Blue Phoenix

Chapter 788: Overlord

Chapter 788: Overlord

Hui Yue and Lan Feng could suddenly feel the breath of every single person on the entire battlefield.

They felt that if they reached out their hands, then the common cultivators would die without knowing what had happened.

Killing experts with had comprehended a heavenly dao was as simple as killing chickens; any attack would be able to kill them if they paid any attention to it.

The dao was incapable of causing wounds to them now. The Great Dao which had descended into their souls and had merged with them had made them incapable of being wounded by any other dao.

They also felt another energy calling for them, an energy that felt as if it was right behind a curtain, ready for them to grasp out and reach it.

Hui Yue was still caught behind a wall of heavenly tribulation, but it was becoming weaker and weaker. The Blood Demon Overlord had not fought back when Yama was wasting his energy on him, yet the moment he saw the heavenly tribulation forming around Hui Yue, he panicked and started launching many attacks out to destroy it.

It was clear that he knew about the heavenly tribulation, and his eyes were showing even more panic when he felt the Great Dao descending.

He then threw caution to the wind and went berserk focusing all his strongest attacks on the heavenly tribulation cocoon of energy that was surrounding Hui Yue, not caring about any wounds he was getting from everyone else attacking him.

Yama managed to inflict two massive cuts on him, one on his arm, the other on his hip.

The teamwork of the three half-step Overlords and the three constellations also managed to cause superficial wounds all over his body. Although these wounds were not as deep as the two massive cuts that Yama left, they were still adding up to over a hundred or so wounds on his body.

His clothes were in tatters now, and half his hair had fallen down from the elaborate crown that held it up. Currently, his eyes were filled with madness.

Lan Feng and Wang Ju Long had retreated. They understood that the way the battle was progressing right now, they would not be able to interfere anymore, and it was apparent that Hui Yue had truly succeeded in distracting the Blood Demon Overlord with his final attack. He had given the side of humanity hope for actually winning against the Blood Demon Overlord.

During the fight, Lan Feng had been surprised to see his father, the Vermilion Bird, emerge on the battlefield, and he had felt pride and happiness to see his father once again. But in the middle of the fight, he had not allowed for these emotions to take root as he knew that if he was distracted at this moment, it was more than likely that he would die right away.

Now that he had retreated, his heart swelled when he looked at his father. Although Hui Yue was in danger, he could not take his eyes off his father's gallant figure as he cut through the heavens and displayed the true Phoenix Descent.

The divine beasts were constellations and had become one with the Great Dao. Unfortunately, they had given up their bodies the moment they became constellations, and they had no control of Archaic Energy, which was the reason they were not considered true Overlords, but just having merged with the Great Dao was enough for them to do some real damage to the Blood Demon Overlord.

Suddenly, Lan Feng doubled over. He lost control of his phoenix shape and turned into a human once more. His arms were crossed over his stomach, and he felt how the soul that was shared with Hui Yue felt as if it were burning.

Grey energy was constantly pulsing into his body, and everywhere it went, it remade him. It remade his soul, his body, and his senses.

He did not doubt that this had something to do with Hui Yue and the metamorphosis that he was undergoing, but the pain that Lan Feng was experiencing was hell.

Wang Ju Long quickly flew to Lan Feng's side and held him aloft in the skies so that he did not plummet to the ground. She could feel how he was getting sweaty, that his eyes were unfocused, and his breathing was rushed.

Wang Ju Long was worried. She worried about her friend and unsure what was happening to him. Although she had not known Lan Feng for as long as Hui Yue, she knew that he had always been there for her husband. He was Hui Yue's closest kin, and if anything happened to him, then Hui Yue would be heartbroken.

Seeing Lan Feng in such a condition made her think that Hui Yue was also probably suffering in the heavenly tribulation cocoon. If he was suffering, then she did not know what she should do to help him.

The truth of the matter was that Hui Yue was actually not suffering. He felt the energy that was behind a curtain-like wall, and he reached out for it. The fabric of reality shattered and Archaic Energy poured into his body and from his shared soul into Lan Feng as well.

Hui Yue had been prepared for this baptism of Archaic Energy, but Lan Feng had not, making him suffer greatly.

It took a few minutes before Lan Feng got used to the pain, and felt that with each wisp of energy that entered his body, it reformed it and made him stronger and stronger.

He felt that the Great Dao had previously descended upon him, but now he had the energy to use it. It was like two halves of a shell, fitting together perfectly.

"We are becoming Overlords," Lan Feng said shocked. He now understood that it was indeed the truth. He could sense the wonders of the Great Dao, and he knew he could control Archaic Energy as well… It was obvious that Hui Yue and Lan Feng had become Overlords!

And just as Lan Feng said this, the heavenly tribulation cocoon that had surrounded Hui Yue, broke apart; the lightning shot out several thousands of bolts that descended to the lower heavens where the war of the common Gods was taking place. It killed a couple thousand Blood Demons in one go.

The face of the Blood Demon Overlord became ugly. He sensed that Hui Yue had broken through to become an Overlord, and his eyes rested on Hui Yue with a murderous gleam within.

"Don't think that it is over just because you have one more Overlord!" he said through his gritted teeth, the hatred clear in his voice. But then right after another deep voice filled with arrogance sounded from behind him, "What about three Overlords then?" he asked, and the Blood Demon Overlord who had been looking at Hui Yue turned around slowly.

His eyes widened first after which they narrowed dangerously. "You are both newly formed Overlords, do you honestly think you have what it takes to fight me?" he sneered, but deep inside he was shaken.

This war was supposed to be the beginning of an era, the era of the Blood Demons! But not only had all Manor Lords been slain, the opposing side's half-step Overlords and constellations were fighting against him as well! Although he was stronger than Yama, now he had to face three Overlords at once. He was now at a definite disadvantage.

Hui Yue swung the Celestial Sword in his hand and infused it with Archaic Energy. At first, he was worried that the sword might not be able to handle it, but after careful consideration, he decided to risk it, and the sword let out a loud bird cry of a Roc as if it had come alive.

Hui Yue's Celestial Wings on his back turned black, and the silhouette of a Great Roc appeared around him.

Slashing outward at the Blood Demon Overlord, Hui Yue released his swordlight. There was only a flash of swordlight, but the silhouette of the Great Roc emerged around it, and it flew faster than even Overlords were capable of traveling.

A clean cut and the Blood Demon Overlord had lost an arm. He cried out, and his remaining arm clutched the shoulder where blood was flowing out; his eyes had turned completely red, but Hui Yue was not done.

He slashed out again, and although these slashes seemed simple, every one of them contained Archaic Energy, the Great Dao, the essence of Hui Yue and all his previous lives, and all the strength that Hui Yue could muster.

Fortunately, he was now at complete peace with who he was. He had now merged with every single life he had lived, and as a result, his strength had risen to unfathomable heights.

As the other arm was sliced off, the Blood Demon Overlord turned tail and began to flee, but he never managed to get far before Hui Yue took a few steps and threw out four swordlights, all filled with his most outstanding power.

One blocked his retreat, one cut his leg, a third blocked his advance, and the final one neatly chopped off his head.

Hui Yue had become an Overlord, but not a normal Overlord level cultivator. From the moment he had stepped out of the heavenly tribulation cocoon, he had controlled everything that happened around him.

The reason he was so much stronger than both Yama and the Blood Demon Overlord was simple. Hui Yue had been baptized in the heavenly tribulation. The heavens themselves had approved of him and his ascension to become an Overlord, and now, the only Overlord level cultivator that had ever lived in the galaxy that could rival Hui Yue was Pangu!

Silence descended on the upper layer of the heavens while all the warriors that had fought for humanity were staring at Hui Yue with disbelief in their eyes.

When the battle had begun, he had only been a heavenly dao cultivator, but now he was an Overlord who had no equal on this battlefield.

No one knew what to say before the Vermilion Bird released a screech and flew to Lan Feng's side.

The Vermilion Bird was incapable of putting his emotions into words. He had given up many things to become a constellation yet everyone could see the doting love and pride in his eyes when he looked at Lan Feng with tenderness.

Hui Yue flicked his hand, and Little Dragon and Da Hu appeared in the heavens above where they were fighting. Now, picking up people like this was childsplay for Hui Yue.

"Greet your fathers," Hui Yue said with a smile. "They will go back into their eternal slumber soon. They will only awaken when the Divine Beast world or its Crowned Sovereign is in dire straits. You will only have a short while."

Having said this, neither Da Hu nor Little Dragon wasted any time and rushed to their fathers with tears streaming down their faces. It had been thousands of years since they last saw one another.

"The war is over!" Yama flew over and grabbed the Blood Demon Overlord's head, and his voice reverberated through the entire galaxy.

"The Blood Demons have lost; the Blood Demon Overlord has been decapitated by Pei Yue of the Celestial Sword Sect and Diyu!"

"Any Blood Demon that puts up resistance will instantly be struck down while those who give up will be spared!"

As the words sounded over the entire galaxy the fighting died down. Blood Demons went into hiding, and many pretended that they had never even been Blood Demons to begin with, but that they had always been faithful to Diyu.

The battlefield had some demons who were willing to die for their cause, and since they knew that they had lost, they kept fighting regardless. They wanted to kill as many humans as they could before they followed their lord into the afterlife, but seeing their actions, Yama lifted his hand, and all of them fell from the skies, dead.

Silence enveloped the entire battlefield for a moment before all the humans and beasts erupted in cheers. Weapons were raised to the heavens, and soon they were chanting the name, Pei Yue.

Many had troubles believing it, but no one dared to doubt the voice that shook the whole galaxy. Pei Tian, alongside all of Hui Yue’s surviving friends, were incapable of keeping their tears back, their tears of pride and happiness.

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