Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1: Elder Brother Bursting With Righteousness

The youth who had merely been sixteen years of age already sent chills running through people. Now that seven years had pa.s.sed, what kind of a terrifying stage would he have reached!

The Blue Wave Emperor could only feel himself all knotted up inside at that moment, his brows knitting up so tightly it would be able to kill a fly.

Yan Su did not give much of a reaction. After the initial surprise pa.s.sed, his demeanor was thoughtfully confident. "Your Majesty, although the Duke of Vast Oceans is indeed a troublesome and p.r.i.c.kly ent.i.ty, but I, Yan Su am no mere pushover either. If that is not sufficient, Your Majesty must not forget that behind your va.s.sal's daughter Yan Ning Luo, is the most powerful Faint Mist Clan throughout the lands."

Once those words came out, it miraculously appeased the anxiety and unease inside the Blue Wave Emperor where he then could not help but to laugh at himself. "I have really lost it right there. I had allowed the Duke of Vast Oceans to almost scare myself out of my wits. It seems I am really getting old."

"Your Majesty is just in your prime. Speaking of being old, isn't your va.s.sal here another two years older here! ?"

"Hahaha, Yan Su. Back when we sworn ourselves into brotherhood, we were just two ignorant little lads. In the blink of an eye, our children have now all grown up. Both of us have aged."

With that bout of emotional outburst, he then came down from the Dragon Throne and patted Yan Su on the shoulder. "Eat in the palace today. It's been a long time since we've sat down together to reminisce about old times. With your victorious return this time, you should rest yourself well for a period. With you around in our country, it really makes things so much easier for me."

The Blue Emperor at that moment, had dispensed with formal terms of address. In private, the two of them were still the closest of brothers.

It could be said that Yan Su was beneath only one man and above all others in the Blue Wave Kingdom. The saying merit that the reign was never a worry that concerned the Emperor. It might be because only the two of them themselves knew the kinds of tempestuous storms they had weathered through together, and that the bond between them would never change no matter how many years pa.s.s.

Yan Su was made to remain in the palace, and Yan Xi Cheng went back to the Duke's Manor on his own.

"The heir has returned!"

On the battlefield, Yan Xi Cheng was a grim faced, stalwart and severely strict general. But stripped of his battle robes, he was a elegant, suave and handsome young man in private.

As the esteemed heir, he did not put on any airs, highly approachable, and everyone in the manor loves him exceptionally.

Yan Xi Cheng stopped everyone from kneeling as they greeted him and he went on to say with a smile: "Is the d.u.c.h.ess feeling fine? I want to go see her."

A rather pretty little servant girl then bravely said in a crisp voice: "The d.u.c.h.ess' has been in good spirits the past few days and Her Highness had even gone to the temple to pray for the heir and His Highness!"

"Is that right?" Yan Xi Cheng then asked as his eyebrow lifted, the smile at the ends of his lips deepening a little. Glancing at the little servant girl, he then said: "Thanks a lot."

He then walked past the others and went on his own towards the most luxurious abode among the women's quarters.

As the d.u.c.h.ess of Eternal Peace had been slightly unwell the past few years, the place she lived in within the manor had exceptional views and the air felt recuperative. Though quiet, there was no lack of opulence and luxury.

Along the way there, one would definitely have to go pa.s.s the most wretchedly worn little courtyard in the entire Duke's Manor.

The Tranquil Abode, the place the lady had stayed at. It was a short lived marriage the Duke of Eternal Peace formed on one of his trips out. The lady had unfortunately died during childbirth from excessive loss of blood, but she had held on strongly enough to give birth to a set of twins of different s.e.xes.

Before Yan Xi Cheng turned twelve, he had always been outside undergoing tough training in his cultivation. Upon reaching twelve years of age, he had followed his father to conquer the battlefield, hence he had never met this pair of younger siblings.

As he thought about that, he began to grow curious. His footsteps turned around and he went walking towards the Tranquil Abode. It was only when he came close to the place that he discovered that the courtyard was tiny and crudely simple, where even the quarters of higher positioned servants in the manor was better than this place.

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