Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2: To Entice or To Throttle

Lou Jun Yao narrowed his eyes, and said expressionlessly: "That kid is a tough bone to chew on. We might not be able to win him over."

"If he refuses to work for us and turns to become an enemy to us in future, that will definitely be very troublesome." Bai Zhi Yan's eyes flashed with a chilling glint. "Before that happens, I will put an end to him myself."

On the other side, where Yan Su and Yan Xi Cheng had been summoned into the palace, before they had even stepped into the main palace hall, they were met with a man dressed in golden clothes of the palace, embroidered with a four clawed dragon with fangs bared, his figure tall and slender and his face gentle and handsome, his brows filled with the light of wisdom.

This man was the current Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che, the Emperor's first born son, and also the son he loved and favoured the most.

"Respects to Your Highness." The Yan father and son halted in their steps and bowed at the waist in greeting, but found themselves being gently pulled up.

"There's no need for such courteous ceremony. The Duke of Eternal Peace and General Yan should hurry up inside. My Father is waiting for the two of you inside." Xuanyuan Che said with a smile, and then went around them to walk far away from them.

Xuanyuan Che had always treated people with gentle courtesy. But that was all just an illusion. His real person was one who was highly apathetic inside, exactly the kind of person who was pa.s.sionate on the outside and cold on the inside, deep and unfathomable, impossible to read. This was also what the Blue Wave's Emperor admired the most.

The Duke of Eternal Peace did not have time to think further about it but went on to step inside the Imperial audience hall.

The Son of Heaven in the top seat was about forty years of age, his countenance young and handsome. He was seated upon the Dragon Throne and his face was dark as he read through the memorials written to the throne.

"Your va.s.sal,"

"And subordinate general,"

"Pays our respects to Your Majesty!"

The Blue Wave Emperor's attention then returned back as he rubbed at his temples. "My beloved officials please get up. Have a seat!"

"Thank you Your Majesty." Yan Su got up and took a seat on a chair at the side. "For Your Majesty to summon your va.s.sal so urgently into the palace, could it be something big has happened?"

The Blue Wave Emperor sighed, and handed the memorial he had been reading to a palace servant beside him. The palace servant immediately brought the memorial over to hand it over to Yan Su.

Yan Su opened up the memorial. As one who usually did not reveal his emotions, when he saw the contents recorded upon the memorial, he could not help but be shocked. "This….."

"Through these years, the reason our Blue Wave Kingdom has been able to jump right up to the top among the three kingdoms is mainly due to the fact that the Water Edge Emperor has been sickly and frail. And it is also due to the fact that the Duke of Vast Oceans suffered a relapse of an old ailment and had fallen unconscious into long coma. But who would have thought that the Water Edge Emperor's health would suddenly miraculously improve and I received a report from our spies that the Duke of Vast Oceans regained consciousness yesterday."

The man who had fallen into a deep sleep for seven years. It was thought that he would never awaken and continue to sleep, who knew he would actually wake up!

This also meant that the Blue Wave Kingdom would once again face the crisis of having their people put in misery and suffering.

Just thinking about it already made the Blue Wave Emperor break out in cold sweat. The terror of that man, the Duke of Vast Oceans, his fiendish fame had spread throughout the entire three kingdoms. A typical example of a fanatical and warlike maniac who was exceptionally cruel, his notoriety striking terror into people's hearts. Every place he walked, people backed away from him, where none dared to trifle with him. And it was because of his presence that the Water Edge Kingdom was the most powerful kingdom among the three.

"Your Majesty need not get too worried. The Water Edge Kingdom had not declared they were seeking a war and the ten year peace treaty we signed back then has not yet past. So even with the Duke of Vast Oceans notorious fame, they would not dare act wantonly." Yan Su spoke to rea.s.sure softly, when he saw that the Blue Wave Emperor's face was creased up in worry.

"There's something my dear duke isn't aware of. Your Emperor isn't worried about that, but that the Water Edge Kingdom sent word some time ago that they want to send a princess here to propose a royal matchmaking. At that time, the list of names for the princess' escort had not been set but looking at the current situation, it will almost definitely be that Duke of Vast Oceans himself that would be coming." And he could not help but feel trepidation in his heart.

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