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Chapter 18 - So-Called Skills

Chapter 18: So-Called Skills

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The Tyrant threw Wesker’s body away like trash, shocking everyone who was watching Fang Qi’s screen.

“Wesker… died?” Song Qingfeng exclaimed, dumbstruck by what he just saw.

“He died, just like that?” Lin Shao and the others were at a loss for words as well!

They were all shocked by the fact that the villain died in the hands of this monster, just like that, giving them a sense of ineffable pressure.

However, Fang Qi had no time to explain to them the plot of the game. Without thinking, he took out his shotgun!

While the Tyrant was killing Wesker, Fang Qi aimed at it and fired multiple shots!

To Fang Qi’s disappointment, only one shot hit the Tyrant, who quickly used its giant claws to protect its heart. The powerful bullet only left a small mark on its claws!

Covering its heart with its claws, the Tyrant walked forward slowly. A shotgun was not enough to injure it!

The Tyrant in front of them was like a heavy tank that slowly approached its enemy. It didn’t have to attack to make the player feel pressured!

Normal handguns couldn’t hurt the Tyrant, and shotguns had to be fired in close proximity for it to be effective. Therefore, it was extremely dangerous to fight the Tyrant with a shotgun!

Fang Qi bent down and watched as it moved.

At that moment, Fang Qi noticed that the Tyrant raised its arm slightly.

He rolled back instinctively and felt a strong wind breezing past his back! The place Fang Qi originally stood on was turned into shambles!

The machines and equipment came crashing down, and claw marks were left deep into the metal surface!

In the original game, the surroundings could not be destroyed. Therefore, the player could walk around the research lab to dodge the Tyrant’s attacks.

However, in this version, the Tyrant was able to smash the research lab in half with only one strike! A ton of green liquid fell onto the ground, making the glossy floor as wet and slippery as it could be.

The player had no way of avoiding it!


A series of gasps sounded behind Fang Qi.

“What a horrific attack!”

“This attack is equivalent to that of a master warrior!”

“That was just a casual attack! If it had more agility, master warriors wouldn’t be able to defeat it either!”

He’s fighting a monster who is equivalent to a master warrior? A bunch of people huddled behind Fang Qi. Even those who were playing themselves, including Xu Zixin and Liang Shi, exited their game to watch Fang Qi play.

“He may have a powerful gun, but the owner is a bit overconfident, don’t you think?” they discussed,

Imagine what would happen if that attack landed on the player instead of the equipment in the research lab!

Fang Qi exhaled deeply. If he didn’t avoid that attack fast enough, he would’ve instantly died!

The Tyrant was even more powerful than he imagined.

It was tall and beefy. With one giant step, it caught up to Fang Qi and swung its claws at him again!

Fang Qi didn’t dare to relax. He quickly created distance between him and the Tyrant before he pulled the trigger of his shotgun without even aiming!

The shotgun’s power wasn’t that strong when the distance wasn’t close. It wasn’t even capable of stopping the Tyrant for a second, allowing it to quickly catch up to Fang Qi!

“I’ll have to kite it around!” Fang Qi squinted his eyes as he experienced the Tyrant’s close-combat skills. Therefore, he had no choice but to keep a safe distance from it, employing a kiting strategy so that he wouldn’t get hurt.

The Tyrant in the original game would die after being kited around for a while by an experienced player. However, even though the virtual reality remake of the game made the Tyrant bulkier, there were so many things it could do other than simple attacks!

The Tyrant put its claws in front of its heart as it slowly walked toward Fang Qi again!

It may be better if they had more space, but there wasn’t enough room for combat in the research lab. Therefore, the Tyrant was going to force Fang Qi into a corner, sooner or later!

“The owner’s in trouble!” Song Qingfeng’s eyes narrowed as he observed what was happening. “This place is so small; there’s nowhere to hide! Not even a real master warrior would fight this monster face to face like this. The owner is at a real disadvantage!”

“This thing looks so powerful; only an idiot would fight it head-on!” Lin Shao chimed in.

Wu Shan and that middle-aged man with the goatee had the most experience in the group. They looked at each other and shook their heads before saying, “It’s too big. Fighting it in close combat would be equivalent to looking for death!”

“Plus, if the player chooses Chris, he wouldn’t be able to use his warrior qi!”

“The owner is good at this game, but this last monster is too powerful!”

Everyone watching issued Fang Qi the death penalty.

Just then, the Tyrant slowly raised its giant claws. Chris would not be able to survive this strike, no matter how strong he was!

Just as his life was hanging by a thread, Fang Qi took this opportunity to suddenly load his shotgun and run toward the Tyrant!

His actions shocked everyone! Wasn’t he running to his death?

Upon seeing Fang Qi run up to it, a blood-hungry expression appeared on the Tyrant’s face as it suddenly reached out its giant claws!

“Now’s my chance!” Fang Qi’s eyes shone as he lowered his body, sliding straight between the Tyrant’s legs!

Then, he swiftly turned around and fired his shotgun!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Fang Qi, who was now behind the Tyrant, made multiple shots with his shotgun, each shot injuring the Tyrant’s vital spots!

“He avoided it?”

Everyone was surprised by how Fang Qi successfully pulled himself out of this stalemate in such a smart way.

They knew that Fang Qi didn’t rely on his warrior techniques. Rather, he waited for the right time, perfectly manipulating his enemy and utilizing the terrain to his advantage!

In a nutshell, he was skilled!

He had incredible combat skills!

“How is that possible?”

“The owner is so freaking awesome!”

“Yun, the owner is really good. He’s much better than your brother!” a young girl said quietly as she watched Fang Qi play.

“Zixin, why is the owner playing differently from you?” Shen Qingqing suddenly said as she was now standing behind Fang Qi’s seat out of nowhere.

“The owner is too good!” Xu Zixin’s face was filled with admiration; she didn’t think he was that good!

“What’s so good about that? I can do it too!” Upon hearing Xu Zixin’s praise, Xue Ming muttered under his breath.

“What do you know?” Xu Zixin rolled her eyes at Xue Ming. “If you choose Chris, you won’t be able to use your warrior qi. Do you have the guts to give it a go without your qi?”

“You… can’t use qi?” Dumbstruck, Xue Ming stared at Fang Qi’s screen. “Can an ordinary person go this far in the game?”

Although a gun was available, no matter how fast a normal person’s reaction speed was, he or she wouldn’t be able to survive a fight with an opponent of this speed, power, and level!

Without precise calculations, the player would die almost instantly upon encountering the Tyrant!

“What do you think?” Xu Zixin finally retorted angrily.

“Um… I am extremely talented, I will reach this level soon!” Xue Ming immediately said confidently.

“… Keep tooting your own horn!”

Just then, someone cried out in alarm!

They saw the Tyrant kneeling onto the ground, but the injuries on its body were writhing nonstop!

“What’s going on?”

It was obvious that Fang Qi’s attack brought upon changes to the Tyrant!

This change shocked everyone as they felt like their hearts were hanging at their throats again!

“It’s not dead yet?”

How could it still be alive after being shot by the shotgun? This monster sure is filled with vigor!

It was horrific!

Upon seeing the Tyrant’s current conditions, a bad feeling crept up their minds!

Fang Qi knew what the Tyrant’s changes meant!

Second Form!

In the original game, the Tyrant would only evolve to the Second Form after being hit until it faked its death. Fang Qi wanted to try to explode its head when it faked death, but now…

He had no choice but to get closer and try his best to kill it.

He fired a couple of shots and realized that the injuries on the Tyrant’s body writhed even more! Meat sprouts even grew on its injuries!

Under such circumstances, the Tyrant’s defense and recovery powers became stronger than ever. Without hesitation, Fang Qi used up all his bullets but still couldn’t injure it, let alone kill it!

The system not only made the game more realistic, it also made the monsters more powerful as well!

There weren’t obvious loopholes that Fang Qi could take advantage of!

With a grim expression on his face, Fang Qi knew from the beginning that the Tyrant was going to be hard to kill. With his current powers and weapons, he wouldn’t be able to kill it before it transformed into its Second Form.

Run away!

Right now, he could only run away!

Without hesitation, Fang Qi quickly ran out of the research lab.

Once it evolved, he wouldn’t even be able to escape!

“Are you not fighting it anymore?”

The others watched as Fang Qi and his teammates ran out like crazy; they weren’t about to stop!

Just then, an eardrum-shattering howl sounded!

The howl was so loud that the ground shook, surprising everyone who was watching Fang Qi!

They underestimated the Tyrant!

Then, a series of hurried, heavy footsteps sounded from behind; the Tyrant had caught up to Fang Qi! This time, its speed was faster than ever!

“Hurry up and go!” Fang Qi’s face darkened as he urged his teammates toward the elevator!

This wasn’t the original game, so the Tyrant’s actions were closer to reality; it could do so much more!

Everyone in the game was a member of the special forces, so no one was a burden. They all rushed into the elevator, and it quickly began to move!

The Tyrant was located on the fourth level of the basement, so the group quickly got to the ground level using this elevator.

“Look at what the owner is doing!”

Fang Qi took out a small box and pressed the yellow button on it. Quickly, a signal flare soared into the sky!

This was supposed to be triggered automatically, but Fang Qi had to do it himself in the virtual reality remake!

He was well-prepared, so all of his actions were swift and natural without a speck of hesitation. It was as if he knew that he couldn’t waste any time.

At the same time, the ground below Fang Qi began shaking furiously, and a giant hole appeared!

“Is it the Tyrant?”

“It caught up?”

“How is that possible, there are four floors!”

Then, as if it was answering their question, a horrific shadow suddenly jumped up from the hole as everyone watched in disbelief!

This scene left everyone dumbfounded!

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