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Chapter 13 - Suspicions

Chapter 13 - Suspicions

Qi Yaoyao went to kill zombies.

As a fourteen year old girl, she had never fought anyone, yet now she had to kill zombies…

Even though she was incited by Nie Yi to rush out, once Qi Yaoyao really arrived at the earthen perimeter wall, she felt a bit timid. She even couldn’t help thinking, since Nie Yi was always fawning over her brother, then even if she did nothing, Nie Yi probably wouldn’t really not take her along…

You should know, her ge had always loved her dearly!

Yes ah, her ge had always loved her dearly… now her ge was ill, so shouldn’t she be a bit more courageous?

Qi Yaoyao had turned over a lot of thoughts in her heart, and then saw a woman who was in her sixties, almost the same age as her parents, in front of her, bashing a zombie with a chair.

Even though Qi Yaoyao wasn’t very old, she wasn’t short, and she wasn’t as bad as… as being weaker than an elderly lady!

Qi Yaoyao was also holding a weapon, a modified hammer given to her just now by the bodyguard beside Nie Yi.

Nie Yi and his team had modified a good deal of handy long-handled weapons, such as lengthening the handle of a hammer or a kitchen knife. Yan Zhe was using this kind of weapon, and now Qi Yaoyao was also using it.

These specially remodeled weapons were much more effective than the ones other people had taken from their homes. Qi Yaoyao stood at a distance, and first tried to smash a few already dead zombies at the side with the hammer. Then, she moved closer to Xu Nan’s side, and when Xu Nan was killing the zombies, she snagged a couple of hits.

She knew her own capabilities, and thus didn’t dare to directly face a zombie. In the end, she picked someone who looked the most powerful to tag after.

Qi Yaoyao’s face was still juvenile, and Xu Nan himself also had a daughter, so naturally he was a bit more considerate, which had actually let Qi Yaoyao be more confident as she fought.

Qi Yaoyao slowly adapted, but it turned out the opposite for Yan Zhe.

He had wanted to ask Nie Yi why he made him kill zombies, but later thought of displaying himself in front of Nie Yi. Only then did he actually go on the field to kill zombies.

Nie Yi had always liked capable people, and he just couldn’t believe that, between him and Qi Jingchen, Nie Yi would choose the good-for-nothing Qi Jingchen.

As a result… Just as he cooperated with other people and beat a zombie to death, he turned his head and unexpectedly saw Nie Yi by Qi Jingchen’s side, tenderly washing Qi Jingchen’s hands, and had even given Qi Jingchen, who was lying on the deck chair, a gaze that had the shadow of a smile.

Yan Zhe’s mind stagnated, and the situation where his plan had completely fallen through made it extremely hard to bear. And precisely during this small moment’s time, the hole where he had just killed a zombie, had another crawling out…

“You’re looking to die, being absent-minded on the battlefield!” The person at the side shoved Yan Zhe.

When Yan Zhe turned his head, he was frightened by the zombie that had already stretched in the greater half of its body. He hastily retreated, and as a result he tripped over the corpse of a zombie, and nearly fell down.

Nie Yi wanted subordinates, and didn’t want them to die, so the difficulty he had set up wasn’t high at all. And Shao Zhenglan was watching from the side, just to guarantee that nothing would happen to them.

Under these circumstances, even though Yan Zhe’s mind had wandered, he still wouldn’t lose his life, but being subjected to terror was definite, and it had even thoroughly frightened off the courage he had summoned…

Instead, it was this scene that Nie Yi had seen. He saw Yan Zhe’s sorry figure with a face filled with fright, and couldn’t help laughing at himself mockingly. In his last life, he had really treated Yan Zhe well, protecting Yan Zhe from beginning to end, and had never let him endure any injuries. In the battle squadron he had set up, he had made Yan Zhe the logistics head that not only wouldn’t be endangered, but would also control the entire battle squadron’s supplies. As a result, Yan Zhe had believed he would die, and unexpectedly betrayed him just like that…

“Heart hurts?” Qi Jingchen had eaten and drank to his heart’s content, and lazily asked him.

“How could I? I swear, ever since I’ve known you, my heart only has you alone.” Nie Yi seized the opportunity to say this. Not long after they first met in their last life, Qi Jingchen had awakened, and later got stronger and stronger. However, Qi Jingchen of that time also would have never allowed Nie Yi touch him at will. Naturally, he could only repress his own feelings; even as Qi Jingchen’s closest person, he still did not dare speak as he wished.

But it wasn’t the same now…

“Boring,” Qi Jingchen said. Everyone would die sooner or later, so what’s the point in saying all this?

Qi Jingchen spoke with no trace of politeness, but Nie Yi only felt over the moon.

Qi Jingchen said that it was ‘boring’, yet didn’t say other words of rejection. Suffice to say, it was proof that Qi Jingchen also had some feelings for him. As for Qi Jingchen’s current state…

If it wasn’t for Qi Jingchen, after experiencing that kind of despair, Nie Yi feared that he would also feel that living had no meaning.

What revenge that was to be had was already done in their last life, since everyone would ultimately die in the end, why still live through the hardships? It was better to just end himself early on.

Of course, although he said this, he absolutely would not let Qi Jingchen die!

If he continued this subject, it was possible that Qi Jingchen would be upset… Nie Yi then beamingly brought up other topics. “My water ability had originally awakened after eating a blade of grass, so right now there isn’t even the first signs of awakening.”

Nie Yi was very clear, regardless of how people viewed Qi Jingchen, that Qi Jingchen himself was never a bad person. In addition, Qi Jingchen knew that he would awaken to a water ability, so how could he ignore him because he had no water ability? So those mocking words from before were only a reminder.

In the final analysis of abilities, it was an energy that suddenly existed in the body. Having just one of this sort of energy could possibly have problems arise because of the inability to use it properly, so there’s no need to say any more about having two energies.

In addition, the theory that fire and water were incompatible was also reasonable… When Nie Yi had first abruptly awakened to a water ability, he often had a splitting headache, and the ability riot was also especially violent.

Even though he later learnt the method to cultivate abilities, having two completely different abilities in his body had brought Nie Yi no small amount of inconvenience. Fortunately, he later found a way to solve it, and had even cultivated his own unique skills.

The importance of a water ability user during the later stages of the apocalypse was self-evident; moreover, he was already used to two abilities, so he absolutely wouldn’t give up this ability. As it happened, he also started cultivating at an earlier date, and had strengthened his fire ability… Right now, he really needed to carefully think it over.

“Oh, that grass is truly awesome,” Qi Jingchen said.

During the beginning of the apocalypse, in addition to humans getting unexpected and various energies to possess abilities, there were also a few animals and plants that also had received this energy, and they were called mutated plants or mutated animals.

Mutated animals were similar to human ability users, as for mutated plants… there had been many occurrences where ordinary people had eaten a mutated plant and obtained an ability, but they were all ordinary people, and the abilities they possessed were generally really weak.

For an ability user to eat a mutated plant of different attribute would only make themselves suffer, as the energy of the mutated plant and the energy within their body would give rise to conflict. That Nie Yi was able to eat a water ability mutated plant and obtain an ability, there was only one possibility, which was that within his body, it already had this energy.

“I know how to cultivate abilities, but to awaken abilities… was this not understandable?” Nie Yi helplessly said. In their last life, it had already been half a year later when he had eaten that grass. At this moment, that grass definitely hadn’t even grown yet, so it was useless to keep thinking about it.

“There are mosquitos. I want to go upstairs.” Qi Jingchen said.

“I’ll carry you up.” Nie Yi picked up Qi Jingchen, then looked at Shao Zhenglan. “Shao Zhenglan, block the gate!”

Shao Zhenglan heard him, and immediately used her ability to construct another layer of intact earthen wall over the original earthen wall, and once again those zombies were blocked outside.

This time, she had wanted to imitate Nie Yi and carefully use her ability, but in the end she had carelessly overused her strength, unexpectedly piled the earthen wall a little too high, and had even depleted her ability…

The feeling of ability depletion had nearly given Shao Zhenglan a fit of discomfort, but she steadied her figure, and hadn’t exposed it the slightest bit, instead giving off an appearance as if this was just a cheap trick.

The people who had killed zombies were all trapped in their homes for a very long time, even Xu Nan, who had previously often worked out. At this moment, they had no strength at all. After they finally didn’t have to continue confronting zombies, they nearly collapsed on the ground, paralysed.

Of course, they didn’t really collapse onto the ground, as the battle just now had already made the ground into a complete mess.

Every one of them was exhausted. Even if there were people who couldn’t help running away just now, at this moment, everyone who had persevered to the end, felt a little exhilarated for some reason.

Zombies actually weren’t that scary?

Qi Yaoyao was currently both excited and exhausted. Before, when she was killing zombies, she had often felt that she would topple over, would be unable to endure. However, she finally persevered to the end.

Ge.” Qi Yaoyao dragged her weapon behind her as she walked to Qi Jingchen, her pair of eyes shining brightly.

“Go back and shower, have a good sleep,” Qi Jingchen said. He couldn’t shelter Qi Yaoyao from rain and wind forever, so Qi Yaoyao with her current attitude was very good. In any case, with him here, there wouldn’t be any issues.

Qi Jingchen had previously spoken very little, his entire appearance was also seemingly very lifeless. It had always made Qi Yaoyao somewhat uncertain in her heart, so now that she saw that her brother was talking to her properly, her mood instantly became much better, smiling until even her eyes were bending.

Nie Yi immediately glared at Qi Yaoyao.

Qi Yaoyao shrunk her neck and didn’t dare to speak any more— even though she had followed Xu Nan and killed a few zombies, she was still completely incomparable to Nie Yi.

Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen up the stairs, Qi Yaoyao followed behind him, while Nie Yi’s two bodyguards and Ping Shengchao were downstairs cleaning up the mess.

The evening was summer’s sunset, yet there already wasn’t much illumination at this time. Ping Shengchao thus started a car, turned on the headlights, then borrowed the light to dispose of those zombie corpses.

“Ping Shengchao!” Yan Zhe walked over with a pale face. Previously, he couldn’t hold on to the end and had left in advance, then couldn’t stop himself from throwing up into the shrubbery until the sky had darkened.

He had thought that someone would come and ask whether he was unwell, but no one had at all.

“Something the matter?” Ping Shengchao asked.

“Ping Shengchao, do you feel that Nie Yi’s change is too big? Do you think it’s possible that he had transmigrated or was possessed?” Yan Zhe closely stared at Ping Shengchao. “It’s like he changed into another person!”

Ping Shengchao couldn’t resist wrinkling his brows.

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