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Chapter 15 - Roasted Chicken

Chapter 15 - Roasted Chicken

Although they were curious about Qi Jingchen’s identity, those that had made up their minds to join Nie Yi’s team still strived hard to kill zombies.

In the past, Xu Nan used to exercise often, and his eating habits for the past half month were better than other people. He was undoubtedly the most outstanding person in the team. Qi Yaoyao noticed this point, and Yan Zhe also noticed this.

Today, when they were killing zombies, Yan Zhe followed after Xu Nan like Qi Yaoyao, trying his very best to avoid battling the zombies head-on.

Xu Nan didn’t mind a teenage girl with thin arms and legs following behind him to steal some luck, and would even take care of Qi Yaoyao a little, but Yan Zhe…

Yan Zhe, a youngster in his twenties, in spite of everything, still wanted to hide behind him… Of course, Xu Nan was rather unhappy, until he realised everyone was focused on fighting zombies, but Yan Zhe kept throwing looks in the direction of Nie Yi, his impression of Yan Zhe had decreased to the worst level. Once, he backed up and purposely knocked into Yan Zhe to the point that Yan Zhe stumbled away, then said, “Are you actually killing zombies? If you aren’t, then go away, don’t block the way!”

Yan Zhe was admonished like this, and his face was completely black.

Actually, Yan Zhe had a reason for acting like he was working without effort. If he was like other people who suffered through despair, knew that they needed to kill zombies, needed to have enough strength to be able to survive, he definitely would also pick up a weapon, but previously, Nie Yi had protected him too well.

He had originally been protected by the entire team, yet now they wanted him to kill zombies along with those people who they had saved mid-way, so how could he be willing?

“Yan Zhe, why aren’t you moving?” Ping Shengchao looked at Yan Zhe’s manner, and spoke with a stern tone.

Yesterday, when Nie Yi had told him about Yan Zhe’s fishiness, Ping Shengchao was somewhat doubtful, but besides Nie Yi treating Qi Jingchen rather excessively nice and suddenly treating Yan Zhe rather harshly, there really wasn’t anything wrong with Nie Yi in other aspects, and he was still very close to him…precisely because it was like this, he believed Nie Yi almost immediately.

Yan Zhe heard Ping Shengchao’s words, and at that moment, his mind stagnated. For him to be so absent-minded today, in fact was also because of Ping Shengchao. Ping Shengchao’s current attitude had undoubtedly proven that Nie Yi really wasn’t possessed, transmigrated or so on, but if it was like this… why would Nie Yi be this heartless so suddenly?

Could it be that Nie Yi truly felt that that Qi Jingchen was better than him?

Ping Shengchao saw that Yan Zhe didn’t move after he heard his reprimand, furrowed his brows, bluntly had someone specially open a hole, and ordered Yan Zhe to go deal with the zombie in that hole alone.

“What did you say?!” Yan Zhe was both frightened and angered.

“If you don’t get rid of that zombie right now, it’s going to completely crawl through!” Ping Shengchao warned him, and other people had no intention to help.

Yan Zhe actually wanted to walk away from this problem, but if he didn’t follow Nie Yi’s team, where would he go? The apocalypse had dangers everywhere!

Gritting his teeth, Yan Zhe held the modified long-handle knife in his hands and hacked the back of the head of the zombie crawling through. However, he hacked twice in succession, yet only chopped off a tuft of hair from the zombie’s head.

“You fool, you have a knife yet you don’t cut the soft neck and cut the back of the head.” The people watching this from the side were all speechless. Who didn’t know that the back of the head was the hardest? He actually crazily went to use a knife to cut the back of the head&#k2026;

When Yan Zhe heard their words, he was about to cut that zombie’s neck, but unexpectedly, that zombie had already crawled through the hole, then ferociously pounced over to him…

A gun sounded with a ‘bang’. Ping Shengchao who had been paying attention to their activity opened fire and killed that zombie. But even so, that zombie had already fallen down on Yan Zhe.

The zombie pressing down on his body, the split-open brains right on his chest, and the gunshot that resounded by his ears…Frightened, Yan Zhe’s sight went dark.

“Fuck!” Ping Shengchao was dumbfounded. They had already lived in the apocalypse for half a month, but Yan Zhe unexpectedly would still be frightened into passing out by a zombie!

“Let them rest for a while, have a meal.” Nie Yi looked at the people who obviously already had no strength, and finally spoke.

When Shao Zhenglan heard this, she knew her time to show off had come. She used her ability and once again built an earthen barrier.

“Jiang Huai, go inspect Yan Zhe to see if there’s any injuries,” Nie Yi said.

If Yan Zhe was accidentally injured… then that would be such a pity; keeping this person still had some uses ne.

Even though the weather now was extremely, incredibly hot, because of the possibility of turning into a zombie by a careless injury, everyone had covered up completely. Yan Zhe was especially so, therefore, even though a zombie had fallen on him, he had no injuries on his body.

After he became aware of this, Nie Yi was too lazy to care about him. Instead, he went to make Qi Jingchen’s lunch.

In order to allow Qi Jingchen to eat better food, Nie Yi previously had the two bodyguards go out to find food, and they also didn’t let him down. In the end, they had unexpectedly found two chickens from one of the homes in the nearby suburbs.

Stewing soup was more time consuming, so Nie Yi simply used his own ability to directly roast the chicken.

His control over his ability was extraordinarily strong, but he didn’t really understand what temperature it took to roast the chicken, to the extent that the tip of the chicken wings ended up thoroughly burnt.

But even if some places were burnt, without even putting any seasoning, the fragrance of roasted chicken was still very alluring…

At first, Shao Zhenglan was jealous of the fact that Nie Yi was able to use his ability to roast chicken, but later, her gaze couldn’t help floating over to that roasted chicken… Qi Yaoyao smelled the fragrance, and couldn’t resist looking over as well.

However, Nie Yi never had tender, protective feelings towards girls. Two beautiful girls stared at his roasted chicken, but he still only cared for Qi Jingchen, tearing off a small piece of chicken meat to stuff into Qi Jingchen’s mouth.

Qi Jingchen slowly ate half a chicken leg, then said, “I want to drink water.”

Bread, biscuits and so on weren’t easy to swallow, so the bodyguard responsible for cooking today used a tomato and an egg to make a pot of light tomato and egg soup. Hearing that Qi Jingchen wanted to drink water, Nie Yi promptly ladled out a bowl, then carried it to him.

Qi Jingchen drank a mouthful, then tasted a strange odour permeating his mouth. Without even thinking, he directly spat out the mouthful of soup. “Unpleasant!”

“Where is it unpleasant to drink? Obviously it’s very tasty,” Shao Zhenglan lowly muttered.

Tossing him about again? Ping Shengchao looked over and thought about what Nie Yi said yesterday. He increasingly felt that Nie Yi’s words were right.

“This water isn’t clean,” Qi Jingchen said, and didn’t even want to eat the chicken.

“What water was used?” Nie Yi immediately looked at the bodyguard in charge of cooking.

“It’s water stored by a family, but it’s definitely clean.” The bodyguard instantly replied. Even though he found a store selling bottled water, those bottled water were all convenient to bring on the road to use, so now the cooking was with the water someone had previously stored.

“I’m not drinking.” Revulsion filled Qi Jingchen’s face.

Without even thinking, Nie Yi found a bottle of pure, clean water and uncapped it, then fed it to Qi Jingchen’s mouth.

Qi Jingchen actually drank this time. He slowly swallowed it, his Adam’s apple sliding up and down… Nie Yi’s mind wandered, and he poured it a little too fast, to the extent that water rolled down along the corner of Qi Jingchen’s mouth.

The crystal clear water proceeded to slide down to his neck. Qi Jingchen also stopped drinking, directly glaring at Nie Yi.

Just as Yan Zhe woke up, he happened to see Qi Jingchen glaring at Nie Yi.

The first time he saw Qi Jingchen, he had a bad impression of him. After that, he still didn’t give him a proper look until now, where he realised, Qi Jingchen… perhaps wasn’t that bad-looking.

Qi Jingchen’s skin was very pale, his eyes large. Originally, because his entire demeanor was gloomy, this wasn’t very obvious, but when he glared at Nie Yi, his eyes had some luster. It unexpectedly brought some charm, but of course, the one that made Yan Zhe the most stunned was the desiring gaze Nie Yi had given Qi Jingchen.

Yan Zhe was also a man, so obviously he understood what that gaze meant. After he understood, he thought that he had discovered why Nie Yi’s recent attitude had changed.

He knew long ago that Nie Yi liked him, but he didn’t like men and couldn’t accept being together with a man, so he had never responded to Nie Yi’s hints before. Now, Nie Yi probably couldn’t wait anymore!

It was always said that the gay circle was extremely messy. Nie Yi may have had a past relationship with Qi Jingchen before, then was enchanted by Qi Jingchen’s certain skills, only then did he treat Qi Jingchen this well. As for his indifference towards himself…

He had continuously never given Nie Yi a response, so Nie Yi should be mad, therefore treating him coldly and pressuring him to kill zombies, but when he was in actual danger, he still let Ping Shengchao save him.

Nie Yi tossing him about, was just to make him admit defeat and obediently go back and beg him ba?

The more Yan Zhe thought, the more he felt that this was the case. On one hand, he felt that Nie Yi was disgusting, but on the other, he also felt that he ought to go and admit defeat— he really didn’t want to come in contact with zombies anymore!

Closing his eyes to conceal the humiliation within, Yan Zhe made a decision.

Nie Yi didn’t know what Yan Zhe was thinking. He wiped the droplets of water off Qi Jingchen for a moment and in return, received Qi Jingchen’s glare again. He then went to eat the roasted chicken in a perfectly self-satisfied manner.

In truth, he was the same as Qi Jingchen. Before, it had been quite a few years since he had eaten normal food, so now he also felt that the roasted chicken tasted particularly appetizing.

Of course, there was also one small defect in the entire thing. Just now, when he had fed Qi Jingchen chicken, he had actually torn the chicken meat to feed Qi Jingchen and not let Qi Jingchen directly bite it…

If Qi Jingchen had directly bitten it, he could conveniently wipe his mouth, then at the place where Qi Jingchen had bitten, he could also take a few bites…

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