Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2: The Elder Brother Bursting With Righteousness

Yan Xi Cheng's brows were furrowed up as he was thinking which impudent servant dared to be so harsh when the sound of light footsteps was heard from the inside. The doors then opened up from his knocking.

Yan Xi Cheng was caught off guard and he just stood there stunned.

Qing Yu had already sensed that someone was pacing outside the walls but she had not thought that it was Yan Xi Cheng and she could not help but find it laughable. This fella must be feeling too idle that he would actually come patronise their tiny little courtyard.

Although she already knew his ident.i.ty, at that moment she had to put on an act. "You are?"

Yan Xi Cheng was really tongue tied with shock.

This is….. his younger sister?

Before this, he had once thought that the reason this sibling pair had been neglected for so many years might be because they were feeling inferior and were being timid, or they were feeling rebellious and refused to be taught.

But the young girl before his eyes was seen to be highly graceful and beautifully confident, not inferior in anyway to the daughters of other n.o.ble family in her demeanor.

And the most important thing was, the girl's looks was actually so….. Alluring?

That's right. Really alluring. Charm made in heaven oozing out right from her bones, a pair of slightly up slanted eyes like a phoenix swirling with a bright gleam, so beautiful she seemed not from this world. The ends of her lips slightly raised up, a faint smile on them while dressed in a pure white dress. She should give people a feeling of a pure white lotus in clear water but she somehow made people feel she was such a seductive beauty.

Qing Yu noticed that he still had not regained his wits and the smile on her lips deepened. With that smile, Yan Xi Cheng felt something warm inside his nose, like something was going to flow out uncontrollably. He quickly gathered himself and turned his gaze away.

This younger sister of his must not be underestimated!

If they were to go on the battlefield, would there even be a need to for a battle? Just bring her out there and the enemies would surrender without a fight, as her damage power was really just too strong.

Yan Xi Cheng thought rather evilly to himself in his heart.

He finally regained his senses and then laughed a little awkwardly. "You are called….. Qing Yu right? I am your elder brother Yan Xi Cheng."

"Big Brother." Qing Yu nodded, and called out in address courteously, her voice indescribably soft and enchanting.

Yan Xi Cheng was slightly taken aback and he coughed twice to conceal that moment of awkwardness before he said: "I just came back, and I will say that this is the first time I am meeting you as for so many years, I have seldom been back here. Oh right, where's Qing Bei?"

His voice had just fallen when the sound of wheels rolling over the ground sounded from inside. A thin youth seated upon a wheelchair was coming out slowly as he pushed the wheelchair forward, his complexion pale with a pair of long slanted phoenix eyes that were magnificently exquisite, which had great likeness to those of the young girl's.

He smiled at Yan Xi Cheng, and then said: "Big Brother, we've troubled you to come all the way here to see me and my elder sis."

"Your legs….." Yan Xi Cheng's brows knitted up. "How did they become like this?"

Although he did not know much about what went on in the manor, but he had never heard anyone mention that the other young master in the manor was crippled and unable to walk. And even if he had injured himself, why did the manor's physicians not treated him?

Just who would dare to show such careless disregard for his life! ?

Yan Xi Cheng's face darkened. "Qing Bei, did anyone do this to you?"

As the heir of the family, how could he possibly not be aware of the methods the womenfolk of the household were capable of? This young youth must have been crippled for quite a period already!

The more he thought about it, the rage in him grew stronger. "Just tell me who did this to you. You do not need to care no matter who that person is. Since I have come back, I will not allow this matter to be left answered for. They had actually dared to harm the Young Master of the Eternal Peace Duke's Manor, I will definitely make them pay the price!"

What a show of indignant rage against injustice. But just how much of that was truly genuine?

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