Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 25 - The New Movie and Next Game

Chapter 25: The New Movie and Next Game

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“Is seven crystals a lot?” Lin Shao had just killed two zombie dogs, and he turned around unwillingly. He rolled his eyes at Li Kuan and replied, “Didn’t you read the blackboard? If you want to play, then play. If you don’t, then leave. If you can’t afford to play, just don’t. Stop disturbing me; I’m trying to kill monsters here!”

What the f*ck? Li Kuan’s face twitched. What kind of person is this?

It’s just seven crystals; you think I can’t afford it? Li Kuan was not happy to be looked down upon by a little brat. After some thought, he called Fang Qi over and pointed at the blackboard. “I’m going to try this game out for Liang Shi. If I find out that this is a money-duping shop, I’m…”

Fang Qi interrupted impatiently, “I’ve heard the same comment at least a dozen times already. If you want to try, just try!”

“You’re so arrogant!” Li Kuan’s face became vicious as he snickered, “Then…”

“What should we do?” The warriors behind him began snickering and rubbing their hands together.

Li Kuan patted the table and declared, “Then, let’s try out the game!”

“??” The warriors behind him froze in their steps. Someone said in a low voice, “Aren’t we… going to smash this shop?”

“Didn’t you hear the owner say that he’s heard the same comment dozens of times?” Li Kuan replied quietly, “Since Brother Liang introduced this place to us, we might as well try it out first. If we’re not happy with what we see, then we can do something about it.”

“You’re right!”

Song Qingfeng, Xu Luo, and Lin Shao’s times were up. Therefore, Li Kuan and the other warriors began playing.

“Is this created by a cultivator? It’s so amazing!”

Their eyes lit up in wonderment; the quality of what they bought with seven crystals was too…

“Is this another world?”

“What kind of monster is this?”

“These weapons are so real!”

Soon, six hours passed.

“There’s a time limit to this game?”

“It’s been six hours already? I only killed a dozen zombies! How did six hours pass already?”

“Wait, I haven’t figure out the monsters yet. I have to play for a while longer!”

“I feel like I got stronger. Wait, let me try again!”

“No, wait. I have money! Why can’t I play?”

Then, they noticed people glaring at them; it was Xi Qi and his friends.

They could tell that Xi Qi and the others were people of high status. Feeling goosebumps appearing on their bodies, they looked at Liang Shi and asked, “Brother Liang, what’s going on?”

“Brother Li; when your time is up, you have to go.” Liang Shi smiled bitterly as he looked at the group of people waiting behind them. He explained, “Other people are still waiting to play.”

“Waiting to play? What does that have to do with me? Why won’t the owner let me play?” Li Kuan growled, “Brother Liang, don’t you know the owner well? Tell him that I’ll double the money! Just let me play for two more hours!”

“Screw you!” Xi Qi cursed, “I wanted to give him five times the money, but he refused! Get up and leave once your time is up! Who do you think you are? A hillbilly visiting the city for the first time? Two times the price? Do you really think that’s a lot?”

“What are you saying? You little brat!”

Li Kuan was immediately enraged and placed his hand on his weapon. Liang Shi, on the other hand, stopped him in a panic. He said quickly, “Brother Li, if you cause trouble in here, I won’t be able to help you!”

Then, he pointed at the blackboard and said, “If you cause trouble, you won’t be able to play here ever again. The owner is a man of his words, and the rules in his shop are strict. It’s the same for everyone!”

“Is it really the same for everyone?” Li Kuan weighed the pros and cons before finally deciding to leave his computer. He sneered, “If that’s the case, then I will act as a rule-abiding man! But if I find out that you treat others differently, I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

Fang Qi laughed and shrugged, “Do whatever you want to.”

Li Kuan didn’t want to make Liang Shi’s life hard, so he unwillingly left his chair. He declared, “If the owner is really rule-abiding, then I will play by the rules.”

The man with the mustache reached his limit as well, but he still wanted to play. “Sir, I really can’t play any longer?”

He was incredibly interested in the new items in the game, such as guns and viruses. However, his time was up in the blink of an eye!

Fang Qi smiled and shook his head. “No exceptions.”

The man with the mustache sighed, looked around, and saw some people waiting for him to vacate his seat. Therefore, he had no choice but to walk away. After he did that, he pointed at the computer in front of him and asked Fang Qi, “I really like this spiritual artifact, is it for sale?”

Fang Qi froze for a second; he thought this man was just here to play games, but now this man wanted to buy his computer?

Fang Qi shook his head. “I don’t have plans of selling these things at this time.”

The man with the mustache smiled and explain, “To tell you the truth, I live far away. I only heard about this place when I was coincidentally visiting Jiuhua City today.”

Then, he continued, “I am very interested in this game, but it’s difficult for me to run back and forth every day. That is why I want to buy these spiritual artifacts. I know these must be expensive, so let’s negotiate the price.”

He pointed out two fingers and asked, “What do you think of 2,000 crystals for one set of these spiritual artifacts?”

Upon hearing the offer, Fang Qi wavered slightly. If this were before, he would’ve sold it.

However, he had 11 computers and made more than 700 crystals in a few days. Therefore, 2,000 crystals weren’t an astronomical figure to him anymore. Therefore, he shook his head and replied, “This is an internet café, not a place that sells spiritual artifacts. If you want to play the game, you have to come here.”

“Is that so?” The man with the mustache sighed as if he had anticipated an answer like this.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Then, he left with the two people he came with.

“I want to buy a few sets of these things too.” Xu Zixin was giving Shen Qingqing pointers when she overheard their conversation. She laughed and asked “Sir, are you really not going to sell?”

Fang Qi smiled but didn’t answer.

Xu Zixin knew Fang Qi would refuse, so she wasn’t disappointed and quickly changed the subject. “I wonder if you’ll get other games in the future that is similar to our world.”

Fang Qi thought about it; indeed, The Legend of Sword and Fairy was a game in which cultivators and warriors both existed. (TL Note: It’s a very popular chinese franchise with TV shows and videogames.)

Therefore, he answered, “There will be, in the future.”

The next day, Fang Qi looked at his taskbar and realized that he made 763 out of the required 800 crystals. This meant that he was about to complete this task!

“Why are you here so early this morning?” Since they didn’t get seats early yesterday, Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing arrived at 7:30 AM today. They thought that they would be the first ones there, but they saw a bunch of people waiting outside when they arrived.

Song Qingfeng and the others seemed to have been waiting for a while as well.

Xu Zixin frowned. “I heard that the owner hasn’t been opening on time these days.”

“He shouldn’t…” Upon hearing this, Lin Shao replied, a little unsure of himself, “The owner can’t obtain breakthroughs every day, right?”

“The owner said that the Resident Evil One: Movie Version is coming out today.”

The game was exhilarating. Naturally, the movie made Song Qingfeng wonder. That was why he arrived so early. “We don’t have class today, so we ran over to see this new thing.”

“The movie version comes out today?” Xu Zixin was immediately excited and smiled, “I picked the perfect time to come.”

Then, the doors of the shop suddenly opened.

“You’re so early today, Sir!”

“So are you!” Fang Qi froze after poking his head out. He thought he was opening early today, but a bunch of people was already waiting outside.

Yesterday, Liang Shi and the others waited outside. Today, Song Qingfeng and his friends were waiting outside.

After they paid, they each found a spot and sat down. “Sir, didn’t you say that the movie version is coming out today? We didn’t come too early, did we?”

“Of course not!”

[Task: reach a total revenue of 800 crystals.

Task progress: 800/800 (completed).

Task reward: Resident Evil One: Movie Version]

At the same time, Fang Qi received two new tasks.

[New task one: Sell 50 to 100 tickets for Resident Evil One: Movie Version]

[Task Reward: Diablo II Virtual Reality Remake (Act I), Diablo II Virtual Reality Remake (Act II)]

[New task two: Upgrade the internet café.]

[Task description: the size of the shop is too small and cannot contain any more computers. The host should expand the store as soon as possible.]

[Task reward: More computers]

Indeed; his shop wasn’t big to begin with. With 11 computers, it felt extremely crowded. If he added more, it would affect the overall environment of his internet café.

If he wanted to expand his shop, he would have to buy the neighboring shop first. The good news was, he was looking into this matter already, and all he needed to do was wait for Auntie Wang to get back to him.

Although the system only provided the best of the best, Fang Qi was still worried about the movie. After all, he had never seen the movie himself, so how could he sell so many tickets?

The sale of one movie ticket was equivalent to one customer! Right now, he only had twenty or so regulars.

“Would it work?” Unlike the game, the players couldn’t kill monsters and level up in the movie. Plus, it wasn’t that much cheaper, so Fang Qi really didn’t know how to sell movie tickets like this.

“The system always provide the best of the best and never scams people!”

“Really?” Fang Qi’s lips twitched under suspicion.

Soon, Song Qingfeng and the others saw an icon, similar to the Resident Evil icon, appearing on the computer screen. It was called ‘Super Theatre’.

“Super Theatre?” They clicked into it and immediately saw a giant poster on the screen. The main character, Alice, was wearing a red dress and black boots. She looked cool, and the theme of the surroundings was blood red, bringing horror into the players’ minds.

But the problem was, although the woman on the poster was beautiful, no one knew who she was.

The price of the movie was written below: [Three Crystals].

It was slightly cheaper than the game.

Confused, Song Qingfeng asked, “Sir, is this another novel? Why did the main characters change?”

Fang Qi explained, “You can consider Resident Evil One as a novel, but it has more than one main character. The movie could be watched through virtual reality.”

“More than one main character?” The guys were slightly disappointed. “We can only watch and can’t play?”

Fang Qi shook his head.

“I can’t even play…” Song Qingfeng looked at Fang Qi dejectedly, “Plus, what’s there to see if the main characters changed?”

“I’m going to keep on playing Resident Evil One, I hope I can pass soon,” Song Qingfeng said, slightly disappointed. He wanted to know what happened afterwards, but what was the point of watching if the main characters changed?

Feeling depressed, Fang Qi asked his system, “There’s only one poster? Can’t you make a trailer or something?”

“The real good things do not require stuff like that.”

“…” Fang Qi tried his best to convince the system, “Have you heard of the saying, ‘Good wine is afraid of being hidden in the alley’?”

“The original saying is, ‘Good wine is not afraid of being hidden in the alley.'”

“…” Fang Qi was speechless; why was his system so smart and pretentious right now?

“If you don’t want to watch it, I will.” Fang Qi had no choice but to shrug helplessly.

“I want to watch too!” Xu Zixin said as she took out three crystals.

“Why would you want to watch? The main characters changed.” As loyal gaming fans of Resident Evil One, Song Qingfeng and the others looked at her in disdain.

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