xi Rou was filled with endless antic.i.p.ation and Yan Xi Wu was quietly observing her, Qing Yu then parted her lips slightly and softly made this statement: "It should be due to Heaven's endowment which is impossible for me to discard I guess!"

Yan Xi Rou: "….."

Yan Xi Wu: "….."

"You're toying with me!" Yan Xi Rou's pretty face was red with anger, her trembling finger pointed at Qing Yu, which suddenly found itself held in a grip.

The younger girl's hand felt slightly cold, so soft and svelte, the joints of the fingers long and slender, so fair was the skin it was almost translucent, so beautifully smooth it almost looked like it was carved from jade.

Just as Yan Xi Rou's attention was completely drawn in by that hand, her hand suddenly felt an incredibly smooth face under her fingers. "Have a feel if you don't believe me. See whether there's anything on my face."

The enchantingly beautiful girl then winked at her mischievously.

As expected, Yan Xi Rou suddenly felt a tightening of her heart, and her cheeks began to show a visible red rush rising. Her breathing quickened, but her hand could not bear to shift away from that face.

Yan Qing Yu….. This la.s.s is pure poison!

Yan Xi Rou pulled her hand back almost immediately as she shot Qing Yu an angry and humiliated glance. Her face was still burning red as she quickly ran away like a thief.

Yan Xi Wu was completely stunned by the scene before her. What….. has happened here?

Haven't they….. agreed to come teach the little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds a lesson?

Why had Third Sis run away? ?

"Third Sis….. doesn't seem to like me too much!" Qing Yu's brows furrowed up, looking rather mournful. Her eyes dimmed, her desolate look causing Yan Xi Wu's heart to wince.

"That….. That was just her embarra.s.sed….." Before she even finished, Yan Xi Wu almost bit her own tongue off. Just what had possessed her to say that?

When she saw Yan Qing Yu looking so sad, she had actually started to feel p,i,t,y? !

What the h.e.l.l!

Yan Xi Wu were wide as she stared, thinking that there must be something wrong with her somewhere. She did not dare to tarry on there any longer and quickly lifted her skirt up to leave from there.

"Bwah hahaha….."

The youth hiding behind the screen could not hold it in anymore and he burst out in a greta bout of laughter, the corners of his eyes tearing up.

"Is it that funny?" Qing Yu rolled her eyes at him.

Qing Bei was still laughing as he nodded his head. "To think that you will employ the Beauty Stratagem. How despicable!"

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