Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1: The Duke of Eternal Peace

Not only was she not out of breath in the slightest, she even went on to calmly pour herself a cup of tea and took a sip from it.

"Qing Yu, you're really quite resilient." His lips stiff, Qing Bei made this statement unreservedly.

"Mm. I'm alright." Qing Yu did not give too big a reaction as afterall such a kind of body const.i.tution is highly sought after by women, something that she had already deeply experienced in her past life. This body's original self was more eye catching than her in her past life and the body still hadn't fully developed yet. Wait for another two years when her features fully bloom, that would then be the time it would become truly terrifying.

Just when Qing Bei was about to say something else, he suddenly heard a chorus of cheers erupting from below.

Looking down through the half opened window, there was an troop of soldiers approaching in a grand march from a distance away, the sound of hooves exceptionally in sync.

The one person in the lead, was about forty years of age, his facial features handsome and striking, filled with a insightful and mature charm, which greatly attracted the eyes of many a middle aged woman among the crowd.

He was a man subservient only to one, and stood above all others, the Duke of Eternal Peace who was sworn to brotherhood with the Blue Wave's Emperor, Yan Su.

"Respects to the Duke of Eternal Peace on his glorious return."

Someone took the lead to shout those words aloud, and the citizens on the street then all fell to their knees thereafter, where at a glance, a sea of black haired heads lowered could be seen.

"Ha, this ostentatious display is almost catching up to that of the Emperor's already." Qing Yu clicked her tongue, to say with indifference.

Yan Su was often not in the capital city and the Duke Manor's affairs were mostly left in the hands of his spouse, the d.u.c.h.ess. Objectively speaking, he treated every one of his children rather well, and did not show all that much special favouritism but was unable to look after them all the time, with the exception of Yan Xi Cheng who followed him at his side that enjoyed a bit more of his favour.

Qing Bei had suddenly become a cripple who had to rely on a wheelchair and Qing Yu who was always such an innocent and jovial child had turned to become so highly timid and pa.s.sive. In the end, he could not be completely absolved of responsibility for that as if it was not for his silent acquiescence, how could that woman possibly dare to reach her hands so far?

That was a debt that must not be left unpursued.

It could be because her gaze had been too fiery hot when even with that distance between them, Yan Su still felt it, but when he looked up, he was not able to see the owner of that gaze.

Yan Su's army slowly came in closer from afar and the young man riding on a reddish brown warhorse right behind him was Yan Xi Cheng, handsome and masculine looking, his brows and eyes righteous. His repute and standing in the capital city was also rather good and he was well liked by the people.

Just as everyone tilted their head up to peer at the man seated upon the towering warhorse, a group of men came walking over from further up front, carrying several luxurious sedan chairs behind them.

"Duke of Eternal Peace, General Yan, you've returned at last. His Majesty has been waiting in the palace and I came here to request for your Highness to quickly bring your family to the palace!" A pale beardless middle aged man dressed in the red clothes of an official said as he greeted with a bow.

Yan Su's expression turned slightly startled. Although he was puzzled why His Majesty was summoning him into the palace so anxiously, he did not speak about it but went on to pa.s.s down his orders to his lieutenants behind him, before climbing onto the sedan chairs with Yan Xi Cheng immediately.

After Yan Su and the convoy had gone far away, the rest of the army then split up two ways, one half making their way to the Eternal Peace Duke's Manor, and the other half following behind as they marched towards the Imperial Palace.

The citizens were left bewildered and baffled, as they all huddled their heads together in excited discussion.

"The Duke of Eternal Peace is being summoned straight into the palace immediately upon his return, could something big have happened?"

"Having just tidied up the situation at the borders, are we going into war again?"

"Don't make such wild guesses. But even if it's a war we are not afraid. When has the Duke of Eternal Peace ever suffered a defeat?"

"That's true….."

Qing Yu retracted her gaze and saw the youth sitting opposite her had his brows knitted up in worry, not knowing what he was thinking. She immediately reached out with her hand and flicked her finger hard upon his forehead as she said: "Come back already."

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