Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2: The Duke of Eternal Peace

Qing Bei gasped and stared angrily at her. "What are you doing! ?"

"His person has left long ago and you're still staring." Qing Yu jeered, ignoring the cold expression on his face. "I had thought that it would be interesting, but it turned out to be so boring." Her body then stood up from her chair, as she went walking downstairs slowly.

"Where are you going?" Qing Bei asked as he thought to himself, that he was the one who followed her out here today, and he had not once come out for so many years already, it would be safer for him to stick with her.

Qing Yu went out from the Gathering Cloud Loft by the back door and the youth following behind her was feeling puzzled why she seemed to be so familiar with this place when in the next second as they stepped out through the door, he was immediately stunned into immobility.

"Young Master Qing, you've finally come. You've made my lonesome unable to eat or sleep thinking about you all these days I did not see you." A mushy and coquettish voice reached them, immediately followed by a highly fragrance hitting straight on their faces. Qing Yu instinctively dodged to the side and that fragrant figure's leaping pounce then landed upon the youth behind her, catching him in an embrace.

Qing Bei was a pure and untainted youth who had lived a life above the vices of the common populace. He had always been almost obsessed with cleanliness from a very young age and did not like to come into physical contact with people. Now that he was suddenly being hugged by a woman of completely unknown origins, whose entire body was so filled with scented powder, his handsome face began to change in various shades like a colour palette.

The hands within the sleeves then unconsciously filled up with summoned inner strength, thinking to blast the woman off him.

Having been with him for six years, how could Qing Yu not know the kid's temperament? Lifting her brow slightly, she held the woman's arm and pulled her off him as she said teasingly: "Little vixen is full of lies. How can you still go hug the wrong guy if you had really not been able to eat of sleep thinking about me?"

Although that woman was flamboyantly dressed up to the nines, but that face of hers was truly entrancing, her eyes filled with seductive temptation.

With her chin held in Qing Yu's hand, the woman's head was partially forced to look up. Not only was the woman unperplexed, two faint reddish plumes even rose up over the powder on her cheeks as she coquettishly mourned in playful protest and leaned in closer into Qing Yu's embrace, saying: "How hateful, who asked you not to catch me~"

"Oh, so you're blaming it on me now. Then I will not dare to come again next time." Qing Yu said with a helpless laugh.

"Such a heart stealing thief. You don't want to be responsible after winning me over." The woman said with her beautiful eyes gazing at her, putting on a look of mock indignant anger.

Qing Bei was shocked beyond words.

Isn't the Gathering Cloud Loft just a rather famous little teahouse in the capital?

Why was there an independent s.p.a.ce set up as a pleasure house, a brothel right in its backyard! ?

It was overflowing bosoms, revealing cleavages and coquettish woman preening seductively everywhere with the lecherous patrons' faces all shining with l.u.s.t. He just could not bear to look at it anymore! !

What he found even harder to accept was the fact that Qing Yu actually seemed to frequent this place quite a lot! As a girl, how could she flirt and tease another woman like there was nothing to it? Where are her morals! ?

Qing Bei suddenly found the bright and intelligent mind he had always prided himself on was now of not much use.

"Oh, what a handsome young man we have here. That is a fresh face, is it your first time here to play~" Several women who were idle at the side already had their eye fixed on Qing Bei. With such an outstanding countenance and looking so innocent and ignorant, it made the bunch of women who were like a pack of hungry and salivating wolves feel their hearts start to itch unbearably, all about to pounce with their vicious claws.

Where could Qing Bei possibly have ever seen such a kind of battleground and he could not even react to anything at that very moment. Forgetting how to even dodge, the woman's hands were about to caress his chest.

"How impudent." A languid and magnetic male voice wafted over slowly from a certain distance away. It was not loud, but it caused the atmosphere to suddenly turn strangely quiet.

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