Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 475 - Sirius' Eyes Illuminated The Universe Again

Chapter 475 - Sirius' Eyes Illuminated The Universe Again

While Bai Zemin and Shannguan Bing Xue would have a path of blood and corpses after arriving in the Oblon world, the universe in general was in a state of major turmoil rarely seen before.

As for the reason... The reason was that the constellation of the Heavenly Wolf Sirius finally had another strange movement after approximately 15 years of being quiet!

Fifteen years ago, Sirius' constellation revealed for the first time in over 10,000,000 years its first sign that despite always being silent it still had its own will! It was 15 years ago that all the existences of the universe remembered that in a distant corner of the vast cosmos, there existed one of the constellations that held in its interior one of the most desired and coveted Firmament Fragments by every living being in existence.

Fifteen years ago, the factions of Higher Existences moved in an attempt to get into the constellation to fight for what was inside as if they had forgotten the dangers that existed within just for the sake of making off with the Firmament Fragment of the Heavenly Wolf Sirius.

Unfortunately, after countless attacked in an unsuccessful attempt to open a tiny spatial rift in the constellation, they all had no choice but to retreat in silence.

The life expectancy of the Higher Existences was unlimited. As long as they did not die from external causes, nature and the passage of time would never be able to corrode their lives. Therefore, 15 years was not a long time for them.

Just as everyone was slowly beginning to get back to minding their own business and forgetting what had happened a decade and a half ago, the constellation that had been silent was active again.

"Sirius' eyes illuminated the universe again."

When those words were pronounced by the Higher Existence that was closer to the area where the constellation of the Heavenly Wolf Sirius was located, they did not take more than a couple of hours to spread like dust being swept away by strong storms; reaching every habitable corner of the universe at limiting speeds.

* * *

Kram World.

This was a world that had already crossed its Sixth Evolutionary Stage, so apart from possessing powerful laws of its own, the Will of Kram World was so powerful that from a certain point of view it was not different from possessing a kind of artificial intelligence defending a giant fortress, since at the moment of feeling threatened, it would use all the laws of the world to attack the threatening being.

Kram World was a hidden world within a spatial realm created by one of the most powerful and ancient existences in the history of all creation; from the vault of the sky to the land and seas that made up each shining star.

This was the place where the faction of Higher Existences called the Demonic Army was led by the mighty Lucifer.

In the center of the world, surrounded by huge mountains that towered above the shadowy clouds, a magnificent castle stood perfectly in the center of it all.

This castle was the home of Lucifer, the lord of the Demon Army.

Inside a special room that had been built with space magic and extremely strong materials of the highest quality, two women were engaged in combat.

Both were extremely beautiful women with godlike bodies capable of taking the breath away from humanoids and beasts alike.

One of them wore a long, bright purple magic robe, a purple hat with golden details similar to those used by witches in human legends, silk gloves up to her elbows, and clutched tightly to a magic scepter that was almost as tall as she was.

This woman was Fire Sorrow, a 7th Order existence whose actual level was unknown and one of the people Lucifer trusted the most.

"As expected of you. A striking talent who in less than a century managed to reach the Sixth Order really learns fast." The purple-haired woman said and spared no effort in praising the woman in front of her.

The other woman wore a midnight black dress that almost completely covered her skin, barely exposing her delicate shoulders and arms partially along with a harmless amount of cleavage that instead of making her look like a seductive or easy woman added elegance and natural charm to her cold and proud aura.

"It's no big deal. If it wasn't for your guidance over the last month, I wouldn't have been able to understand so much about magic and especially about the laws of space." Lilith said while holding an elegant sword in her small right hand.

If Fire Sorrow was like the beautiful flower called Fire Trumpet because of its fresh beauty but at the same time rare to find so it easily attracted everyone's eyes, then Lilith was no different from a Rose that with its charm bewitched everyone who dared to look at it and forced them to stretch out their hands towards it even though they knew that the thorns would hurt them.

Fire Sorrow shook her head at Lilith's words and said calmly: "You don't need to be modest about certain matters, otherwise others might see you as an arrogant person who silently boasts about her achievements. Lilith, your talent for magic is without a doubt the highest I have ever seen and I dare say that His Majesty would not be angry if I state that even he will not be able to compare to you as far as magic is concerned in around a thousand years from now."

It had been about a month, a little more or a little less, since Lilith and Fire Sorrow had entered the special training room. Since then, both women had immersed themselves completely in training-tutorial and never left the space they were currently in.

As Higher Existences who had overcome the erosion of time and had almost completely surpassed the natural limits imposed on the fleshly body, neither Fire Sorrow nor Lilith really needed to eat or sleep for long periods of time. One month for both women was but a snap of the fingers; this was especially true for Fire Sorrow, an existence that had lived countless years so far.

Over the past month, Fire Sorrow and Lilith had slowly begun to really get along with each other. In the past, the two women had practically zero exchanges with each other except for necessary formalities but after a month in which not only did Lilith learn a lot about magic but it was a time during which Fire Sorrow learned a lot about varied combat from Lilith, the two began to become more relatable.

Even if they couldn't be considered friends or much less unbreakable sisters, at the very least they had become close enough that Fire Sorrow inadvertently stopped calling her Bloody Succubus and started referring to her as Lilith.

"Well, considering I already had a bit of knowledge about space magic, I still don't think my accomplishments are as amazing as you make it out to be." Lilith shook her head while smiling slightly.

"Girl, you say that because you're still too young and have no idea how hard it is to control space magic." Fire Sorrow sighed before smiling bitterly. "Destroying is easy, but creating and controlling? That's really hard. Remember these words."

Lilith nodded and was about to say something when suddenly both; she and Fire Sorrow had a drastic change of expression as the same words echoed not only in both ladies' heads but also echoed in the heads of every member of the Demonic Army:

"Emergency meeting. Except for those who are guarding our worlds, everyone else stop whatever you're doing and head to Kram immediately."

"That was..." Lilith looked at Fire Sorrow as if waiting for confirmation from her.

".... Indeed, that was His Majesty Lucifer." Fire Sorrow looked as surprised as Lilith as she said, "This is really weird. Except when the Abyssal Rift appears, His Majesty rarely links up mentally with all of us to convey a message or command."

Each faction of Higher Existences possessed something similar to a group chat where guild members of a video game could chat with each other to see how they were doing, organize hunting parties, explore, etc. However, most of them simply had this "group chat" silenced because after living several millennia they had all acquired a bit eccentric personalities and the Demonic Army was not the friendliest faction; they were all quite crazy so even among themselves they protected against each other.

Only the leader and creator of the faction could force his words into the minds of the members.

"Let's go. Let's go and see what's going on. Judging from His Majesty's voice, it looks like it's something big this time." Fire Sorrow waved her magic staff and the space inside the room twisted strangely.

Lilith felt her body being moved to a different position and even though she could have refused she remained calm and let herself be pulled. In an instant, she came face to face with a huge portal built of stones that had countless runic engravings on the surface.

The two women looked at each other briefly before stepping forward at the same time.

An instant later, both Fire Sorrow and Lilith were back at the rear of the castle where Lucifer resided.

Just a glance was enough to see hundreds of Fifth Order existences flying through the skies or running towards the large square at the front of the castle, right in front of the large main gates.

By the time Lilith arrived at the gathering place following Fire Sorrow, she saw that there were already many people gathered.

Lucifer's castle was simply too big so there were thousands of Higher Existences who preferred to stay and live there when they had nothing to do. After all, Lucifer only had one rule which was not to go near the upper floor,, but except for this rule everyone could do as they pleased and the comforts of the Kram world were of the highest quality.

Except for a few, no one really knew the reason why the flexible Lucifer so vehemently forbade anyone to go near the upper floors of the castle. However, if these proud existences knew the real reason, they might all spit blood and die on the spot.

Many thought that perhaps the man who had titles such as Demon, Incarnation of Evil, Incarnation of Sloth, Walking Evil, Devil, and many others, was actually torturing enemies to obtain information from the other factions of Higher Existences.

Others thought that in reality, Lucifer was always sleepy and exhausted because at the top of the castle he hid thousands of heavenly beauties with whom he spent day and night having sex.

However, little did they expect that the reason Lucifer forbade anyone to go near the top floors of the castle was very simple.


Lucifer hated noise because noise interrupted his sleep!

So, he forbade everyone to go near the place where his room was.

Lilith had found out about this a week ago while exchanging advice with Fire Sorrow and when she learned that all the strange rumors that Lucifer wouldn't even let his daughters go were pure fallacies but instead spent all day locked in his room sleeping, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Your Majesty!"

Fire Sorrow's voice was extremely respectful and seeing how the proud and firm Seventh Order woman bowed, Lilith looked forward and finally, her ruby eyes caught sight of the person who gathered everyone here.

Lucifer seemed to look at Fire Sorrow and nodded as a small sound slipped out of his mouth. Then, his head tilted to the side and he seemed to look in Lilith's direction before nodding as well.

Lilith was about to bow and nod as well but suddenly realized something and almost died. The corner of her mouth twitched as she whispered softly:

"This... Fire Sorrow, isn't he sleeping?"

* * * * * * *

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