Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 11 - Saving People

Chapter 11 - Saving People

Seeing Qi Jingchen lying down, Nie Yi’s momentum changed at once. This time, he didn’t head out alone. Instead, he looked at Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai. “I’m going out to save people, are you guys coming or not?”

Shao Zhenglan was taken aback, but quickly said, “I’m coming.”

Jiang Huai didn’t say anything, but nevertheless took the knife that he had gotten used to using for the past few days.

After instructing the two bodyguards and Ping Shengchao to take care of Qi Jingchen once more, Nie Yi then left with Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai.

The bodyguards had already cleared up this building, so the three of them went to the building next door. At this time, Shao Zhenglan couldn’t hold back and said, “Nie Yi, saving people is not a problem, but if your little lover still has other demands, then forgive me for not accompanying! I’m in a hurry to return to B city, so it’s impossible for me to act as a nanny towards a group of cowards who only know how to stay at home and wait for help just for the liveliness!” They weren’t cold blooded people. While they were journeying up north, they rescued people who were in dire straits if they had the ability to do so, but wouldn’t let them follow along. But now… who knew whether Nie Yi would act as a saint for that man?

Nie Yi coldly looked at her.

“What? Don’t tell me I said something wrong? It’s your business if you want to hold up that fellow up with both of your hands. I have no obligations to help you amuse such a man!” Shao Zhenglan continued.

“If you feel dissatisfied and want to leave right now, you can. But if you want to follow me, then it’s best if you obey me!” Nie Yi abruptly said, then with no warning, he grabbed Shao Zhenglan’s arm, and threw her out.

“Chief Nie!” Jiang Huai was startled.

“Jiang Huai, if you want to leave then it’s the same. If you want to stay, then you have to obey me!” Nie Yi straightforwardly said.

His two bodyguards were left behind by his grandfather, and they were absolutely loyal, with no families. There was no need to say anything about Ping Shengchao; if he said to go west then Ping Shengchao would never go east.

These three had died early on in his last life because of him, so he had a sufficient amount of trust towards them, but it wasn’t the same for Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai. Shao Zhenglan had always treated herself as his equal, while Jiang Huai… Jiang Huai was his subordinate, but he liked Shao Zhenglan.

In his last life, after Shao Zhenglan died, Jiang Huai became a little muddle-headed, and started to be careless towards a lot of matters. When he thought he was going to die, he handed the battle squadron over to Jiang Huai and Yan Zhe, and Jiang Huai also appeared as if he didn’t care. Finally, the entire battle squadron fell into Yan Zhe’s hands, and allowed Yan Zhe to easily scheme an assassination.

Nie Yi was unlikely to go as far as to have complaints about Jiang Huai over this, but he would have to reevaluate Jiang Huai’s worth.

“Chief Nie, I won’t leave,”Jiang Huai promptly said. Nie Yi had helped him before, so he would definitely follow Nie Yi.

“Nie Yi, you’ve gone crazy!” Shao Zhenglan, however, angrily got up from the floor, and rushed towards Nie Yi while yelling.

“My team doesn’t need people who go against me,” Nie Yi said. His ability struck against the door of this building’s ground floor. In the next second, the lock was thoroughly devastated, and three zombies howled while running out of the apartment.

Shao Zhenglan jumped in fright and was about to attack when three fireballs suddenly appeared on Nie Yi’s hand, which then sank into the three zombies’ faces.

These three fireballs were extremely small, so much that each were only the size of a fingernail, but it was these three fireballs that had unexpectedly killed the three zombies on the spot, at the exact same time.

Shao Zhenglan’s expression instantly changed. Even though there were ability users now, they didn’t actually have that big of an effect. Furthermore, with a moment’s inattention, they could even completely use up their abilities.

Over the course of their whole journey, their main support was actually all kinds of weapons and not abilities, but now…

Nie Yi looked at Shao Zhenglan once again. “Right now, it’s you that needs me, not me who needs you.”

Meeting Nie Yi’s gaze, Shao Zhenglan suddenly felt that her entire body was cold. She wanted to ask Nie Yi why he had used so much of his abilities today but still could continue using it and why he could control his ability so precisely, but in the end, she didn’t dare ask a single thing.

She even thought of being stubborn and saying that she would leave immediately, but finally still restrained herself.

In fact, Shao Zhenglan also knew that if there wasn’t Nie Yi, going to B city alone was very difficult— Even though she was an ability user, when it comes to fighting strength, she probably couldn’t even compare to the bodyguards by Nie Yi’s side. After all, their marksmanship was really good.

“When I’m in your team, I’ll listen to you,” Shao Zhenglan finally said.

“In that case, I hope you’re very clear about this matter. Everyone in the team has to listen to me, but the most important person in the team is Qi Jingchen,” Nie Yi said.

“Are you really Nie Yi?” Shao Zhenglan’s face was full of disbelief. Disregarding the fact that Nie Yi was strong and well-developed, his mind was also remarkable, so how could he view others as more important than him?

“During summer vacation, when you were seven, because your parents didn’t let you go swimming alone and didn’t have time to accompany you to go, you secretly ran off to swim, and in order to not let people discover you, you even…”

“Okay! You’re Nie Yi!” Shao Zhenglan immediately said, cutting him off. That was definitely her dark history. At that time when she had secretly slipped away, don’t even mention swimming clothes, she didn’t even bring spare underwear. Because she didn’t want her family to discover she went swimming, she then… stripped naked.

As a result, when she was fluttering in the water happily, Nie Yi came…

Nie Yi glanced at her, then went upstairs.

Following after that, it was practically Nie Yi’s one man show. With Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai, he rescued all the remaining survivors in the district.

Even though Nie Yi was very strong at the beginning of the apocalypse, he wasn’t the strongest. Truthfully, his ability’s capacity was not that different from other people, but they’re incomparable to the fact that he comprehended the cultivation method, could very quickly restore his abilities, and could even use spiritual strength.

By the time the apocalypse reached its middle stage, everyone would learn that, within the ability users of the same level, the stronger their spiritual strength, the stronger their actual strength was.

Like now, in truth, Shao Zhenglan’s ability’s capacity wasn’t too different from him, but Shao Zhenglan didn’t know how to control it, so she’s absolutely unable to defeat him.

Almost half the people in this community had become zombies, and people had left one after another, or died in their homes. Now, there was only about slightly more than a hundred residents left. These people, on the whole, were all like Qi Yaoyao- with extremely poor psychological conditions, and their bodies were also very weak.

No matter if it was men, women, young and old, all of them were shivering while fearfully looking around their surroundings. It was only when they were looking at Nie Yi that their eyes sparkled with brilliance.

Just now, Nie Yi had shown an ample amount of formidable strength, making them feel worshipful towards Nie Yi.

Nie Yi looked at these people, and his lips hooked upwards.

After Nie Yi went out, Yan Zhe then spoke to Ping Shengchao.

For the sake of Nie Yi, Ping Shengchao used to treat Yan Zhe pretty well. But now, under the circumstances of Nie Yi’s sudden change, it made him a bit more prudent when he was in contact with Yan Zhe.

After his father was sent to jail, his life had experienced great changes. Those experiences had doomed him to be unable to be the hedonistic son that he pretended to be.

Yan Zhe was sensitive towards a person’s state of mind, so he very quickly discovered this bit. His mood became worse, but he still spoke according to what he had planned. “After the people of this district have been saved, could it be that they’ll follow us? A crowd of people gathered together will definitely attract a lot of zombies. So when that time comes, we’ll also be in a lot of danger ba?”

Ping Shengchao’s opinion was actually the same as Yan Zhe’s, and he glanced at Qi Jingchen in dissatisfaction, but still said, “I listen to boss.”

Ping Shengchao had always taken Yan Zhe by his words previously, and those two bodyguards didn’t need to be mentioned. In the end, Yan Zhe still gave up on this topic, planning to play it by ear.

Qi Jingchen didn’t need him to say much as he was already annoying enough, so now, he only had to wait to watch him run out of luck.

Nie Yi didn’t take long before returning. Not only did he return, he had even brought back a bag of vegetables for Qi Jingchen, as well as two pigeons.

“Right now we’re in the city, there are not many things to eat. Wait until we’ve reached the countryside, I’ll look for more things for you again,” Nie Yi tenderly said. Then he skillfully began to kill the bird. After it was killed, he put it into a pot that was filled with hot water to blanch and very quickly began to pluck its feathers.

“Senior, let me do it ba.” Yan Zhe approached, wanting to grab the work.

“I won’t eat the food he makes.” Qi Jingchen suddenly opened his eyes and coldly spoke, doing his utmost on pulling aggro.

“Alright, alright. Later on, whatever you want to eat, I’ll make it all.” Nie Yi smiled while coaxing him. It was best if Qi Jingchen only ate food he made. This way, he’ll be inseparable from him… So, he had better go find some cookbooks to take a look at? Even if Qi Jingchen probably could only eat boiled food, there should still be a lot of recipes.

“I want it cooked using abilities,” Qi Jingchen said.

“I’ll use my ability to cook for you to eat,” Nie Yi replied. Using abilities often would make it easier to advance a level, so Jingchen must be reminding him to train more.

“Still not getting a move on?” Qi Jingchen’s eyebrows rose. Probably because he had eaten a meal of vegetables, he now felt a lot better, and also had the energy to be fussy.

When Qi Jingchen was being fussy, he finally had a bit of liveliness. When he saw this, Nie Yi’s eyes immediately exposed a cheerful expression, and he obediently used his ability to start stewing soup. Of course, considering that there wasn’t enough time, he didn’t really slowly stew, but rather put the two pigeons into the pressure cooker to heat up.

“Can you eat these?” Nie Yi asked, then took out a paper box from the side. In it was packets of properly wrapped mixed grains.

Now, some people would put some grain crops besides rice and wheat in their homes. Usually when they were cooking rice, they would add some grains in, so Nie Yi had found some.

“Let me smell it,” Qi Jingchen said.

Nie Yi quickly put a few packets in front of Qi Jingchen, who was lying down. Qi Jingchen sniffed it, then said, “Can eat.”

Nie Yi cheerfully used another high pressure cooker to cook some millet congee, both hands separately controlling a ball of ability.

For spiritual strength and ability to be released at the same time, even though the flame didn’t need to be so strong, for the current him, it was a little overwhelming. Not even a while later, Nie Yi’s face started sweating, at the same time, the fog-like ability in his mind was spinning faster and faster…

“Senior!” Yan Zhe called out anxiously and took out a wet towel to help Nie Yi wipe away his sweat.

But the next second, Nie Yi opened his eyes and coldly said, “Back off. Don’t touch me.”

Yan Zhe’s eyes abruptly widened. Even though Nie Yi’s attitude towards him had changed a lot in these few days, he had never been this merciless!

“Hehe.” Qi Jingchen let out two syllables with a blank face, continuing to pull aggro.

Yan Zhe’s face that was already getting paler became even paler.

Qi Yaoyao silently watched all of this, and actually sighed a breath of relief, her ge was really, really awesome! It was… it was a little like a cannon fodder...

The pigeon soup and millet congee were done at about the same time. Nie Yi then poured them into two separate lunchboxes and brought it to Qi Jingchen. Qi Jingchen said, “The soup is too scalding and the weather is too hot. I want to go outside for some breeze, get some cool air while eating.”

Right now, the sun had already set. Since there was no air conditioning, then going downstairs to get some air was the best alternative.

“……” Ping Shengchao didn’t know what to say to Qi Jingchen already. He believed himself to be an emperor ah, wanting people to serve him as if it was a matter of course!

But Nie Yi was happy to serve him.

“I’ll carry you down.” Nie Yi instantaneously carried up Qi Jingchen, then instructed Qi Yaoyao and Ping Shengchao, “You both bring down the food and cushion, find a place to put it well.”

Ping Shengchao picked up the sofa cushion and went downstairs, then he found a clean piece of lawn to arrange it. It took a good while for Nie Yi to come downstairs.

“Jingchen, you’re this thin, you should eat some more.” Nie Yi walked steadily, and also very slowly. When they arrived, he was unwilling to put Qi Jingchen down. Instead, he kneaded Qi Jingchen’s thighs and butt, speaking with deep concern.

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Really worthy of being the BOSS, to be this unperturbed while his tofu was being eaten!

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