Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 476 - All Higher Existences Assemble (Part 1)

Chapter 476 - All Higher Existences Assemble (Part 1)

"This... Fire Sorrow, isn't he sleeping?"

When Fire Sorrow heard such words come out of Lilith's mouth and be clearly uttered with some hesitation as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing, the powerful Seventh Order mage abruptly raised her head and with wide eyes carefully observed the man in the distance.

Lucifer was casually hovering a couple of feet above the ground but was so steady that anyone looking at him would question if maybe there was some sort of invisible stool or couch there. He was currently wearing a light blue pajama set almost touching white that was composed of long pants, a neatly buttoned shirt, a hat with a large pom-pom at the top similar to the hats used at Christmas, while on his feet were a pair of fluffy, soft-looking slippers.

Curiously or not, Fire Sorrow noticed a sort of pipe on the left side of the pajama shirt and the same was true of the upper left side of the pants; she realized that this pajama set was one of the ones Lilith had given Lucifer a month ago.

But what made Fire Sorrow's face turn pale was that beyond the golden locks of the handsome and powerful Lucifer's long hair, his ever-lazy eyes were closed!

His head occasionally swayed from side to side and if one didn't know he was asleep one could easily think he was nodding!

That was why Fire Sorrow had previously not noticed it until Lilith pointed it out!

As for the small sound Fire Sorrow had heard earlier.... It was Lucifer's soft snoring!

Fire Sorrow stepped forward with a pale face and floated until she reached the spot next to Lucifer. Then, with a helpless expression, she gently touched his shoulder and said while sighing:

"Your Majesty, wake up."


"Your Majesty, wake up!"


"Your Majesty, the faction members are already here!"



Fire Sorrow tried in various ways and even shook Lucifer's body fiercely. However, it was as if the leader of the Demonic Army had fallen into a total coma as regardless of how loud Fire Sorrow's voice went or how hard she shook his body; nothing seemed to work as it was supposed to.


The now over 20,000 Superior Existences, a number which was rapidly increasing, watched the scene with dead expressions on their faces. Except for the newer ones who had recently joined and didn't know the faction leader well, everyone else seemed to be used to this so they weren't surprised by the strange sights.

Fire Sorrow took several breaths and her generous chest rose and fell steadily as evidence of how agitated the woman was. She finally gritted her teeth and backed away until she finally returned to her position next to Lilith.

Just as Lilith wondered if the powerful and talented Seventh Order mage was giving up, she heard Fire Sorrow mutter:

"I have no choice but to use that method."

That method? Lilith wondered if it was some forbidden skill or something similar.

However, she soon realized that the leader of the faction she had decided to join was indeed an oddity among oddities and not necessarily in the positive sense of things.

Fire Sorrow took a deep breath and then shouted aloud, "Your Majesty Lucifer! The Lord of Heaven's Army is taking all your clothes!"

Lucifer's eyes that were closed tightly as if someone had sewn his eyelids shut abruptly opened and a terrifying light shone in his green pupils.


A frighteningly powerful aura that left everyone breathless exploded out of his body and the Kram World seemed to shudder under the wrath of one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Lucifer still seemed to be in a dream state as even after opening his eyes he seemed lost as if he did not know where he was. It was only after several seconds that his eyes sparkled as if he remembered something and slowly the dark aura coming out of his body began to recede little by little.

While all those Fifth Order existences gasped for air, barely able to stand their ground in the face of the sudden explosion of anger from the leader of the Demonic Army, Lucifer looked leisurely and unconcerned.

He slowly straightened his posture and descended from the sky. After looking around a bit, he looked at Fire Sorrow and said softly:

"Oh, Fire Sorrow, it's you..... I see you've done a good job on the Bloody Succubus. Not bad."


Lucifer's words and tone of voice left everyone speechless once again.

Looking at him with questioning eyes, everyone realized that Lucifer was not only powerful and loved comfortable clothes, but he was also a rather shameless being who cared little or nothing about the strange looks or thoughts others might have about him.

The corner of Lilith's mouth twitched once or twice as she silently thought that perhaps all the other leaders of the other factions of Higher Existences were also oddities like the one in front of her.

"... It's nothing, Your Majesty." Fire Sorrow sighed in her heart and changed the topic as she said, "The Bloody Succubus, Lilith is a genius in every sense of the word. I'm sure she will be a great addition to fight the beings beyond the Abyssal Rift."

Abyssal Rift.

When those words were spoken by Fire Sorrow, the Higher Existences of the Demonic Army had different reactions:

Some of them looked confused as they were relatively new and young so they had no idea what this 'Abyssal Rift' was.

But those veterans who were tens of thousands of years old and had been part of the Demonic Army for over 8000 years had drastic changes in expression; their faces went from speechless due to Lucifer's shamelessness to an expression of gravity and even fear.

"That's good. Although it's still several hundred years before it's our turn to defend, it's good to know that we have another powerful warrior capable of using magic on a large scale. At the very least, let's try to suffer less than what the army of white pigeons suffered two centuries ago." Lucifer said lazily and as his body slowly floated upwards he pointed out, "On the other hand, something big happened recently and I'm sure all those old farts will be moving right about now."

There were many questions floating around in the minds of many of those present. Among them, Lilith also seemed curious.

Although she was a Sixth Order existence that had recently demonstrated the ability to contend against a Seventh Order existence with no apparent problems at first glance, her position within the Demonic Army was not especially high since she was a new member after all; so, the amount of information Lilith could access was quite limited at present.

What was the Abyssal Rift? Lilith did not know with certainty the answer to this question. She only knew that it was apparently an area or place destined for slaughter and in which all the factions of Higher Existences suffered disastrous losses so they took turns with each other.

Moreover, according to what she had just heard from Lucifer himself, every 1000 years one of the factions had to go to that battle zone.

Didn't this mean that slowly all the factions of Higher Existences were weakening rapidly? Lilith frowned tightly when such a thought was born in her heart.

One thousand years might seem like an eternity to many, but to the Higher Existences, it was nothing! Besides, in one thousand years while there would always appear several talents who managed to break the limits imposed by the time after reaching the boundary of the Fourth Order and joining one of the existing factions, the reality was that it was unlikely that in just one thousand years the factions would manage to recover from the great losses; this was true even if the eight factions took turns with each other to give everyone 8000 years of rest!

Unless in those 8000 years somehow the faction of Higher Existences that had fought in that place called Abyssal Rift managed to recover the same number of Higher Existences lost during the combat, 8000 years later that same faction would have to fight again with fewer numbers which would eventually lead to the disappearance of that faction.

Of course, these were all theories that Lilith had come up with on her own in conclusion to what she knew so far. However, since she had no access to more information, starting with theories and hypotheses was a good step forward to avoid getting stuck in one place.

As for what the Abyssal Rift was and what the Higher Existences battled against, Lilith had no idea of such a thing.

But what being or beings could be capable of giving headaches and losses to the most powerful of the universe and their armies? Such a question was also unanswered for the present Lilith.

As hundreds of thoughts flickered one after another in the mind of the beautiful Lilith at lightning speed, all the existences belonging to the Demonic Army that were not protecting the different worlds from which the faction obtained its resources had finally arrived.

Lucifer had a serious expression rarely seen on his face as he looked out over the square several hundred kilometers wide as it was filled with soul evolvers. After a couple of minutes, he announced in a deep voice:

"Sirius' constellation showed movement again after what happened fifteen years ago."


That constellation finally showed again to the whole universe that its power was as latent as ever!

As Lucifer's words reached the ears of everyone present, each of the Higher Existences began to murmur while the more excited ones couldn't care less about the tone of their voices.

This was Sirius' constellation after all! All those who were here were beings who had lived countless years and who represented the power of a world so they naturally had their own knowledge of the universe; then, when they heard that one of the constellations that possessed one of the most powerful Firmament Fragments in the vault of the heavens was reignited this time with a span of only fifteen years, they all felt anxious to try their luck.

On the other hand, Lilith's ruby-colored eyes trembled slightly when she heard what Lucifer had just said and her heart clenched slightly.

Sirius' constellation shined again? Wasn't that the constellation that Bai Zemin had told her that curiously fifteen years ago seemed to be trying to communicate with him?

Whether or not Sirius' constellation was somehow connected to Bai Zemin, Lilith had no way of knowing. However, if someone told her that it was all a coincidence, then Lilith would rather believe that everything she had experienced throughout her life was a dream and that the next second she would wake up in her bed to return to school in times of peace.

What worried Lilith more now was the fact that Sirius' constellation was shining again. What did it mean? Had something happened on Earth, something big enough for even one of the most powerful Firmament Fragments in history to cause such a commotion? But what could have happened in one month's time? Was Bai Zemin well? What happened to him or what was the reason Sirius tried to call him again? Were all these things interconnected somehow?

Hundreds of questions filled Lilith's chest and she began to feel suffocated as she felt the urge to return.

Fire Sorrow on the other hand was in shock when she heard Lucifer's words, too much to care too much about her own image. She quickly took a step forward and floated in an instant until she found herself in front of the faction leader and asked in a hesitant voice:

"A- About that... Sirius... The Heavenly Wolf shined again....?"

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