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Chapter 12 - Training

Chapter 12 - Training

Nie Yi reluctantly placed Qi Jingchen on the sofa cushion and asked, “Do you want me to feed you?”

“No,” Qi Jingchen acted as if he was burning the bridge after crossing the river, tossing him aside after he was used. “You can go.”

“……” Qi Yaoyao couldn’t restrain herself from shrinking her neck. Her ge was really too unbridled…

Nie Yi didn’t mind Qi Jingchen’s unbridled manners one bit, and still had a face filled with tenderness. “You enjoy your meal, eat some more.”

Seeing that it was inconvenient for Qi Jingchen to eat while lying down, he then looked at the bodyguard behind him. “Go find a deck chair, and also two cushions.”

The bodyguard swiftly left, and at this time, among the people that Nie Yi had saved, a few bravely walked over. One was a young man in his thirties. His complexion was surprisingly quite good, and he was the first to open his mouth. “This… You… Hello, my name is Xu Nan, can we follow you when you leave?”

“You want to leave with us?” Nie Yi looked over. Actually, even if Qi Jingchen hadn’t asked to go downstairs, he would have come down anyways. He still needed to find a way to ‘settle’ these people…

Qi Jingchen wanting to come down was in fact to watch a good show ba?

“Yes, the more people the stronger. I’m an experienced traveller, so I have a lot of knowledge on outdoor survival. The others also have different skills……” The more Xu Nan talked, the smoother he spoke. He had been planning a camping activity just before the apocalypse arrived, intending to bring his wife and daughter to the wilds to play for two days, thus bought a lot of things. It was these things that enabled him and his family to pass this half a month relatively well.

It’s just that his car didn’t have much gas, and they discovered that there were a lot of zombies, so they dare not leave the community hastily. As for the troops that had passed through this district or stayed at this district for a night, they actually had also contacted them, but they weren’t welcoming to Xu Nan who was burdened with family.

This troop member had taken the initiative to rescue them, so he should be willing to assist them?

“I can bring you guys along,” Nie Yi said.

“Senior!” Yan Zhe had followed Nie Yi down. The eager attentiveness Nie Yi had for Qi Jingchen already made him extremely uneasy, but he never thought that Nie Yi would actually want to bring along this many people!

“What?” Nie Yi turned his head and asked.

What else? A lot of people would draw even more zombies, and when that time came, everyone would be in danger!

Yan Zhe didn’t want to appear rejecting towards these people. After all, this was a thankless matter, but he felt that Nie Yi should have understood his meaning.

However, Nie Yi, against all reason, didn’t understand. Instead, he said, “If it’s nothing, then fine. You come over, the following matter also relates to you.”

Yan Zhe went over, perplexed, then saw Nie Yi call over all the people he had rescued and say, “There’s no problem for anyone to join my troops, but you must first prove your own worth.”

“What worth? Then what about children?” Xu Nan immediately asked.

“I’m not an altruistic person, so it’s impossible for me to stake my life to protect you all. With this many people, I’m unable to protect all of you. So if you wish to follow me when I leave, then you must understand the dangers you’ll face, and will have to kill zombies.” Nie Yi said, “Of course, you can also choose not to join me. According to my speculation, in a few days, there’ll be military troops coming to the hospital over there to collect medicine and medical equipment, so the people who stay behind can wait for the military to come and leave with them.”

The things that Qi Jingchen could deduce, naturally Nie Yi could also deduce.

Medical equipment and medicine were all very precious. After he arrived in B city’s secured base in his last life, he wasn’t lacking in things he had obtained when he had ransacked pharmacies and clinics— the military wouldn’t clear out the things in these small places, so as long as they went early enough, they would gain a killing of medicinal supplies.

Nie Yi looked around, and saw that many had faces of indecision, and said, “As for those people without fighting ability such as the elderly and children, if you’re alone, I recommend staying behind to wait for the military’s assistance. If there’s someone by your side who possesses fighting abilities, then you can join us. However, how you get by would depend on the performance of the person who represents your fighting strength.”

“I’m going with you!” Xu Nan promptly said. Perhaps the military would really come, but no one knew when they’d come, so he still wanted to go with this group of people before him.

The other young people present also expressed that they wanted to go with Nie Yi. Among them, there were actually a few that didn’t want to go kill zombies, but they carried unrealistic hopes, believing that even if they really ran into zombies on the journey, it wasn’t necessarily required that they needed to go kill them— Wasn’t this Nie Yi very amazing? He, alone, could settle a lot of zombies already!

“Since you all have decided, in that case I’ll first train you.” Nie Yi smiled while speaking. He made all the adults who wanted to follow stand over, then had their family members stand at the side, and made all those people who wanted to wait here for the army to rescue them return to their respective homes.

After doing all this, Nie Yi then brought the people who wanted to follow him to the district’s gate.

This neighborhood was the type that was closed off, with a perimeter fence. After they came in, Nie Yi had made Shao Zhenglan use her earth ability to block up the gate for security reasons— the current zombies weren’t that terrible, so by doing this, they didn’t need to worry about a zombie breaking through.

And because there were still lots of people trapped in this city, there weren’t many zombies that would loiter outside the earthen wall.

Nie Yi knew this, so after he brought these people near the gate, he sent out a few small fireballs, opening a few holes that would allow a head through on Shao Zhenglan’s earthen wall, and had even let out a few noises to attract zombies.

Not long after, a few zombies had extended their heads through the holes, then bared their teeth toward the people inside.

These zombies’ appearance could be said to be scary, the eyes that had long lost any sentiment now only had the longing for flesh. The thirty plus people who had never experienced the real apocalypse were immediately frightened, and two people had even screamed and fled back where they came from, stating that they wanted to stay behind to wait for military assistance and won’t follow them.

Nie Yi didn’t stop those two people, and only stated to the remaining people, “The time to prove that you can kill zombies has come. The ones who want to stay in my troops, go kill a zombie.”

These zombies were stuck at the wall with only a head exposed, and they looked a little like the game whack-a-mole. Killing them was very easy, but zombies were formerly also people, and now they still looked similar to humans, therefore, a lot of people couldn’t kill them at all.

Nie Yi wasn’t angry when he noticed this, only quietly watching these people. In the end, it was once again Xu Nan who went up first, then used a massive military engineer shovel that he had always carried around to shatter a zombie’s skull.

“Push him out.” Nie Yi watched this scene and spoke up.

Xu Nan used the shovel to push out the zombie’s head that was entirely flattened, and very quickly, a new zombie extended his head through this hole, then drooled at them.

With Xu Nan as a demonstration, the remaining people then dared to follow after and do it. These people were both women and men. A few people didn’t have weapons at hand, but each of them still thought of a way to whack a mole, ah no, kill a zombie.

Among them was a girl who was initially terrified to the point that her legs could barely work, but later, she suddenly erupted, crying as she smashed the zombie head she picked out into a pulp.

“There’s only you left.” After they killed the zombies, Nie Yi then looked at Yan Zhe.

“Me?” Yan Zhe couldn’t react at all, could it be that he also has to go kill zombies?

“If not you, then who?” Nie Yi looked at Yan Zhe with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Nie Yi was actually making him kill zombies? Obviously when the apocalypse just started, Nie Yi had said he would definitely protect him well… Could it be that since he had always rejected him in the past and made him unhappy, he wanted to teach him a lesson? Yan Zhe didn’t want to kill zombies, but now the people around him were all looking at him… Clenching his jaw, he ended up, like what a lot of people had done before, borrowing the shovel from Xu Nan, then smashed a zombie to death.

“Your performance is still all right, but it’s not enough. Now the apocalypse has already arrived and the zombies will increase. If we want to survive, then we must kill zombies, and zombies honestly aren’t that scary…” Nie Yi slowly explained, referencing the various speeches the radio had often made during the beginning period of the apocalypse.

The bodyguard had already brought a deckchair over, and in passing, brought over a bolster. Qi Jingchen was currently lying down on it, gnawing on the pigeon’s meat while watching Nie Yi talk to those people, feeling that it was rather familiar.

Nie Yi had often delivered this sort of speech to the people under their leadership in their last life. Even though it was unlikely that everyone believed it, it couldn’t be denied that the people who had heard this speech would always get hot-blooded.

After saying some motivational words, Nie Yi then said, “The ones who survive can only do so with real strength. What you all lack is precisely this, so next, you can use ten minutes to find yourself a weapon. Then, I’ll let you and the zombies carry out a genuine fight. Of course, if you feel scared, then you can leave at any time.”

Probably because the zombies had only exposed their heads, and at present didn’t pose any danger, no one left. Soon, everyone had found a weapon.

The weapon was a chair, a frying pan or kitchen knife, a myriad of things, but all of them could hurt or injure.

“Begin,” Nie Yi said. He once again threw out several fireballs. Afterwards, the originally small holes enlarged slightly.

In this way, not only could the zombies squeeze their head in, their arms could also be extended, and they could even crawl in. Naturally, because of the narrow space, their crawling speed was relatively slow, and after squeezing in, they would even fall into a tumble.

Immediately, there were people who charged forward to fight it, taking advantage of when the zombies hadn’t come in to smash their heads, but there were also some people who had a face filled with hesitation, choosing to hide at the back.

Nie Yi shot out several fireballs, directly opening a few more holes on the mud wall.

The activity here had already attracted no small amount of zombies. When those holes had just appeared, the zombies that had sniffed out the smell of fresh blood pressed against the holes and started to make their way in.

There was a hole that was quite high, thus the zombies couldn’t make their way in, but they still urgently ‘waved’ towards the inside.

Once the holes increased, relying on the initial manpower to kill zombies weren’t enough anymore. Some gritted their teeth and rushed forward, but there were also quite a few that chose to leave.

Yan Zhe also wanted to leave, but after looking at Nie Yi, he unexpectedly held a wooden stick binded to a kitchen knife and dashed forward.

“Nie Yi!” Qi Jingchen called.

Nie Yi swiftly went to Qi Jingchen’s side. “What happened?”

“Move my seat over there, I can’t see clearly from here.” Qi Jingchen crammed a pigeon’s wing into his mouth, chewing even the bones.

Without raising a single objection, Nie Yi then moved Qi Jingchen over there, where it was very suitable for Qi Jingchen to watch the show.

Now, those zombies had been upgraded from whack-a-mole to ‘Sadako’ who crawled in baring their teeth and brandishing their claws. It was undoubtedly very troublesome for those novices that joined the fight, but Nie Yi wasn’t concerned about them, instead setting his gaze onto Qi Yaoyao. “Are you planning on being a family member with no fighting ability? Have you found someone willing to support you?”

Qi Yaoyao didn’t react for a time. Only after a while did she understand. Nie Yi’s meaning was that if she planned on being useless, even if she followed their group, there would be no one who would take care or support her.

Qi Yaoyao clenched her jaw and abruptly said, “I’ll go kill zombies!”

With the way her brother was right now, she basically couldn’t count on depending on her own brother…

Qi Jingchen didn’t stop Qi Yaoyao. He merely finished the two pigeons, then put his greasy hands in front of Nie Yi.

Nie Yi seized the opportunity to touch it, touching it all over.

“I want you to wash my hands for me!” Qi Jingchen frowned and said loudly.

Nie Yi conscientiously helped Qi Jingchen wash his hands, then Qi Jingchen said, “Why’d you have to lose your water ability? Having to get water just to wash hands, even if you don’t feel annoyed, I do!”

The one who was a fire and water double ability user in their last life, but now had only awakened to the fire ability, Nie Yi, was given the cold shoulder.

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