Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Mrs. Lu’s Porridge

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At the tender age of nineteen, Jiang Yao’s face was so fair and delicate as if water would burst out of her pores. Her skin was smooth like velvet and full of collagen. Due to her fair complexion, the reddish scratches were very obvious.

Lu Xingzhi was very gentle and fast as he applied the ointment on her face. He swiped it quickly and retracted his hand. Then, he shifted his gaze from the red mark on her face to her eyes.

Lu Xingzhi was taken by surprise when he saw her gentle and smiley gaze that even his body turned rigid.

He was surprised that she did not dodge his touch and with the fact that she would exchange glances with him in such a serene and lovely way.

“Let’s go, I’m hungry.” Lu Xingzhi retreated his gaze shyly and put his hands in his pockets. He threw a gaze at Jiang Yao, gesturing at her to go downstairs.

Jiang Yao nodded. She took a step forward but quickly retreated. She glanced at Lu Xingzhi and said in a solemn tone, “Don’t talk to your sister like that ever again. Look how you annoyed her earlier.”

No matter what, Lu Yuqing meant well and she was a great sister who kept tabs on her brother, so Jiang Yao hoped that Lu Xingzhi would not upset his sister because of her.

“Don’t worry, she is like a cannon which will be okay after it explodes.” Lu Xingzhi shrugged and arched his eyebrows. They grew up together, so Lu Xingzhi knew his sister like the back of his hand.

Nonetheless, Jiang Yao’s advice alleviated his mood. Jiang Yao’s respect for Lu Yuqing meant she respected this family.

When they went downstairs, Mrs. Lu and Lu Yuqing had already set up the food on the table and were about to call for them. Mrs. Lu ushered them to take a seat at the dining area as she saw them coming down the stairs while glancing at the red mark on Jiang Yao’s face. Sure enough, as Lu Yuqing had expected, Lu Xingzhi had taken Jiang Yao back to the room to apply ointment so she did not comment on that.

Jiang Yao had very delicate skin and it would leave marks whenever she bumped into anything. Mrs. Lu figured that it would be for the best to tend to it sooner.

Lu Xingzhi rarely came home ever since he joined the base, only once or twice annually at most. Hence, the dining table was filled with Lu Xingzhi’s favorite dishes due to his rare return.

Speaking of which, as compared to his family who preferred light and subtle food, Lu Xingzhi preferred his food rich, spicy, and heavy. It was probably because of his four years of study at Jindo Military School and then at his base in the north.

As a result, the food on the table was vibrant in terms of colors, aroma, and taste. Even Jiang Yao, who fancied mild-flavored food, felt her stomach rumbling as she gazed at the appetizing food.

After spending years in the remote village deep in the mountains, the poverty-stricken village had limited food supplies, let alone meat. She had been a vegetarian for the years she spent in the village. Thus, as she looked at the food on the table, she felt a little overwhelmed and in a trance.

After taking her seat, Mrs. Lu noticed that Jiang Yao had not moved her cutlery and she abruptly blurted out, “Oh yes! I have some porridge in the pot! You are ill, I guess you probably haven’t regained your appetite. I’ve cooked a pot of porridge for you. Wait a minute, I’ll get it.”

“Mom…” Jiang Yao wanted to stop Mrs. Lu since she desired to eat meat, but before she could say anything, Mrs. Lu had disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of porridge exclusively for her.

Looking at her bowl of plain vegetable porridge in front of her eyes, Jiang Yao took a glimpse at Lu Xingzhi and his bowlful of meat. Then, she started gulping down the tasteless porridge.

Although, frankly speaking, the vegetable porridge tasted bleak and plain, Jiang Yao felt Mrs. Lu’s warmth and genuine concern.

Her letter of admission had provoked a storm of arguments and protests from the family in the morning, even causing the Lu siblings to quarrel because of her. However, while Mrs. Lu was busy cooking up a storm for her son, she had not forgotten to cook her a pot of porridge, thinking that she might prefer plain food due to her illness and bad appetite.

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