Blue Phoenix

Chapter 789: Epilogue

Chapter 789: Epilogue

Thus the war that spanned many years and claimed countless lives ended. The Blood Demons all vanished from sight. Some could not let go of their vengeance and set up groups that continued to attack the humans, but they were now slowly being wiped out.

The worlds that the Manor Lords had controlled were seized, and they were filled with Blood Demons who were too weak to fight. These demons were all forced to work for Diyu as a punishment for their actions.

Other demons who had fought in the war had the choice between pledging their loyalty to Diyu or being executed, and while a few chose to be executed, most chose to change their loyalty.

When Hui Yue went to find his friends, he was surprised as he found another familiar face in the crowd. Li Xiaopeng from the Siban Empire was also fighting against the Blood Demons, and when he saw Hui Yue, he bowed deeply.

"I joined this battle to get vengeance against the man who killed my beloved sister, Li Meilin. I hear you slew him. For that, you have my gratitude."

Having said this, the expert vanished into the sky, and only now did Hui Yue understand why this man had vanished without a trace from the Divine Beast world.

Hui Yue found his friends, only to realize that a few of them had perished during the war, however, those who survived looked at one another and nodded their heads. They all knew that the ones who had given up their lives had no regrets.

The aftermath of the war was taken care of by Yama, but nothing could stop the talk about Pei Yue. He was the astonishing genius of the Celestial Sword Sect who had become an Overlord at such a young age! But no one knew where he had gone after returning to the Celestial Sword Sect.

Anyone who came with gifts and well-wishes was told that he was in closed-door cultivation together with all his friends, and no matter how much they begged, they could not get to see him. Even Yama was told to wait when he came to visit.

The only one who had been allowed to visit was a small magical beast that claimed to be a Black Turtle. A descendant of the divine beasts. He was completely unknown in the entire galaxy, so as for why he had come or was allowed to met Hui Yue, no one knew.

Hui Yue had entered the Divine Beast world with all his friends, and their constellations had long since disappeared back to their original position as guardians of the world. After returning to the divine beast world, Hui Yue made a major decision. He returned ownership of the Divine Beast world to the four descendants of the divine beasts.

When he returned to the Divine Beast world, he instantly started searching for Sha Yun’s sisters as he wished for them to reunite. They had previously vanished from the face of the world, but this time, with a lot of effort, they managed to find them.

Sha Yun’s sisters had been moved to another realm which was hiding within the Divine Beast world, a realm belonging to a Saint beast that Sha Yun and the others referred to as Old Snake. He was the king of the Magical Forest, and no one dared to challenge him, however, when he understood that there was a war going on between humans and beasts, he had moved the sisters to safety. It was not before now that he dared return them to the Divine Beast world.

After finding her siblings, everyone met up with all their friends and family; they celebrated that they had finally reached the conclusion of their years-long aim, and Lan Feng and Hui Yue felt how the soul contract that had bonded them for so long had slowly dissolved. Still, their souls were merged, and this was something that could never be undone.

Hui Yue gave over the Crowned Sovereign position of the Divine Beast world to Lan Feng, Da Hu, Little Dragon, and Big Turtle. When he did, many old Saints who had lived for many many years appeared to congratulate them, and one day Hui Yue left the Divine Beast world. He returned it to its rightful place in the galaxy where the world had been located before he had sucked it up into the Universe Box.

Hui Yue did not hesitate to return it to its old position, and a feeling of happiness bubbled up inside him. He then invited Pei Tian to visit his other parents, and together they all toured the Divine Beast world.

Lan Feng was the first to get married after the war ended. He and Xiao She could not wait any longer, and their wedding was attended by even more experts than those who had attended Hui Yue’s wedding.

Everyone knew of Lan Feng's status as an Overlord, and the entire galaxy wanted to gain his favor.

The next couple to be married was Deng Wu and Rong Xing. Although Rong Xing had been adamant about not giving up and refused, one day she could no longer stand his constant proposals and said yes, much to her own surprise.

During Rong Xing and Deng Wu's wedding, Huli had a great piece of news to share with everyone, and the world was stunned when they heard that Hui Yue was going to become a father.

Although he had adopted children, he did not have any experiences with actual babies, and many came with well-meant suggestions and advice.

Life in the galaxy settled down. No one dared to cause strife when Yama, Lan Feng, and Hui Yue were together, and because of this, the Celestial Sword Sect and Diyu were simply two great giants that could never be crossed.

Years went by, and the war between the humans and the Blood Demons became a thing of the past. Hui Yue became the proud father of both small fox cubs, snake babies, and human children, all of whom were born as formidable immortals.

These children grew up and became outstanding geniuses of the younger generation, and they no longer needed their father's guidance or protection.

Despite all that he had gone through, Hui Yue always felt that his journey was not at an end. He knew that there was more out there. That the galaxy was only a new beginning, and now he had nothing weighing him down any longer. He had gained his revenge together with Lan Feng, and his family had grown massive.

As Hui Yue was standing still, gazing out into the vast unknown, he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked behind him. He saw his parents of both lives smiling at him. His wives and children were present alongside his adoptive children Lao and Jo. Lei was standing with them, and although they all had tears in their eyes, smiles were present on their lips. Lan Feng was also there together with Xiao She who was carrying their mingshe baby. Behind them were all the beast Gods and other close friends that Hui Yue had made in his life.

"Whenever you feel tired or homesick make sure to come back," Wang Ju Long said with a gentle voice and a soft smile on her face. "We cannot follow you this time, but we will always be waiting here for you. Go out, experience the vastness of the universe!"

Hui Yue felt a tear run down his cheek, but he smiled. He hugged them all, one after another and accepted all the things they had for him.

Having said his goodbye, Hui Yue took to the skies. He found an area where there was no one else and tore a hole in the fabric of space. Pausing for some time, and looking back to all that he loved, he felt that within him was an eagerness to explore further than he had ever gone before. He felt a desire to constantly improve himself and discover the secrets of the universe. Smiling and shaking his head, he went through the tear and saw a whole new world opening up in front of him, a world where his next adventure would begin.

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