Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 16 - Envy

Chapter 16 - Envy

When Nie Yi and the others had lunch, Xu Nan and the rest had already eaten too.

They had already swept out the whole district beforehand, so the food wasn’t lacking, but to eat well was impossible. Now they only cooked some rice and noodles, then made two dishes. One was packaged pickled mustard stem and egg soup, and the other was sausages stewed with noodles. Of course, besides this, everyone had some snacks to eat. Xu Nan had torn open a packet of quail eggs to eat together with the rice.

A morning had passed, and they were all exhausted. Usually, everyone would have feared that they had no appetite to eat and only wanted to lie down, but now, besides thinking about it, they still stubbornly stuffed a few mouthfuls into their own mouths even if they had no appetite.

“Xiao Xu, can we really follow along with that team?” A middle-aged man in his forties looked at Xu Nan.

“Of course we can. If they hadn’t intended for us to come along, they wouldn’t have trained us like this,” Xu Nan said.

“That’s true.” The middle-aged man nodded, then looked over at the distant Qi Jingchen with some envy. “Don’t know who that person is, always being waited on so comfortably.”

“Maybe it’s a strong ability user,” Xu Nan said.

“It probably is like that. Why don’t we have abilities ne…” The man sighed.

While they were talking, Nie Yi, who had already finished eating, came over. “After eating, go to sleep. At three in the afternoon, I’ll have someone bring you all to that neighbourhood.”

Nie Yi was pointing at the other district nearby. This was the outskirts, with a big park and a large hospital, which had attracted a lot of real estate developers to build houses. Besides the districts being near one another, there was also a large business centre.

If they left at three, they could actually comfortably sleep and rest a while. Xu Nan and the others immediately exposed happy expressions, promptly agreeing.

Nie Yi was also very satisfied with their response. He would only stay for three days, and a three-day period was impossible for these normal people to become incredibly strong fighters. Thus, he decided to let Shao Zhenglan and his two bodyguards bring them to the nearby district to clear out zombies, while he stayed behind to accompany Qi Jingchen.

“I want to go watch them attack zombies,” Qi Jingchen straightforwardly said.

“Attacking zombies isn’t anything fun to look at…” Nie Yi said. When speaking halfway, he met Qi Jingchen’s gaze, then said, “Then I’ll bring you there.”

“Carry me,” Qi Jingchen directly requested.

“Okay!” Nie Yi nodded. Of course he would carry Qi Jingchen; Qi Jingchen’s health still isn’t good ne! Even if Qi Jingchen got better, he should still let him hold him for security. Or else, if he was knocked and bumped around, Nie Yi would definitely be distressed to death!

As a result, when they brought the team to set out in the afternoon, there appeared such a scene— Nie Yi, who was walking ahead of everyone, was unexpectedly carrying a man, and was even princess carrying!

When Xu Nan saw this, he felt like there was something wrong. If this person truly had an amazing ability, then he should… be unwilling to let other people princess carry him ba?

When Yan Zhe saw this, his eyes also flashed. This Qi Jingchen was being carried here and there, and was still calm and composed. He seriously has no sense of shame.

Qi Yaoyao’s gaze also couldn’t help floating over to her brother. At first, she was a little worried that her brother being carried around outside wasn’t proper, but after seeing her brother act like it was very normal, she also felt that it was nothing.

Then, among the group of people going to attack zombies, there appeared someone incompatible with the rest of them, a ‘daye’ who let someone carry them there.

The nearby district was about just as large as the district they were living in. The current survivors staying there weren’t many, and because there was always someone attacking a few zombies once in a while, the number of zombies also wasn’t much.

Under these circumstances, there was basically no need for Nie Yi to come out, but having someone like Nie Yi watching from the sidelines would already ensure everyone’s safety to the highest degree.

Even though Qi Jingchen said he liked liveliness and was eager to be surrounded by more people, his true regard towards these people’s lives was not even worth mentioning. As a person who was used to seeing other people’s life and death, seeing a few people die before his eyes could not be more common. However, while he didn’t care for other people, he still cared for Qi Yaoyao.

Him wanting to come along was also for Qi Yaoyao. After being bitten or scratched by a zombie, according to a person’s different constitution, they would become a zombie within half an hour to a day. In his last life, Qi Yaoyao had already been scratched; who knew whether she would unluckily have an accident this time?

With him around, in any case, he could save Qi Yaoyao within the first moments.

Nie Yi also noticed where Qi Jingchen’s gaze was focused on, and gave Qi Yaoyao a note in his heart. Even though this person seemingly could be remedied, why could she attract Qi Jingchen’s gaze?

Even though the people who came weren’t many, they weren’t very few either. Initially, when they were clearing out the zombies, everyone could work together, but when it came to cleaning out all the rooms, it was necessary to work separately. Nie Yi then roughly separated them into five people per team, then had the two bodyguards, Shengchao, and also Jiang Huai and Shao Zhenglan individually lead them.

These people had all lived through the apocalypse for half a month, and either they had an ability or they knew how to use a gun. With them around, they didn’t have to worry about the safety of those small team members at all.

Yan Zhe was split into Ping Shengchao’s group.

Yan Zhe and Ping Shengchao knew each other for almost three years. He had thought Ping Shengchao would still take care of him a little, but in the end… Ping Shengchao unexpectedly turned a complete blind eye to him.

Yan Zhe internally felt aggrieved but didn’t know that for Ping Shengchao, doing this was already the most restrained outcome— if it weren’t for wanting the other people in the team to learn how to cooperate, Ping Shengchao would have wanted to take Yan Zhe away and put him in a room with a zombie.

As a result, Ping Shengchao didn’t target Yan Zhe,but Yan Zhe targeted Qi Jingchen. After this district was completely cleared up cleanly and saved a few tens of survivors, a rumour started spreading from within the team.

“Do you guys know who that person who’s always being carried?”

“Who is he?”

“I heard he’s Nie Yi’s male pet!”

“There are still male pets at this day and age?”

“Who said there wasn’t? Isn’t that daye one?” After Yan Zhe asked a few matters, everyone started to secretly gossip and spread it about. For a time, the gazes casted on Qi Jingchen had increased by a lot.

Those gazes had dissatisfaction and contempt, but mostly envy. They had so many hardships, why was there someone who could wear clean and white clothes, with someone carrying him, to the point that his feet didn’t come into contact with the floor?

After he discovered that some people were using hostile gazes to look at Qi Jingchen, Nie Yi’s expression became not too good. Contrarily, Qi Jingchen didn’t care the slightest bit. Envy then envy ba, sooner or later they were all dead people. After envying, could it be that they could live for a few more days?

But since he had to live, he obviously wouldn’t treat himself badly.

“I want to eat fish tonight,” Qi Jingchen suddenly said.

“I’ll immediately have them go catch some.” Nie Yi instantly instructed the bodyguard by his side.

Qi Jingchen lightly hummed in response.

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