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Chapter 19 - How Legends Are Born

Chapter 19: How Legends Are Born

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Fang Qi knew the plot so well that he controlled everything with extreme precision. One second slower and he might not even have the chance to send a signal flare!

“Brother Wu, if it were you, what do you your chances of winning would be?” Liang Shi, with a grim expression, asked the man with sideburns.

“Before, my chance of winning would probably be 70 to 80%.” Wu Shan’s expression darkened. “Now… next to impossible!”

The monster’s attack, defense, recovery ability, and speed had advanced so much that it was terrifying!

It was a perfect monster that couldn’t be defeated!

Wu Shan was the most skilled warrior of the group; if he didn’t think he could beat it, how could the others?

The Tyrant was famous for a reason! It was too powerful!

What would their faces look like if they found out that this was just a first-generation trial tyrant?

Fang Qi took a deep breath before finally taking out his Magnum Revolver!

Magnum Revolvers were powerful, enough to injure the enemy from a safe distance. However, no matter how experienced he was, Fang Qi only found a total of a dozen Magnum Rounds throughout the game.

Now, he only had a couple bullets left!

Fang Qi pulled the trigger, shooting his giant bullets at the Tyrant!

However, this attack seemed to be like a needle in the ocean, failing to make an impact!

His teammates fired as well, but the normal bullets were useless.

“The owner’s almost out of bullets!” Out of the people watching, Song Qingfeng was the most experienced with the game. He was also the one who knew the consequences of not having any more bullets.

Upon hearing what Song Qingfeng said, the others all became worried for Fang Qi.

Moreover, they saw the Tyrant charging toward Fang Qi with all its might!

It was huge but still had great agility; it was capable of crushing the weak!

Will Fang Qi be able to dodge its attack again?

Everyone became worried as they watched him!

Right now, Fang Qi was extremely calm.

He chose Chris because of his combat skills!

Although he was not even at the peak of the Body-Forging Realm, after all these days of familiarizing himself with Chris’s combat skills, he slowly absorbed what he learned, making it his own!

Moreover, he used hunters to train himself, and their methods of attack were extremely similar to that of the Tyrant! Both types of monsters liked to claw, rip, charge, and throw themselves onto their enemies!

His level was higher than everyone in the shop; he was level 23! Therefore, his combat ability couldn’t be calculated through ordinary methods!

Fang Qi leaped high into the air before stepping on the wall to his right. His body arched out as he avoided the Tyrant by a centimeter, allowing him to pull the trigger on the Magnum Revolver again!

He fired three shots, right into the back of the Tyrant’s heart!

Even with its defense, the Tyrant couldn’t stand being attacked continuously by something so powerful!

It stumbled as fresh blood spurred out of the gunshot wounds!

“You’re so awesome, Sir!”

“How can he still be alive under such circumstances?”

“Is the owner still human? Fighting a monster like this without using his warrior qi?”

The people behind Fang Qi stared at him in disbelief, shocked that he was able to once again avoid the Tyrant’s attack!

They didn’t think he could make it thus far without using his qi!

Even if he lost this battle, he should still be proud of himself!

“You all didn’t see how the owner used only a dagger to kill the hunters!” Lin Shao blabbed on behind Fang Qi, “He killed them so swiftly!”

“He used a dagger?”

“Isn’t he afraid of getting infected?”

“He’s a little overconfident, don’t you think?”

Lin Shao’s remarks caused an uproar amongst the crowd again.

“He has no more bullets!” Song Qingfeng suddenly pointed out something crucial.

The truth was, after playing the game for so long, they slowly understood the world that the game was in. Humans didn’t have qi, so they invented various powerful weapons to fight their enemies!

When they had ammunition, they could easily kill countless enemies! However, without these weapons and ammunition, the situation would become extremely awkward!

Moreover, fighting monsters with a dagger in close combat was not a good option!

If the player didn’t pay close attention, his or her body would be immediately torn into pieces!

It was too hard!

Even though they were only looking at the scene behind Fang Qi, they felt the intensity, and goosebumps appeared all over their bodies!

Fang Qi ran towards the opposite direction of the Tyrant. At the moment, the Tyrant kneeled on the ground, unable to catch up to Fang Qi for the time being.

But, he was out of bullets!

Chris was just an ordinary man without qi, how could he fight a monster like that without a gun?

“Forget it; we don’t have to watch anymore.” Although Fang Qi created enough distance between himself and the Tyrant, the others all watched in despair.

“The Tyrant is too powerful!” Xu Zixin shook her head and sighed, “I don’t think Chris can pass this level. I think I might have to switch Jill out later as well.”

Song Qingfeng exclaimed as well, “It seems like Chris is just there to help us familiarize ourselves with the game… The owner can’t even pass the level…”

“The Umbrella Corporation has the ability to create so many powerful monsters!”

The sound of a helicopter suddenly resonated in the sky as a voice sounded.

Fang Qi began waving his hands at the helicopter before the Tyrant had a chance to catch up! He was excited.

Someone threw a long, rectangular box from the helicopter, and Fang Qi rolled over to quickly pick it up!

“I got it!” Elated, Fang Qi ran toward the opposite direction. He wasn’t running away; instead, he needed time to obtain this item before the Tyrant could attack again!

What’s he doing?

The audience, who lost hope in Fang Qi and were turning around to leave, were confused by what he was doing.

What is that? They stared at the black rectangular box curiously.

They saw four circular barrels sticking out from the ‘black box.’

Both the metal glare of the barrels and the silver barrels themselves emitted a domineering power!

Fang Qi put it on his shoulder. When the Tyrant charged toward him, he didn’t waver. Instead, he pulled the trigger!


A rocket shot out from one of the barrels!

The rocket was as thick as Chris’s arm. With its long tail flame, it dashed forward along with a loud noise!

The Tyrant seemed to have sensed danger and immediately protected its heart with its strong claws!

Then came a giant boom, and the ground began to shake!

Countless specks of flesh exploded along with the flames, and a wave of hot air forced Fang Qi to back off a few steps!

“One shot, right into the soul!”

Satisfied, Fang Qi turned the barrels around and blew the nonexistent smoke off it. His shirt was soaked through!

“It’s good that I’ve practiced before!” Fang Qi laughed as he let out a sigh of relief.

The internet café fell silent, so silent that even a pin drop could be heard!

No one thought that the ordinary-looking ‘black box’ in Fang Qi’s hands could be so horrifyingly powerful!

This was the power of a modern weapon!

Compared to cold weapons like daggers, modern weapons focused more on results!

This was an extremely beautiful explosion; it was the ultimate romance for men!

They all stared at the screen and watched as Fang Qi launched the rocket.

Everyone, even master warriors, ancestral warriors, and great cultivators, will be left in awe when faced with a weapon like this! they all thought.

With the rocket launcher on his shoulder, Chris got onto the helicopter with his teammates. The nightmare mansion, now below them, subsequently blew up into pieces!

His teammates were exhausted; Rebecca had fallen asleep while Jill rested her head on Chris’s shoulder. The sun seeped through the clouds, shining on Chris’s sharp jawline and slightly-bloody face.

At that moment, the audience seemed to have seen God!

He was so manly and domineering!

Is this the end of Resident Evil One?

They’ve looked forward to it for so long, and they finally saw it!

The helicopter flew into the blue sky, leaving them an extremely magnificent ending scene!

No matter how fun a game was, it was not fun all the time.

Fighting the hunters was hard, solving the mysteries was difficult, battling for too long was exhausting, and being stuck on one level was depressing.

However, upon seeing this, they realized that it was all worth it!

Not everyone could call themselves a hero, but that didn’t mean they had any less ambition!

Because of that, this scene was extremely valuable and treasured!

It fulfilled the ambitions and heroism in everyone’s heart to perfection!

Before, they were wondering how to pass the game. Now, they finally understood how to play it!

The ending scene was so cool!

They were nothing compared to Fang Qi!

They watched as the helicopter disappeared into the sky. It didn’t matter if it was a veteran like Song Qingfeng, who had played for a while, or the newbies, no one could calm themselves down!

Everyone had been looking forward to this scene, and they finally saw it unfold before them!

Then, their complicated gazes landed on Fang Qi, who exited the game as the ending music sounded. He turned around and was surprised by what he saw.

“Why are you all huddled up here?”

“Sir, you’re so mighty!”

“You’re a real man!”

“I feel like I just saw a novel play before my eyes!”

“No, it was an epic documentary!”

“This is what men are supposed to do!” The beefy man, Liang Shi, exclaimed as his blood boiled in excitement.

“You can get this far?” Song Qingfeng muttered to himself as he clenched his fist.

“The owner’s really cool!” Xi Xiaoyun, who just came today, said, “After seeing him play, the game doesn’t look so scary anymore. Should we try later?”

“That weapon reminds me of the spiritual artifacts of cultivators.” The man with the sideburns couldn’t help but comment, “I really want to try it for myself! If I have a weapon like that, I’ll never be afraid of cultivators!”

“Zixin!” Shen Qingqing called out in anticipation, “I want to play too; can you teach me?”

“I thought you said that you didn’t want to play?” Furious, Xu Zixin stared at her friend. She wasted so much time trying to convince Shen Qingqing, and now she wanted to play?

“The game doesn’t look that good when you’re playing it.” Shen Qingqing laughed and said, “The owner made the game seem much more fun.”

“…” Xu Zixin’s pretty face fell as she wondered why her friend thought she didn’t make the game look good.

Did you even understand my complicated footwork when I tried to avoid the zombie dogs? she thought.

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