Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 10 - Ability

Chapter 10 - Ability

Shao Zhenglan had already finished eating her own noodles and had been looking at Nie Yi with great interest, wanting to know how Nie Yi treated Qi Jingchen. Thus, she saw this entire act and immediately felt even more disdainful of Qi Jingchen.

The matter of being haughty due to love and indulgence was fun during a time of peace, but to be such a hassle at this sort of time was simply courting death!

Nie Yi gave him food to eat, so he ought to speak properly even if he didn’t like it. Opening his mouth and saying ‘disgusting’ like a daye, he really acted as if he was a dayeah!

Who was Nie Yi? He’s Nie family’s heir that they had worked hard to cultivate! Before when he obviously had affections for Yan Zhe, he had still made Yan Zhe, who had no fighting abilities, be in charge of cooking and such kinds of logistics services, but Shao Zhenglan could not believe that he would tolerate the other’s impudence to this extent.

Ping Shengchao had the same opinion as Shao Zhenglan, but compared to her, he was in a bit more of a mood— Frick me! My family’s boss had even carried the food over, yet this fellow really went so far as to even ignore him. Too hateful!

Jiang Huai covered the Laoganma bottle with the lid, looked at Nie Yi, then looked at Yan Zhe.

Contrary to what one expected, Yan Zhe’s attitude at this moment was normal without the slightest peculiarity.

“My ge is unwell…” Qi Yaoyao wanted to help explain for her brother, but her voice was getting increasingly smaller. Besides throwing up, her brother’s attitude also wasn’t that good… would the two of them be thrown away?

Everyone’s thoughts were completely different from each other, but they were all waiting for Nie Yi’s reaction, and then…

Nie Yi gathered it all up, not the slightest bit angry, instead gently asking, “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you immediately.”

“……” Ping Shengchao’s jaw was about the fall off. Was this person really his boss? Could he have been possessed?

“Fresh.” Qi Jingchen’s eyes didn’t even open.

Nie Yi suddenly remembered something. Before when they had gathered a lot of people, Qi Jingchen had once ordered the people in the base to plant lots of vegetables. At that time, there were often fresh vegetables to eat, and Qi Jingchen had clearly eaten a lot. He had even once seen Qi Jingchen walking around, then suddenly bend down to tear out a piece of lettuce to eat.

At that time, Qi Jingchen’s needs were very little. He was even unwilling to mention what he liked, and would eat the stale provisions that were stored in the base, so it actually made him completely miss that Qi Jinchen originally never liked eating these…

“I’ll immediately go find some,” Nie Yi promptly said, and in passing, he stuffed the braised chicken wings that were already opened into his own mouth.

The apocalypse had arrived for a month already. The food markets, supermarkets and such kinds of places had long since not have fresh vegetables and meat. Wanting to find fresh food at this time wasn’t easy, but… some families would plant things on their balcony, so it’s not like it was impossible.

Thinking of what Qi Jingchen had said when he was at death’s door in their last life, how he ate food no matter how disgusting it was during the start of the apocalypse just to be able to survive, Nie Yi felt that his heart hurt a little and was more eager to bring vegetables back.

Although he had some trouble before he was betrayed by Yan Zhe, he had never been wronged before because of his strong family background and his own strength, but Qi Jingchen? Sick with a fever and an uncomfortable body, he still had to struggle to survive…

Just now, when he was carrying Qi Jingchen, he could definitely feel Qi Jingchen’s overly high body temperature.

“The two of you, attend to him here. I’ll be back very soon.” Nie Yi instructed the two bodyguards and looked at Ping Shengchao. “Take care of him for me.”

After speaking, Nie Yi immediately left. He was guarding against Yan Zhe, but right now, Yan Zhe was an ordinary person. With other people watching, he won’t be able to create any waves.

At this time in his last life, although Nie Yi was strong, he wasn’t especially strong. After all, he only knew how to fumble about slowly to use his ability, so much that he preferred using guns, but now…

After he left the residence, Nie Yi used his spiritual strength to revolve the red fog in his mind in one direction. When this red fog started to revolve, it gradually became denser…

Over half a year after the arrival of the apocalypse, the secure base of B city would carry out grading for abilities. For all the people who had abilities but the brain CT scan couldn’t detect anything, they would be graded level one ability users. If the scan detected an unknown liquid form, they would be graded level two ability users. If the brain’s ‘accumulated liquid’ became a ‘stone’, then they became a level three ability user.

Before that, no one knew how to grade abilities. Even after there was this method to grade abilities, because ability users generally had a weaker spiritual strength and didn’t know how to use it, no one knew how to check their own ability, much less how to cultivate.

Up until later, someone advanced to level four in a freak combination of factors, then everyone’s understanding of abilities had increased a lot.

But Nie Yi was reborn.

Before his rebirth, there was already someone who had compiled an entire set of methods to cultivate abilities and ascend. For example, a level one ability user, could theoretically use their spiritual strength to control their energy to create a magnetic field so that they could absorb the surrounding spiritual energy to recover quickly while simultaneously increasing their energy reserves.

The reason why it was ‘theoretical’, was because a regular level one ability user didn’t know how to utilize their spiritual strength and also had no spiritual strength to use, but… Nie Yi wasn’t regular at all.

The red fog in his mind was rapidly whirling, and it gave Nie Yi’s head a dull ache, but he was long used to this bit of pain. This didn’t bring about any discomfort. Instead, it made him slightly more clear-headed.

This stimulation of abilities wasn’t anything bad. On the whole, an ability user’s spiritual strength was entirely generated by the stimulation of the brain.

Before he came to this district, Nie Yi was in a rush. Because of that, he didn’t dispose of all the zombies wandering around outside the community. Thus, the moment he went downstairs, two zombies rushed over.

Today’s humanity still had an irrepressible fear of zombies. Obviously, the zombies of this time were very weak, but they didn’t dare deal with the zombies. Later, when the zombies started getting stronger and stronger, even if they regretted, it was already too late……

However, Nie Yi had never been afraid of these things since the beginning of the apocalypse. Two compressed fireballs shot out into different directions towards the centre of the zombies’ brows, and immediately, a hole was burnt through the zombies’ skulls. These two zombies collapsed onto the ground, completely still.

“Save us!” Someone in the community had seen this spectacle from afar and began calling for help at once. Nonetheless, Nie Yi turned a deaf ear, and soon departed from the district alone.

Nie Yi left alone, while in the apartment, Yan Zhe abruptly said, “Didn’t senior use a lot of his ability already? Wouldn’t it be unsafe running out alone at this time?”

When Ping Shengchao heard Yan Zhe, as expected, his complexion changed, and his impression of Qi Jingchen became even worse. Unfortunately, Nie Yi had told him to take care of Qi Jingchen well, so he endured the dissatisfaction in his heart, and ultimately still said nothing.

Even though Qi Jingchen had his eyes closed, he could still accurately hear Yan Zhe’s words. Naturally, he knew that Yan Zhe was actually trying to incite disharmony, and also knew that Nie Yi’s group of people all had complaints about him.

But he didn’t mind at all.

In his last life, everyone was shouting and beating him, but they didn’t live until the end. Now it was only a few people’s contempt, so why should he care? He was even eager to see these people get even more worked up. The best was if they could put him to death.

“Aren’t you the slightest bit worried for Nie boss?” Yan Zhe also looked at Qi Jingchen. “You’re still able to lie down in spite of everything?”

Qi Jingchen was too lazy to respond to him, and finally it was Qi Yaoyao who muttered, “My ge is sick ne. If you’re so worried, then you go out and lend a hand.”

Yan Zhe’s face immediately became stiff. He was an ordinary person. He had no ability and didn’t even know how to use a gun, so how could he kill zombies?

“Pft.” Shao Zhenglan couldn’t resist laughing. She didn’t like Qi Jingchen, but her impression of Yan Zhe wasn’t any better. Now, looking at their behaviour, she couldn’t help feeling that it was laughable. Nie Yi’s taste was really unusual!

Yan Zhe lowered his head but actually couldn’t resist clenching his teeth. Nie Yi’s feelings for him before couldn’t be fake. Nie Yi was strict towards people, but he was completely different towards him. Furthermore, as long as something happened to him, Nie Yi would still rush over even if he was busy… He truly did not like men, but during the apocalypse, Nie Yi had saved him. He was already considering accepting Nie Yi. Why was there suddenly a person like this popping up?

Comparing Nie Yi’s attitude towards him and this person, Yan Zhe only felt that his face was completely thrown away!

Even though he was angry, Yan Zhe still went to wash the dishes and packed it up. Before when he did this, Nie Yi would help, though the end, it was Nie Yi’s bodyguards who did it. But now no one even paid attention to him…

Nie Yi left for less than half an hour and returned. When he came back, he was holding a plastic bag. In the full and bulging bag was a lot of vegetables.

“I took some lettuce, two luffas and some eggplants from the balcony of a house, how do you want to eat it? Do you want to eat some rice?” Nie Yi entered the apartment, saw that Qi Jingchen was still laying in his original position, and his eyes became warm.

“Boiled.” Qi Jingchen opened his eyes at long last.

“I’ll immediately boil it for you,” Nie Yi promptly said. He first took the lettuce to wash it clean, then used his ability to boil water. After blanching the lettuce, he brought it to Qi Jingchen.

Qi Jingchen accepted this lettuce well and finally didn’t reject it, slowly eating. At this moment, he felt that living wasn’t too bad.

But sooner or later, there will be a day when all the plants were inedible… Thinking of this, he once again felt that it was all meaningless.

“Do you want to put any salt? Should I saute the others?” Nie Yi didn’t know how to cook. After all, he was a young master before the apocalypse, and there weren’t any ingredients for him to practice with during the apocalypse. But if Qi Jingchen wanted to eat good food, he could learn to do it.

“No need,” Qi Jingchen bluntly refused. In his last life, he discovered that he preferred food that was pure and natural, with nothing added.

Qi Jingchen didn’t say a word of thanks, and didn’t even smile when he spoke, but Nie Yi couldn’t restrain the smile on his face when he saw him eating.

The behaviour of his Jingchen eating was really good-looking… He must work harder to get more fresh vegetables, raising Qi Jingchen to be healthy.

Also, meat…

“Jingchen, do you eat meat?” Nie Yi asked while throwing the eggplant and luffa into the water.

“Fresh ones,” Qi Jingchen immediately replied. Of course he ate meat, but it must be fresh.

“I’ll help you find some later!”

“Are you very free?” Qi Jingchen stuffed the luffa Nie Yi had just cooked into his mouth, and unexpectedly said, “If you’re free, you could rescue the people of the district; the more the merrier.”

The more indeed was the merrier. For a person who had experienced the late stages of the apocalypse, Nie Yi also liked having more living people around him. But if there were many people, someone would come and snatch Qi Jingchen!

After he and Qi Jingchen established a base in their last life, Qi Jingchen’s attention was often placed on other people…

Wait a second, the current Qi Jingchen was already not the same.

Qi Jingchen was now too lazy to even walk, so he simply didn’t need to worry about Qi Jingchen caring about other people. The more important thing was, he really needed the manpower…

As for the people who were still at home, they may be a group of useless people… but at the start of the apocalypse, weren’t most people useless? Properly training them would do.

“I’ll go at once, you get some sleep first,” Nie Yi swiftly said.

Qi Jingchen shoved the last bite of eggplant into his mouth, laid down and didn’t move anymore. He had starved for half a month, so now he was really weak.

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