CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

There’s nothing else . ”

“Miss Shi, you were most likely pregnant then,” Feng De guided .

“No . I wasn’t pregnant . ”

Feng De didnt see any peaks in the display . She had answered truthfully, but he couldn’t help feeling suspicious .

He paused for a moment then continued, “Impossible! According to the investigation, you were pretty much housebound three years ago . Everyone who met you then saw that you were dressed in loose clothing . If you weren’t pregnant, why did you hide in your house for a year?”

“That was because I was drawing manhua! I like to stay in my house when I’m creating artwork . I wore loose clothing because I like to be comfortable . Was it really that odd?”

Shi Xiaonian was speechless . That could also become evidence?

“Where were you three years ago on the evening of the lunar new year?”

“Lunar new year? I was probably celebrating the new year at my childhood home . I always go home for the new year every year . ”

“No . That night, you were with our young master . ” Feng De said, “You were with young master, and you were the one who initiated . ”

If it weren’t for the excessive earnestness on Feng De’s wrinkled face, Shi Xiaonian would have thought he was joking .

“I wasn’t! I’m disgusted every time I see an irascible, odious man like him . How could I possibly start anything with him?” Shi Xiaonian shouted in agitation as she glared at Feng De .

Gong Ou .

When she heard those two words, she felt like she swallowed a fly .

The scenes from the sauna played again in her head . She was swallowed up inch by inch by that irascible, odious man .


On the balcony outside, a man lounged on a white rattan chair . When her words drifted out the window, he scowled and slammed his wineglass onto the table .

Disgust .

This woman actually said that he was disgusting! He didn’t find fault with her pretentiousness, yet she was already complaining he was disgusting?

“Mr . Gong . That woman is purposefully provoking you to get your attention by playing hard to get . Don’t take it too seriously . ”

These words came from a woman with E-cup breasts wearing practically transparent sleepwear . She stood behind Gong Ou massaging his shoulders . When she saw him start to lose his temper, she rushed to calm him down in a soft voice .

“Playing hard to get?”

Gong Ou icily repeated . He looked into the window with ill will only to see Shi Xiaonian sitting on the polygraph chair, her eyes brimming with hatred .

He could easily tell whether it was true abhorrence or playing hard to get .

In the room through the window, butler Feng De frowned and continued speaking to Shi Xiaonian, “Miss Shi, we’ve investigated you before . ”

“You’re only the Shi family’s adopted daughter . You have a sister who is a year younger than you . From your youth until now, you’re always outmatched by your sister with respect to both looks or abilities . You are only a third-rate manhua artist while she is the country’s beloved top actress . She’s even the young mistress of the Mu family who are cosmetics moguls… . . ”

Having her background suddenly narrated like this was like she was having her clothing removed piece by piece in front of an audience .

Shi Xiaonian clenched her fists and firmly bit her lips .

“I hired an expert in psychology to make an analysis . Long-term feelings of inferiority and jealousy would make you want to surpass your sister,” Feng De informed her . “So three years ago on the lunar new year, you plotted to climb into young master’s bed

He stated this full of conviction as if he saw it all in person .

Long-term feelings of inferiority and jealousy……

Shi Xiaonian’s anger suddenly turned into bitterness, but she was still unable to say a word .

What a joke! What kind of expert was that? Did they know her? Understand her? For what reason did they come to that conclusion about her!?

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