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Chapter 26 - The Zombie Horde – The Charisma of the End of the World!

Chapter 26: The Zombie Horde – The Charisma of the End of the World!

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“Zixin, are you really going to watch it?” Shen Qingqing wasn’t optimistic towards the movie either. As a loyal novel fan, she knew that switching the main characters of a story was a huge taboo.

Xu Zixin couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s perfect for me, I like new things. You never know, maybe it’s good.”

“Let’s start the game first,” Song Qingfeng decided to ignore her and glanced over at Lin Shao and Xu Luo. “Maybe we’ll pass the game in the next few days.”

Xu Zixin, on the other hand, realized that Resident Evil One: Movie Version was quickly unlocked in the Super Theatre after she paid!

She quickly clicked into the movie!

Then, she saw a red-and-white icon appear before her. This icon was often seen in the mansion of Resident Evil One; it was the Umbrella Corporation’s Logo.

However, all that showed on Xu Zixin’s computer screen was a poster and nothing else.

Fang Qi froze for a second, “It’s encrypted?”

He originally wanted to find out the difference between the system’s version of the movie and the version he had seen before in his previous life, but it seemed like he had to watch it on the computer himself?

The good news was, although his system was stingy, as the owner of the internet café, everything was free for him.

Therefore, he turned on one of the vacant computers.

“At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest for-profit corporation in the United States.”

The movie began. Xu Zixin realized that not only could she see all this background information, this knowledge flowed into her brain and allowed her to understand every word that was being said.

“Nine out of ten family used its products.”

“Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the world’s leading supplier of computer technology and health care products.”

“Unknown to a lot of its own employees, it’s massive profits were generated by military technology, genetic experimentation, and biochemical weaponry.”


“I see now!” After watching this background information, Xu Zixin even understood what biochemical weaponry and genetic experimentation were! It was as if she learned this knowledge through reading a book, but it was clearly reflected in her mind!

Soon, she realized that she was at a research base. A researcher wearing an exposure suit was at the control desk, taking out light blue and green test tubes, one by one!

Although this person was wearing the uniform of a researcher, he didn’t seem like one. Rather, he looked like a thief. After taking all the test tubes, that man threw out a blue test tube, which smashed into pieces upon contacting the metal platform!

If Fang Qi were watching, he would immediately recognize that it was a test tube containing the T virus!

The light blue liquid slowly vaporized and flowed into each of the labs through the vents!

Quickly realizing that something was wrong, all the tunnels were closed, trapping all possible people who were infected inside the underground lab in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading!

When the search and rescue team sent by the Umbrella Corporation arrived… Resident Evil began!

Xu Zixin felt like she had travelled into another space, and everything was happening right in front of her.

It was such a surreal feeling. Aside from the fact that she couldn’t touch anyone or anything, she felt like she was inside a new world.

She could clearly see everything that was happening between the main characters!

She had to admit that the movie version of Resident Evil made her more nervous. Xu Zixin stood before the researchers; they couldn’t see her, but she could see all of them. She saw them slowly turn into zombies!

She saw the entire process!

She felt a despair, seeing them transform but not being able to do anything about it!

The thought of these humans in here all changing into zombies brought goosebumps onto her skin!

It was scary enough to see zombies in the game!

But all these people here would soon turn into zombies; this was a zombie horde!

A few zombies were hard enough to defeat; what were they going to do about a zombie horde?

She couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness that I don’t have to experience this for myself, this isn’t somewhere a human should be!

It was hell!

Although she knew that the zombies couldn’t hurt her, it was still horrifying to see them!

When she saw the main characters barge into this hell of a laboratory, she couldn’t help but worry about them.

When she saw that the African-American team member get dismembered in the laser hallway, she shrieked in fear.

What kind of weapon is this!

Everything in the movie was magical; a few streaks of light could dismember a human being.

These weapons aren’t guns; what kind of spiritual artifacts are they?

Then, the Red Queen, who controlled everything, was ‘turned off’ by a little black box?

Her understanding of this entire world changed!

At the same time, Fang Qi was watching the movie as well.

He noticed that although the movie looked like the original version, it was actually quite different.

For example, the combat looked too realistic and too terrifying!

Even though Fang Qi learned most of Chris’s combat skills, he could still learn a lot from watching the movie!

Yes, he could learn them! Fang Qi noticed that combat experiences and skills flowed into his mind like invisible knowledge streams!

Their shooting skills, their movements, and their steps were meticulous and accurate as well!

It was so meticulous that Fang Qi thought this wasn’t a movie. Rather, it was a real battle that was happening somewhere on Earth!

“The system never disappoints…” Fang Qi couldn’t help but exclaim.

At this moment, Xu Zixin saw countless zombies being released. As the flood of zombies appeared and dismembered the skilled teammates, the movie reached its climax!

Soon, the lickers were released as well! These monsters weren’t as powerful as hunters, but their speed was much faster! So fast that humans couldn’t even react to it!

Therefore, they could easily dodge bullets!

With steel-breaking sharp claws and horrifying tongues, these monsters were murder machines! Any human would die at its touch!

“This is so scary! I didn’t think there would be monsters as scary as these ones aside from the hunters! They can dodge bullets!”

Xu Zixin’s heart was in her throat this entire time. When she saw the main character run away with the last remaining team member, Mark, she let out a sigh of relief.

However, the final scene appeared; the entire city became a land of zombies.

Everyone turned into zombies?

Everything that she was worried about happened before her eyes!

It was shocking!

It was as if she was the only one left in this world, and that terrible feeling of loneliness ate her up like a flood!

“Is this… the end of the world?” She felt the pressure, and her breathing became rapid as she felt like doomsday was coming.

In the end, the main character was the only human left in the city; this scene replayed again and again in her mind!

After a long time, Xu Zixin suddenly heard a familiar voice sounding from beside her. “Zixin, how was it? Was it good?”

“Qingqing?” She turned around and grabbed Shen Qingqing’s hand emotionally. “The movie version of Resident Evil One is so shocking! I never thought that the plot would be like this!”

“Is it really that good?” Shen Qingqing was confused. “Didn’t the main character change? How can it still be good?”

“It’s good!” Xu Zixin said, “Did you know what we were worried about really happened! It was shocking! The entire city was infected! Everyone turned into zombies! I really want to know what would happen to the main character in the next movie!”

The last scene of the movie left Xu Zixin somewhat emotional. Fang Qi’s internet café wasn’t as noisy as the ones he went to on Earth, and everyone was quietly playing their games. Therefore, what Xu Zixin said caught people’s attention.

“You witnessed what happened to the main character with your own eyes?”

“The T-Virus was leaked?”

“Everyone was infected by the zombie virus?”

“Zombie horde? End of the world?”

Although they only heard snippets of what she said, they were all still dumbstruck!

The sheer number of zombies in the game gave them a headache, but there was a zombie horde in the movie version? How much scarier did it have to be?

Song Qingfeng and the others, who didn’t care for the movie version and were unhappy about the change in main characters, became curious at this.

“What are you talking about? A zombie horde?” After seeing what happened the last two mornings, Liang Shi and his friends came slightly later. However, out of the six of them, two didn’t have spots to sit because they came too late.

“The new Resident Evil One Movie!” Lin Shao explained.

He was hesitating as he asked his friends, “Should we… watch it as well?”

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