Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 3 - Tangseng Flesh

Chapter 3 - Tangseng Flesh

WARNING: Please read the warnings written on the synopsis.

Qi Jingchen was sleeping, and very soundly.

For people who have survived for a long time in the apocalypse, they’re afraid to sleep soundly even if they ever slept. At that time, even though Qi Jingchen was very strong, he also needed to be careful and cautious, so naturally he couldn’t get a good sleep. Bur he had already accepted the situation now and had thoroughly relaxed, so he was sleeping especially soundly, to the point that he couldn’t feel his body’s discomfort.

Qi Jingchen felt that it wasn’t much of an issue to die; he was even eager to die a little earlier, but other people definitely wouldn’t think like this.

At least, Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu, who were staying in the same apartment as him, didn’t think like this.

Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu had woken up in the morning to encounter matters that had flipped their lives. They had even personally witnessed a woman who they had seen downstairs holding a child a few days ago, now screaming as she ran out of her home onto the neighborhood’s lawn, followed by a fierce-looking male who tore her apart with his teeth and devoured her, and they were now frightened to the extreme.

And at this time, the Qi Jingchen whom they had always relied on still hadn’t come out of his room, and they didn’t know what on Earth happened to him.

They kept calling their phones, calling their family, calling their friends. If they didn’t get through, they proceeded to another number; if they got through then they would weep together, exchanging news.

Guan Jiayu was still fine. She had gotten through to her family, and after knowing that only her little brother had become a zombie, not only was she not upset, she even felt a little elated. Because of this, even though she was still scared, she was already starting to rationally consider the next step, but Qi Yaoyao was about to collapse, sobbing nonstop.

Qi Yaoyao was conceived when the Qi parents were almost forty. Before that, this couple had hoped for a child, hoping for nearly twenty years, so it was obvious that they would dote on her very much. For Qi Yaoyao, the importance of her parents to her were also doubtless.

But right now, she was calling her parent’s phone, but no one was picking up……

The zombies downstairs were pacing back and forth, and the various kinds of forums and photos on the internet were getting more and more frightful. Everyone was wailing that the apocalypse was here… If it wasn’t for the radio on the television broadcasting to tell the survivors not to get near the zombies, to tell the survivors to stay at home to wait for the rescue announcement, she feared that she would have already passed out a long time ago.

“Jiayu, will we be okay? My parents probably fled, right? They’re definitely fine… and my ge, he’s definitely just sleeping…” Qi Yaoyao cried while repeating herself, then suddenly said, “I want to go see my ge.”

Since Qi Jingchen went to college to study, Qi Yaoyao gradually became unwilling to call him ge, and addressed him by name. But at this moment, under the great changes that the world had gone through, she had forgotten that she wanted to make a fuss, repeatedly calling him ‘ge’.

“You’re crazy! If he had become a zombie, then what would we do?” Guan Jiayu promptly said.

“Wasn’t it said that people who had turned into zombies would crazily want to bite people everywhere? Your parents also said after your little brother became a zombie, he couldn’t recognize anyone and kept pounding against the door to his bedroom… Ge’s bedroom is completely quiet, so maybe he’s just sleeping.” Qi Yaoyao had said all this in an extremely unsure manner. She was frightened too, but if her ge wasn’t here, what should she do? Count on Guan Jiayu?

Guan Jiayu was unable to utter a single sound when she had been bullied, so how could she rely on her?

Guan Jiayu’s mind turned. “Then you go over to check. I’ll wait for you here. If there’s something wrong then you should run back here.” She said while standing at the door of the room where she and Qi Yaoyao stayed in.

The door to Qi Jingchen’s bedroom was locked, but all the keys for the house were kept in the drawer in the living room. Qi Yaoyao took the key, and with trembling hands, she slowly opened the door….

Qi Yaoyao already had a plan to flee at any time, but when the door was opened, there was no sign of movements inside…… She gathered her courage to look inside, only then did she realize that Qi Jingchen was exactly as she had said without thinking, that is, he was sleeping.

Qi Yaoyao had seen the appearance of a zombie when she had leaned out of the window just now, and even though her ge’s face was a little pale, it was obvious that they weren’t the same&#k2026; Qi Yaoyao was instantly put at ease. “Qi Jingchen, Qi Jingchen, how could you still sleep at this time!”

As she spoke, Qi Yaoyao felt extremely wronged and burst into tears.

Qi Jingchen was awakened by the noise.

He had a terrible headache, and his body still had the swollen feeling that was hard to bear, so he totally did not want to move and didn’t have the energy to move. Now Qi Yaoyao was crying intensely at the side, and he only wrinkled his brow, with no intentions to get up, even words he didn’t want to speak.

It was probably because his dark ability was too strong, while he hasn’t awakened he was constantly in extreme agony. In his last life he had endured it with great difficulty for Qi Yaoyao, but now he didn’t want to endure it, and was disinclined to care about Qi Yaoyao.

His capture by those people in his previous reincarnation, along with the torment he had suffered, also had something to do with Qi Yaoyao.

Roughly because he was a dark ability user, zombies didn’t quite ‘adore’ him as much as they do to ordinary people, to the extent that they would ignore his existence, and depending on this point, when the apocalypse began, even though his previous incarnation was weak from head to toe, he still managed to find a good amount of gasoline, and received the opportunity to follow his fellow townsmen back to his hometown.

On the whole journey back, he was constantly dizzy in the car, but when the time came to collect supplies, no matter how unwell he felt, he would still get up to search for food, in order to provide for the two girls.

Except, even though zombies would ignore him to a degree, he still hadn’t awakened, so they would still attack him if he got too close… On the fifth day of the apocalypse, he was scratched by a zombie.

He thought that he would turn into a zombie, so after he brought back the food for his sister, he made an excuse to use the restroom to leave the group. In the end… he suddenly realized the scratch he received from the zombie was healing. Besides feeling a little itchy all over his body, and a little nauseous, he didn’t have any other feelings.

Obviously, he would feel nauseous, his dark ability was much purer than those low-level zombie’s dark energy It would be a wonder if he felt better after being invaded by an inferior dark energy!

But as it was, he didn’t know this at the time and was extremely happy, feeling that he had one more means of survival, but never imagined that in less than a few days, his sister would unexpectedly be scratched by a zombie too!

His sister was terrified, weeping in panic, and he obviously couldn’t bear watching helplessly as his close ones turned into a zombie, so he gave medicine to a dead horse, slicing open his palm to let his sister drink his blood.

His sister became fine.

His dark ability was far purer than the dark energy on a zombie’s body and could thoroughly suppress the dark energy, so for the people who were harmed by zombies, they only had to eat his flesh and wouldn’t have to worry about turning into a zombie.

Not only that, after unharmed people ate his flesh, they would possess immunity against the zombie’s dark matter for a long period of time. Even if they were bitten or scratched, they would be fine.

Just these two effects would drive anyone crazy with desire, but later an ability user discovered that his flesh was particularly effective for ability users— eating his flesh not only could upgrade their abilities but could even reduce the unexplained yet common ability agitation when a level three ability user ascends to level four.

At that time, if the ability agitation wasn’t treated properly, it could cause a person to die!

His flesh has so many benefits, simply said it was the Tangseng flesh everyone madly scrabbled for.

Of course, he was the dark BOSS who would strike terror into anyone with news of him, so for those people eating his flesh, how could they not pay a price?

After he had awakened, he unexpectedly discovered that as long as someone had eaten his flesh, he was in control of their life and death.

No matter how strong he was, a matter like killing half of humanity’s experts over one night was impossible. After all, it wasn’t like those people would stand there and let him kill them. But let’s say that they’ve all eaten his flesh before, then couldn’t he take all their lives with just a thought?

That night, each and every one of humanity’s experts self-destructed under his control, splattering flesh everywhere. Other people didn’t know how those people even died, and only knew how to shriek and shiver.

After that night, some people would break down and flee at the mere sight of him. After all, his methods were simply ‘so mysterious that even gods and spirits could not predict it’.

Qi Yaoyao was still crying, while Qi Jingchen couldn’t help remembering the matters before his rebirth.

At that time, it wasn’t actually Qi Yaoyao who had sold him out, but Qi Yaoyao had nonchalantly told to Guan Jiayu the secret he had concealed with great effort, intending for only the two of them to know this.

Qi Yaoyao being scratched by zombies even had something to do with Guan Jiayu, but in spite of everything, Qi Yaoyao had forgiven Guan Jiayu after Guan Jiayu had cried a few times. So much that under Guan Jiayu’s probing, she had divulged everything.

Qi Jingchen couldn’t say how much he hated his sister. Originally he was indeed disappointed and had despaired, but when he was captured, his sister had also been killed by those people, and even Guan Jiayu couldn’t escape. Even if he wanted to hate them, he had no place to hate.

At this point in time, he wouldn’t even bother wasting his mind and body hating other people, but he also wouldn’t bother protecting his sister……

The city he was in was very big, and it was incredibly near the nation’s largest city and also the political and cultural centre, B city. As long as they patiently waited at home for a period of time, the army would arrive to wipe out the zombies, gather supplies, and rescue survivors. His sister could absolutely follow those people to a secure base.

Of course, this treatment was something the large cities would consider fortunate to encounter since even the areas that aren’t really large cities would be able to encounter this… Qi Jingchen had confidence in this completely because next to their neighbourhood was a large-scale hospital.

Medical equipment, medication and so on, were valuable resources during the apocalypse, so the army would definitely come in a few days.

Of course, considering that the army was limited, the time it took to wait for them to arrive in this area, would be around ten to twenty days, up to more than a month. A few families would be unable to stay for so long.

However, his family could probably stay for a period of time.

Qi Jingchen had always cooked meals to eat, so when his sister wanted to come visit, he specifically bought two sacks of rice that weighed twenty catties each.

Qi Yaoyao couldn’t eat more than two liang of rice at a time, so forty catty of rice could support her for quite a few days.

In his past life, they were very scared and urgently wanted to return to their hometown, which was why would they followed after his fellow townsmen and did not hide in their homes. Because he couldn’t carry much, the two sacks of rice were even thrown aside…

Later, when he was starving to the point of being unable to go on, Qi Jingchen would always recall the two sacks of rice.

As it was, even if he’s hungry right now, he had no interest in getting up to eat rice.

“Qi Jingchen! Qi Jingchen!” Qi Yaoyao had started off crying with a heart filled with complaint, feeling that her own brother unexpectedly ignoring her was really too hateful, but as Qi Jingchen kept being unresponsive, she became afraid again.

“Qi Jingchen, you’re all right ba?” Qi Yaoyao gritted her teeth and edged closer to Qi Jingchen, wiping her tears to look at Qi Jingchen’s lying form. Seeing that Qi Jingchen didn’t respond, she patted Qi Jingchen’s face, and immediately cried out in alarm. “You’re having a fever! Isn’t there any medicine at home ah?!”

Qi Jingchen lazily opened his eyes, looking at his own sister.

Qi Yaoyao was precisely a little princess, in his last life, before and on the arrival of the apocalypse, she would throw a tantrum when she wanted something but couldn’t get it and was still like this after the arrival of the apocalypse. At that time, his entire body felt weak and he only wanted to sleep, but Qi Yaoyao had him stay awake to accompany her and talk. After that she still wanted this wanted that…… The reason he had been injured by a zombie was that Qi Yaoyao wanted to drink brown sugar water.

Before the apocalypse, when Qi Yaoyao was sick, he had gotten up in the middle of the night to make ginger and brown sugar soup without complaints, but at that time, she even wanted to drink brown sugar water…

Qi Jingchen had always believed that Qi Yaoyao would never learn to empathize with him, had even thought that laying in bed continuously wouldn’t be able to arouse Qi Yaoyao’s concern for him. He never thought that Qi Yaoyao would be worriedly thinking about giving him medicine to eat.

“Go and save up some water.” Qi Jingchen reminded her. He had kept food for Qi Yaoyao, but there wasn’t enough water in the house. If Qi Yaoyao wanted to live a few more days, then she must save up water.

After he said this, Qi Jingchen closed his eyes again— He really felt extremely sick, and did not want to move at all.

Qi Yaoyao suddenly rushed out, then said to Guan Jiayu, “Quick, go and save up water!”

“Save up water?” Guan Jiayu was startled, then promptly took a container to fill with water, asking, “Aren’t we escaping? What’s wrong with your brother?”

“My ge, he has a fever…” Qi Yaoyao rubbed her eyes again, and thought for a moment, then took a towel from the shelf beside her. She moistened it with water, then ran into Qi Jingchen’s bedroom, using the wet towel to cover Qi Jingchen’s forehead. “Qi Jingchen, is there any medicine at home? You have a fever!”

“There’s none.” Qi Jingchen said flippantly, not even opening his eyes. His fever and health were all symptoms of the awakening of an ability, so taking medicine would be utterly useless.

The towel was a bit too wet, the excess water soaking his hair and flowing down his skin to drip onto his pillow, causing the entire area around Qi Jingchen’s head to dampen.

Even though this made him feel a little uncomfortable, he had to admit that this really brought him a slight chill and allowed him to feel slightly better.

The author has something to say

BOSS’s last life was super unlucky, his golden finger was exploited by other people for the wrong usage→→

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For some reason, the part up there where he was explaining the use of his flesh hit me hard. I had to take multiple breaks because I just imagined that many people just…

Also, I kept the ge in the translation because it seemed to fit. QYY is scared rn and she wants to rely on the only person she can so she starts calling him my ge, but when she’s talking to QJC she still calls him by the name, which is something younger siblings don’t really do unless they aren’t close or don’t respect their elder siblings.

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