Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1: Charisma that Overwhelms Both Males and Females

Hence, at that moment Qing Bei became a whole lot less bothered as he obediently retreated back inside.

After calming down he then remembered that he was supposed to still be a cripple at that moment. For him to be seen to have come down from his bed and walk would surely frighten people half to death!

A distance away, two young girls of rather similar age came walking over casually.

One of them was wearing a pink bustier dress of soft sheer silk, pet.i.te sized with sweet looks. The other one was in full coral blue, wearing an elegant long flowy dress, her figure taller and with pretty delicate features.

They were the daughters of the two other Imperial Concubines, the Second Young Miss Yan Xi Wu and the Third Young Miss Yan Xi Rou.

Yan Ning Luo seldom came back from the Faint Mist Sect and these two people had then seen the place as a mountain without a tiger, hence the monkeys proclaimed themselves as king, used to being domineering and having things their way, where the younger sisters below them did not dare to go against them at all.

Even Qing Yu and Qing Bei had not been spared from their bullying when they were younger.

But after the time that Qing Yu secretly taught them a good lesson, the sisters had stopped for a long period and had not come out to ride roughshod over them.

The one wearing the pink silk dress was Yan Xi Rou. She looked at the Tranquil Abode's tightly shut doors and said: "In the light of day and their doors are shut so tightly. Could those two wild illegitimate siblings possibly be….. Hahaha….. be committing some shameful deed in there?"

When she said that, she could not help but reveal a wicked smile on her face.

She tiptoed sneakily over, thinking to push the doors open hard to give the people inside a scare. Who knew that when she had just leaned herself against the door and was about to exert her strength to push, the doors were suddenly opened.

With her weight placed upon the doors and the suddenness of the opening of the doors, Yan Xi Ruo could not pull herself back in time and fell heavily forward.

A 'splat' sounded, exceptionally loud.

In a show of a great lack of image, she lay there splayed flat upon the floor, her dress completely lifted up over her head.

The clean white pair of boots in front of her face retreated back a few steps as if shocked, where an astonished voice then sounded from over her head. "Aiyah, why is Elder Sis doing this for? Why do you need to fully prostrate yourself so obsequiously before me?"


In order to avoid trouble, Qing Bei was at that moment hidden behind the screen. Although separated from outside, he could still see the scene happening clearly.

His Big Sister is just too black bellied.

"Third Sis!" Yan Xi Wu then regained her senses as she recovered from her shock, quickly running with small steps over to help Yan Xi Rou up. "Are you alright?"

Yan Xi Rou had fallen quite heavily and her hair had become a frightful mess where there was even a greenish bruise on her forehead. Her face was all covered in dust, dirty all over and looking no different from a crazed woman at that moment.

Yan Xi Wu could not help herself but to feel a little disdainful. But as they were on the same boat, she couldn't just strike her sister when she was down.

Yan Xi Rou did not need to look in a mirror to know how wretched she must look at that moment. She clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth as she stared viciously at the young girl before her. "Yan Qing Yu, you….."

Her words suddenly could not come out.

Yan Xi Rou was stunned in her spot. This….. This this….. This person is Yan Qing Yu….. That gutless tortoise who is timid as a mouse?

When had she become so beautiful! ?

Wearing a simple and plain white dress, her lip long hair not heavily adorned but just loosely held by a single hairpin with light strands fluttering slightly in the breeze, looking rather apathetic but there was an indescribable feeling of languid casualness exuding from her, like she had been born with it.

What infuriated her further was that the little girl who had been so skinny and ordinary looking before could actually grow up to become so beautiful.

That pair of long upslanted phoenix like eyes were so alluring like those of a seductive fox spirit, her facial features unbelievably beautiful. She was practically….. practically comparable to Yan Ning Luo!

And who was Yan Ning Luo! ?

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