Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 17 - The Birth of the Tyrant

Chapter 17: The Birth of the Tyrant

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Fang Qi felt annoyed; should he hire a manager? He had just sat down before already being called up again.

In front of everyone’s curious gazes, Fang Qi taught them how to play the game.

“I can use this virtual reality thing to experience the game for myself?”

“Didn’t the owner just say something about zombies and a biochemical crisis? I’m sure Song Qingfeng and the others were talking about this place!”

“This is so cool! I’m going to start playing now.”

“This game is awesome and exciting!”

However, not everyone was instantly addicted to the game. The two girls who came in with them weren’t brave enough to play. “The monsters in the game look really scary, you can’t even kill them… We’ll just watch for now…”

Wang Tai came early today; he wanted to try out the method Fang Qi taught him. Therefore, he ran over here as soon as classes ended.

A while later, Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo arrived as well.

As soon as they walked in, they saw that there were extra computers in the internet café. The problem was, most of the spots were filled, and there were even two girls standing behind a group of young boys!

“Sir,” Song Qingfeng immediately asked, “Why are there so many people today?”

Fang Qi had no idea what was going on either. He responded, “I don’t know, I was playing in the shop when all these people came in.”

“…” Song Qingfeng paused for a second before bursting out in laughter. “Sir, you’re probably the only person who would run a business like this!”

The owner didn’t tend to his shop, yet customers kept coming and filling it up to capacity?

That seemed impossible!

Yet, that was exactly what Song Qingfeng saw, leaving him at a loss for words.

Shen Qingqing was watching Xu Zixin play Resident Evil One. Although Jill had gun skills, Xu Zixin wasn’t used to such a weapon.

Two zombie dogs stood in front of her.

In the original game, the main characters wouldn’t experience infections after being injured by the zombies. In the virtual reality remake, however, the smallest injury would lead to a serious infection!

The speed of infection depended on the severity of the injury. It meant that the players would need to find the blood serum before he or she could get hurt!

The two zombie dogs were fast, and Xu Zixin was obviously worried and scared of them. In addition, her gun skills weren’t that good, and her shots weren’t that accurate. Therefore, she ended up in a difficult situation.

“It’s just two dogs. Zixin, why can’t you defeat them?” Shen Qingqing couldn’t help but complain, “I thought you said you are the main character in this world. Take a look at yourself; you don’t look like the main character at all, and the battle is not exciting enough.”

On the other side of the shop, Liang Shi was fighting carefully as well, and Wu Shan began scolding him. “This thing looks interesting. But Brother Liang, if it were me, I would have chopped it in half with my ax a long time ago!”

“…” Liang Shi felt awkward and explained, “Brother Wu, this zombie’s claws are poisonous, and I will turn into a monster like it if it touches me! They’re extremely powerful and scary!”

“It’s so boring! Why do you have to be so careful when fighting small monsters? It’s no fun!”


After a good night’s sleep, Fang Qi killed a bunch of small monsters and was doing well overall.

However, he still got injured while killing these monsters. On the screen, the medic, Rebecca, was tending to his character’s injuries. That was why Fang Qi had the time to chat with Song Qingfeng and the others.

“Sir… can you give the spot to us?” Lin Shao rubbed his hands together and smiled. “You should let us play!”

“Brother Lin! Did you forget why we’re here today?” Before Fang Qi could answer, Song Qingfeng stopped him before saying to Fang Qi, “Sir, go ahead and play. We’ll watch you.”

“Oh yeah.” Lin Shao came to his senses and said, “Sir, we’re still waiting for you to pass the level. You should play first.”

Fang Qi laughed, “You’re still waiting for that?”

Song Qingfeng replied, “We want to see the plot! It’s going to be a while for us to get to where you are, so we might as well watch you play first.”

“Sure.” Fang Qi couldn’t help but laugh; he was surprised how interested they were in the plot.

Fang Qi killed monsters as he explained to them the plot of Resident Evil One.

There were some things about Resident Evil One that were hard to explain to people in this era, but since they had played this game a couple of times now, they could easily digest the basic information.

“I guess you don’t know what the ‘biochemical crisis’ means,” Fang Qi said as he took some documents out from his backpack, titled ‘Researcher’s Will.’

Then, he explained to them, “You probably all found this document; it was written by some researchers, and there’s a lot of new words such as ‘biology’ and ‘virus.’ Think of them as a life science that researches lifeforms…”

Upon hearing these unfamiliar words, they felt like they had just opened the doors of a brand-new world.

“It’s just a magical world…”

“Hey, isn’t that Song Qingfeng and his buddies?” The two young girls saw the guys when they looked over.

“They’re watching the owner play the game?”

“The owner is really good! He kills zombies really easily!” They said, “Plus, the zombies the owner killed don’t come back to life.”

With Fang Qi’s current level, killing zombies was as simple as chopping up vegetables. All he needed to be careful of were hunters and chimeras.

The more monsters he killed, the higher the level he obtained. At the same time, he also became more proficient with Chris’s battle techniques.

Lin Shao saw the two girls as well and muttered under his breath, “It’s Xi Xiaoyun. I think Xi Qi is here as well.”

“Ignore them,” Song Qingfeng said. “The owner’s shop is here, and they’ll find out sooner or later.”

Fang Qi arrived at the last elevator.

“I’m about to fight the boss,” he said as his character stretched in the elevator.

“B-boss?” confused, Song Qingfeng and the others murmured.

“Boss is another name for the leader of the monsters,” Fang Qi explained.

“That fast?” They exclaimed, “It has only been a few days, and you’re already going to meet the person behind all of this?”

“The person behind the conspiracy?” Fang Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m only halfway there. This incident is not that easy to solve.”

It was very time consuming to solve the mysteries in Resident Evil One, but it wasn’t a problem for someone as skilled as Fang Qi!

Compared to the other Resident Evil games, the first of the series wasn’t complicated at all as it was a simple search and rescue mission.

However, it contained a lot of other information on the biochemical virus, zombies, Umbrella’s conspiracy, etc. It was extremely meaningful to the later Resident Evil games.

Only when the mysteries in this puzzling mansion were figured out will another series of events occur! It was the curtain that unveiled the world stricken with a biohazard epidemic to all its players!

This ancient mansion was where the domineering ‘boss’ in Resident Evil, the Tyrant, was born.

Fang Qi controlled Chris as the latter arrived in a research room filled with all sorts of equipment.

This moment had finally come!

Inside the research room, Albert Wesker was typing something quickly into the computer on the main operating station.

“Wesker?” Confused, Song Qingfeng and his buddies looked at Fang Qi’s screen with more focus. They were familiar with Alpha Team’s captain; he helped guide them, provided them with ammunition, and even gave them hints along the way. He was the poster child for a good captain.

“Chris, I’m proud of you,” Wesker obviously sensed Fang Qi’s presence, so he said as he kept inputting data into the computer.

Fang Qi laughed as he shrugged. However, he didn’t reply.

He was already aware of the truth, so he didn’t feel the need to say anything more to Wesker.

Suddenly, Wesker quickly drew out his handgun and pointed it at Fang Qi!

“How is this possible?”

“The man behind the conspiracy is Wesker?”

“He has the power to create this many monsters?”

“Is ‘Umbrella’ the name of the evil organization?”

Song Qingfeng and the others were dumbstruck!

They suddenly remembered that Alpha Team was here to investigate the case of missing people, and Wesker brought them into the mansion.

If the man behind the conspiracy was Wesker, wasn’t this a giant conspiracy from the very beginning?

A huge conspiracy was hidden under such a simple plot!

None of them realized it!

They trembled with fear just thinking about it!

They saw Wesker press a button beside him. Then, a monster behind him, originally soaking in a tank of green liquid, suddenly stood up!

It was a tall, beefy human-shaped monster that was more than two meters tall!

Its muscles were extremely tough, and its claws were even thicker and stronger than that of the hunters. The tips of its claws reflected an icy, metallic light.

Its dominating presence gave everyone who was looking at the screen a sense of pressure!

“What in the world is this?” None of them had seen a monster that was as scary as this one.

“The Tyrant, the boss that you need to fight to pass the level,” Fang Qi said as his expression became stern.

Without question, the Tyrant was the most domineering biochemical weapon in Resident Evil; it was the masterpiece of the ambitious conspirators.

The Tyrant that was behind Wesker suddenly opened its eyes and broke the reinforced glass in front of it into pieces with a wave of its claw, piercing through Wesker’s body as well!

Everyone was shocked by it as they watched fresh blood drip from its giant claws!

“What kind of monster is it?” Soon, more people huddled around Fang Qi to watch.

“This monster seems more powerful than the monsters the others have been fighting!”

“Tyrant? What a domineering name…” Curious, Shen Qingqing’s gaze fell on Fang Qi’s screen as well. “It looks like the ultimate antagonist…”

“Tyrant? What an arrogant name!” Wu Shan laughed as he came over, wanting to know who would give themselves such a pretentious name.

However, when he saw the two-meter-tall, sinister-looking tyrant on Fang Qi’s screen, his heart almost stopped from fright.

It was a horrific monster with zero consciousness!

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