CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I don’t know what you’re talking about . ” Shi Xiaonian gritted out through clenched teeth .

“Miss Shi . If you really want to rely on your child to gain social status, it’s useless to keep denying it . Why don’t you just give us your demands? Don’t wait so long that our young master runs out of patience . Then, you won’t even have the chance to rely on your child to raise your social status . ”

Feng De followed the script on the documents in his hand .

His tone was warm, but every word was extremely cruel .

Repeatedly bringing up the child, the child, the child…… .

“I said there isn’t one! Aside from never having been pregnant before, even if I really was pregnant with that man’s child, I would definitely abort it! Now are you satisfied?” Shi Xiaonian passionately shouted .

At that moment, Shi Xiaonian was hit by an important realization and hastily asked, “Right! Do you have a morning after pill? Are there any week-later contraceptive pills?”

Birth control measures had not been taken both times she’d been forced by Gong Ou . She didn’t want to get pregnant in such an preposterous manner…… .

Feng De was startled into speechlessness . No matter how he looked at it, she didn’t seem like someone who would secretly have someone’s child .

A week-after contraceptive pill… . .

What was this? She actually requested contraceptives as if she wanted to avoid him like the plague .

Gong Ou sat on the balcony with a completely dark expression on his face .

The woman massaged his shoulders weakly, annoying him further . Gong Ou pushed away the delicately pretty woman with one shove, “Stop massaging . Get lost!”

“Yes, Mr . Gong . ”

Xie Linlin deferentially responded . As she snuck a glance at the room through the window, a hint of jealousy flashed across her pretty face .

That ordinary-looking woman had actually at a higher level than herself . She had even gone so far as to have Gong Ou’s child .

She had no problems seducing ordinary men, but she had never even gotten a kind word from Gong Ou .

Many women came and went by Gong Ou’s side, but now there was a new one who had birthed his child .

It had become even more difficult… . . for her to rise a level .

The entire forest was dappled with sunlight . Deep in the forest, the imperial castle was an especially spectacular, magnificent sight under the sunshine .

Butler Feng De walked to the balcony . He deferentially lowered his head to Gong Ou, “Young master, I have already used several different methods to interrogate Miss Shi . ”

“I only want the result . ”

Gong Ou sat on the white rattan chair with one hand on his lower jaw as he spoke coldly .

“The result of the lie detector test is… . . that Miss Shi is telling the truth . ”

The truth .

She was actually telling the truth .

Feng De reported, “She didn’t lie . Young master, could it be that we made a mistake?”


Gong Ou stood up suddenly and strode into the room .

In the room, Shi Xiaonian was on the polygraph chair removing all the countless cords from herself . Right when she was trying to get up, Gong Ou came up and rudely and unreasonably shoved her back into the chair .


Shi Xiaonian fell back hard . It hurt so bad that it felt like all her bones were shattered . She clenched her teeth and angrily looked up towards the man, “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

Gong Ou leaned on her, pushing her deeper into the polygraph chair . One of his hands ruthlessly squeezed her jaw, and he glared at her arrogantly, forming an ambiguous posture . He reprimanded angrily, “Shi Xiaonian, listen closely . Be sensible and quickly hand over the child!”

Child . Child . Is there no end to it?

“Didn’t I already go through the lie detector test? You should know that I didn’t lie . You made a mistake . Hurry up and release me . ” Shi Xiaonian wasn’t used to having a man’s weight on her body . She weakly struggled but was immobilized even further .

“Release?” Gong Ou laughed coldly as arrogance surfaced in his eyes, “Do you think I would let you go, you liar?”

If he let her go, where would he find the child with his blood in its veins?

Even if the polygraph showed that she was being completely truthful, he wouldn’t believe it . He’d never believe it . This woman was definitely lying .

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