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Chapter 4 - Watering

Chapter 4 - Watering

Qi Jingchen was sleeping in the room. Outside, the two girls have filled all the bottles, jars, and washbasins of the house with water. Guan Jiayu had even cleverly filled plastic bags with water, then hanging them up

“Jiayu, why are you taking so much water?” Qi Yaoyao had gone around saving water because she wanted to give herself something to do, simply not putting her heart into doing it at all. That’s why it was only until they had finished everything that she had noticed Guan Jiayu’s behaviour.

“There’s no such thing as too much water.” Guan Jiayu rolled her eyes. Whether it was washing up or flushing the toilet, it all needed water. If the water supply really was going to be cut off, then no matter how much water they stockpiled it wouldn’t be enough.

“Also…” Qi Yaoyao said, and looked at the tv. “The tv also told us to stockpile water… Ah!” Her voice had barely fallen when it became a yelp, because behind the TV anchor who was currently teaching them how to survive, a soldier pulled out his gun and started to open fire!

She could only see the TV anchor’s fear that was unable to be concealed and nothing else, but it was easy to guess what had happened.

“May everyone please stockpile enough water, avoid going outside, and never, ever go near those zombies…” The anchor’s voice was trembling, but they still said it slowly and articulately. In truth, the current zombies weren’t really strong, and the outside wasn’t that particularly dangerous at all, but letting the common people who hadn’t even killed a chicken, go out and kill zombies was basically impossible. If the masses all panicked and ran out, it’s likely that they would only add to the number of zombies.

Furthermore, now there’s already a few places where killing and looting had been happening. Even though the country currently totally did not understand why there would be zombies, they still didn’t want the entire society to become lawless.

“Yaoyao, what do we do now?” Guan Jiayu asked, biting her lips. Originally, she had thought two girls could rely on Qi Jingchen, but she didn’t expect Qi Jingchen developed a fever at this time!

“What what do we do?” Qi Yaoyao had long lost her wits, subconsciously returning the question.

“Don’t tell me we’re just going to wait here?” Guan Jiayu was a bit impatient. “The internet had even told us to head to the direction where there’s a garrison, or go out and find more supplies, also, don’t you want to go home?”

There’s a lot of people on the internet saying, sooner or later, the large cities will be flooded with zombies, if you want security you still needed to go to rural areas…

“How do we go back? My ge is still sick.” Qi Yaoyao said. Just now the tv had already said, because the people who had turned into zombies were too excessive, now airports and trains all couldn’t be used at all… you know, airports and train stations would still have people in the middle of the night. Under the circumstances that some people suddenly became zombies, other people would be bitten before they could even react, so now in those kinds of places, apart from zombies, there are more zombies!

Fortunately for this neighborhood, every one had stayed in their home during the latter half of the night, therefore there aren’t many zombies.

Guan Jiayu gazed at Qi Jingchen’s room, then diverted the topic. “Then Yaoyao, are you hungry? Let’s make something to eat ba?”

“I’m not hungry…” As soon as Qi Yaoyao’s voice fell, the tv they had turned on suddenly darkened.

The power’s been cut!

Qi Yaoyao’s face became even uglier, Guan Jiayu comforted her with a few sentences, then took the snacks from the room and ate it quickly, even taking advantage of when Qi Yaoyao wasn’t paying attention to stuff beef cubes, chocolates, and other things into her handbag.

Qi Yaoyao had no appetite at all. Guan Jiayu ate, and drank a bottle of beverage and was full. At this time, there was a sudden knocking sound on their door, and the person knocking the door had even yelled ‘save me’.

After the power outage, without the tv noise to cover it, the cries of help from within the district became evident.

Although no one in their house became a zombie, a lot of families in the neighborhood had someone turn into a zombie. Some married couples had one turn into a zombie, the other fast asleep when they were attacked. Some families had woken up early in the morning to hear the sound of something striking the door, went to open their parent’s or children’s room, then were pounced on…

Even if there were survivors who hadn’t met this type of situation, there are many who were trapped in their bedroom and unable to come out, or there isn’t any food at home, therefore they’re filled with fear.

These cries of help had already made Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu very scared, now the knocking sounds on their door made their whole body have goosebumps.

Qi Yaoyao had been educated with ‘being willing to help others’ and so on since young, so she reflexively went to look through the peephole, then immediately collapsed, screaming once more.

Guan Jiayu followed and took two glimpses, clutched her stomach, then threw up everything she had just eaten.

Guan Jiayu and Qi Yaoyao used to live in small places, and the relationships between the neighborhood were very good. When they came to Qi Jingchen here to play, they habitually became friendly with their surrounding neighbors, so much that during the day when there was someone at him, they don’t lock the entrance. Because of this habit, they got to know the four people living opposite them.

That family was a pair of married couple, the wife’s mother and also a one year old little girl. They don’t come into contact with the married couple often, but they spoke a lot to the cute child and amiable old lady.

Now, outside the door, the old lady who dearly loved her daughter and granddaughter, was biting her daughter!

While she was devouring halfway, a tiny zombie whose complexion was already bluish black had staggered over from within the opposite apartment…

The young woman who had been pounced on by her mother lost her life, and not long after she stood up, her face also completely bluish black. A black membrane emerged from the neck that had been eaten halfway through, her hands sprouting black fingernails…

This woman, had also turned into a zombie!

The old zombie and female zombie began to pound on their door, while the small zombie wobbled back…

Qi Yaoyao looked through the peephole again, and after making eye contact with a pair of eyes that had turned completely black including the white of the eyes, her screaming became louder, to the extent that it made the two zombies outside pound on the door even harder…

Qi Jingchen was awoken by Qi Yaoyao’s scream.

His current spiritual strength compared to before his death was so much weaker it could not be worse, but it could still allow him to perceive what was happening outside, like the activity happening at the entrance.

In his previous life, he wasn’t lying down the whole time. After knowing that the outside was in bad condition he got up, first consoling his sister and cooking some rice, then after ensuring the corridor had no monsters he then went to knock on the apartment across them.

At that time, the married couple were arguing. As it turns out, last night the married couple had slept in a room, the old woman and child in another room. After last night’s transformation, the married couple were fine, however the old lady and child weren’t responding…

The reason of their argument was because the husband wasn’t willing to let his wife check up on the old lady and child’s condition, while the wife was insistent on opening the door to take a look.

He persuaded the husband to go take a look with him, but when they returned, no matter how much the husband knocked on the door to his home, no one opened it… If there’s no mishaps, then it was likely that the wife had taken the opportunity when the husband had left to open her daughter and mother’s room door, then was bitten.

Didn’t know whether to say that the husband was heartless or decisive, after he guessed that his wife had already become a zombie he didn’t use the key to open the door, leaving hurriedly. Instead it was them who had been worried for a period of time because there were three zombies locked in next door.

At that time, in the end the three zombies were shut inside the neighboring apartment, instead of running over to knock on their door like now, so Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu were only afraid of returning to their hometown, and weren’t really losing their self-control, but now…

Qi Jingchen felt that his eardrums were quickly going to be deafened.

Honestly, the sound of zombies pounding on the door was pretty nice to hear. Wait a few more years, those zombies will absorb more and more dark energy, then they could effortlessly use their claws to poke open the door and this kind of ordinary walls, without needing to use this kind of stupid method…

Qi Jingchen didn’t take the zombies outside the door seriously, but both the girls were unable to bear the pounding of the zombies blocking their door. Almost crazy with fear, they blocked the entrance with the refrigerator, cabinets, and so on, then started trembling again.

On this day, the whole world was enveloped in fear, and in the evening, the water also stopped.

Fortunately, every one still could use their phones to know a bit of the outside news, and some families had stockpiled water in this condition.

Because there were zombies pounding on their door, Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu didn’t dare stay in the living room, hiding out in their room. Guan Jiayu thought about it, then took out snacks to eat again.

Qi Jingchen had bought a lot of snacks for them, candy, chocolates, milk tea, and even dried tofu, duck neck, chicken wings and everything one could need. Even though these were all small things, eating it would still make her pretty full.

As soon as Qi Yaoyao saw the food she thought of the scene outside that had happened. She retched a few times, then suddenly thought of a matter. “My ge hasn’t eaten yet.”

Unconsciously, one day had quickly passed, on this day she hadn’t eaten anything, let alone Qi Jingchen.

“Brother Qi is in a coma, these aren’t suitable for brother Qi to eat ba?” Guan Jiayu said with hesitation.

“There’s milk.” Qi Yaoyao took a carton of milk, then practically flew to Qi Jingchen’s bedroom.

Guan Jiayu bit her lip, taking Qi Yaoyao’s powerbank to charge her own phone, charging while surfing the internet. After she saw a piece of news, her eyes lit up at once.

Taking a cup from the kitchen, tearing open a packet of milk tea and pouring it in, Guan Jiayu held the cup with both hands and headed to Qi Jingchen’s room. “Yaoyao, you don’t know how to feed right? I’ll help you!”

Qi Yaoyao really didn’t know how to feed Qi Jingchen, she had always been pampered by her parents, she didn’t even help when the oil bottle spilled at home, so where could she manage to do this? Let alone the fact that Qi Jingchen wasn’t cooperating.

Obviously Qi Jingchen wouldn’t cooperate. He wouldn’t go so far as to commit suicide, but he also didn’t want to eat, so Qi Yaoyao stood beside him and called him, but he didn’t even open his eyes, so Qi Yaoyao didn’t even know where to start.

Guan Jiayu saw the bewildered appearance of Qi Yaoyao and inwardly felt pleased, snatching away the milk in Qi Yaoyao’s hand to pour a little into the cup she was holding.

In two or three seconds she used the milk to turn the milk tea powder into a paste, then scoop a mouthful with a spoon to send to Qi Jingchen’s mouth. “Brother Qi, you should eat something, if you don’t eat you won’t have strength!”

A strange smell went straight to his nose, and with a ‘wu’, Qi Jingchen threw up.

Even though nothing was vomited out, Qi Jingchen made it clear that he didn’t want to eat this, and he even finally spoke out, “So disgusting.”

Isn’t it just milk mixed with milk tea powder? How would it be disgusting?! Guan Jiayu’s face was blue, but thinking of what she had just seen on the internet, she showed a smiling face again.

Lifting his eyelids just to see this artificial smile, Qi Jingchen started retching again.

Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu left under the sound of Qi Jingchen’s vomiting. Qi Jingchen then continued to lay in bed, letting his convulsing stomach slowly recover.

He really thought that this kind of food was really disgusting. In fact the pure milk was fine, but the milk tea which had added a lot of additives, just by smelling he already felt that it was unbearable.

His previous life was like this before his ability awakening, besides food that is pure and without any disorderly food additives added, and clean bottled water, he would feel that everything tasted disgusting.

At that time he didn’t dare reveal this. Food was hard to come by, and if he was so unreasonable then wouldn’t he be crazy? Every time he ate, he would hold his mouth and didn’t let himself puke, in the end he really didn’t puke…

After that he got used to eating this kind of disgusting food, and the people who had kept him in captivity had always fed him all kinds of food that had gone bad, so even if he ate even more disgusting food he didn’t feel like it was disgusting.

But now… He didn’t even want to live, so why on earth would he still wrong himself and let himself eat disgusting things? Might as well just starve like this, in any case he was used to starving.

In his last life he had even starved to death.

Qi Jingchen thought he could have a good sleep, but in the end it hasn’t even been a while when Qi Yaoyao came hack, holding a cup with both hands to feed Qi Jingchen some water. “Ge, even if you don’t want to eat you should drink some water… wu… you must not die…”

Qi Yaoyao cried while prying open Qi Jingchen’s mouth, then poured in water.

Qi Jingchen choked on the water.

There’s really nothing good to say about Qi Yaoyao’s ability to feed water! She’s simply watering him!

However, he really didn’t think Qi Yaoyao would do such a thing… In his last life, he had treated Qi Yaoyao very kindly, while Qi Yaoyao didn’t remember to leave saliva for him. Now he doesn’t do anything, and Qi Yaoyao actually remembered she needed to feed him something…

The water Qi Yaoyao had fed him was from the hot water bottle at home. Before, Qi Jingchen had always drank this, never feeling like there was anything wrong, but now he felt that it was somewhat strange tasting, the only comfort being that it wasn’t as hard to swallow as that milk tea.

After watering Qi Jingchen a few mouthful of water, Qi Yaoyao finally left, and Qi Jingchen’s neck was now also wet.

But Qi Jingchen still didn’t mind. Wet clothes really wasn’t much, the increasing pain on his body was more annoying.

Previously he only felt that his entire body was bloated and dizzy, but when nightfall came, his body became increasingly more painful.

In his last life, when the pain was unbearable, he was itching to take a knife and stab his body a few times to eliminate the swelling feeling in his body, now… Qi Jingchen laid in bed, letting the swollen and painful feeling spread over his body, not even wrinkling his brow.

The days when his meat was cut everyday had passed, so how could he not be able to bear this?

In addition, his current pain seem to not be as severe as his last life, also, he had been running about everywhere at that time, when he was walking it felt like he was stepping on knives, but he still had to endure it. Now he could even comfortably lie down, the situation was completely different, so how could they be compared?

After night had descended, not only was Qi Jingchen’s body in more pain, the zombies had also become more active. Luckily it had not been long, so their lethality weren’t that great.

During this period, Qi Yaoyao came by to water Qi Jingchen a few times, and even watered him with some milk.

Qi Jingchen didn’t want to move, and was too lazy to decline, these things won’t make him want to puke anyways, so might as well just eat.

The second day’s afternoon, the internet also died.

This was undoubtedly an immense blow for Qi Yaoyao and Guan Jiayu. The pounding on the door from the untiring zombies made them even less daring to relax.

At this time, not only Qi Yaoyao, but even Guan Jiayu, who had been coolheaded from the beginning, was ready to collapse.

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