Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Emotionally Retarded

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The level of attention and apprehension made Jiang Yao feel guilty and remorseful. Honestly speaking, everyone in the Lu family treated her very nicely. Even Mrs. Lu, who had never liked her very much, had never given her a hard time despite some mild verbal chiding ever since she was married to Lu Xingzhi.

Mr. Lu was a kind-hearted peacemaker at all times. He treated her kindly like a mild-mannered elderly, which was rather similar to Lu Xingzhi.

She reminisced about what she had done to this wonderful family in her previous life. She was the reason this family had lost their only son and were also left with no descendants. Unspeakable remorse filled her heart to the brim.

5She quietly glanced at Lu Xingzhi, who had taken a big mouthful of rice. This man had expressed his desire to have children with her, but due to him being too enabling with her waywardness, he died childlessly.

1In fact, Lu Xingzhi could have executed some measures to force her to go back to him or to force her to have children, and she would have no room for resistance to his strength.

However, he was an enabler. He allowed her to go into hiding and he had never forced her, not even once. He was always staying behind her stealthily and silently.

3Jiang Yao decided that this time, she would give him a baby!

2“Have some meat.” Since the beginning, Lu Xingzhi could sense that Jiang Yao was constantly watching him. He smiled amusingly when he thought of her minute expression of helplessness and longing when she saw the meat on his plate. His dear wife was so adorable.

Sensing Jiang Yao constantly watching him, Lu Xingzhi figured that his wife wanted to eat meat very badly, so he took some and put them on her plate. He reminded, “It’s not so good to eat food that’s too greasy when you’re sick. I’ll let you try one to satisfy your craving. I’ll ask Mom to make it again when you recover.”

At Lu Xingzhi’s remark, everyone instinctively looked at Jiang Yao that she wanted to bury her head under the table like an ostrich. This was so embarrassing!

She found his remark both funny and annoying. Did he intentionally say that or was he just being kind?

“Never mind, Jiang Yao, don’t be shy. Your mother-in-law’s cooking is the best in the world! When I was sick, I always thought about her braised pork. It’s normal for you to want to eat something more strongly-flavored when you’re sick because of the dry mouth, that’s okay,” Mr. Lu quickly jumped to the rescue and spoke with a laugh when he saw that Jiang Yao was a little embarrassed. On the other hand, he secretly scolded his son, ‘Stupid boy! Are you emotionally retarded? Just give her the meat, what’s with all this nonsense?’

1No one would notice his action since everyone was eating, why must he babble?

Mrs. Lu laughed out loud at Mr. Lu’s remark. She slapped Mr. Lu’s hand and said, rather amused, “You know best!” Then, she looked at Jiang Yao and said with a smile, “We’re family, you don’t have to be too timid. Just eat some if you want, but don’t stuff yourself.”

“Okay,” Jiang Yao raised her head and responded. Suddenly, she heard a muffled laugh from the man sitting beside her. She turned her head and rolled her eyes at him, which unexpectedly triggered an even louder laugh from Lu Xingzhi.

The loud laughter stopped everyone from eating and they glanced at him with a ghastly expression.

Lu Yuqing teased his abrupt laughter. “Mom, Dad, look at him, I didn’t even know that our Lu Xingzhi has this voice in him. I still remember how this foolish boy has had no emotions ever since he was a kid. When he was in school, I remember my classmates ask me, ‘Hey, Lu Yuqing, does your brother have facial paralysis that he can’t show any expression on his face?’ She said that her sister, who sat next to Xingzhi in class, was traumatized by his emotionless expression every day. Afterwards, she couldn’t take it anymore and requested to sit elsewhere.”

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