CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Imprisoned life

“Don’t ask me again! I don’t have a baby nor have I given birth to a baby”

In another round of devastating interrogation Shi Xiaonian painfully repeated her answers several times until her face became pale, thin like a paper and her lips dried out without any color left in them .

After the psychologists left, she slowly squatted back against the wall, fingers running through her hair, pulling them back in despair .

When will these hopeless days pass?

She is trapped in this paradise like hell for an unborn baby day and night as if she’ll never be relieved .

“Hmmm … hate, Mr . Gong, don’t do that …”

A woman whispered softly from the outside .

When Xiaonian stood up and gently opened the door to look, she saw in the corridor a woman wearing a silk night gown . The clothing slipped down her arm revealing a charming and graceful curvy figure .

Gong Ouyang was standing in front of her, well dressed and they hugged each other . Holding the woman’s frail body on his arms, he kissed her neck seemingly very focused on his task .

“Mr . Gong … uh uh …” The woman looked up, letting the man do whatever he wanted, enjoying the attention, “Mr . Gong, when did Linlin go?”

“What do you want?” he spoke at her neck with a cold voice that did not sound like he was kissing her just a moment ago .

“I did not expect to be your girlfriend and one of your innumerable women . Do not worry, I will be very sensible, and I will never talk to the media . ” The woman said, holding her arms closer to him . ” OK? ”

” Clever . ”

Gong Ouyang picked the woman up and walked away .

When Shi Xiaonian saw this scene at the door she was filled with hatred .

This jerk was not only a beast, he was also a pervert . So disgusting . Even such man has a woman going after him, just to be one of his countless women?

Does it not mean that she can never be the object of marriage? But still messing around, the so called high society is so dirty…

Shi Xiaonian opened the door and walked in the direction opposite to the one walked away in .

She walked aimlessly in the extravagant castle looking at the paintings along the wall on her way in amazement .

Gong Ouyang was indeed the most wealthiest man in the world, these famous paintings are not just copies but real and there were so many collections in this place .

She became better acquainted with these paintings because of her imprisonment .

She stood in front of the wall watching a famous painting, her mood slowly calmed down and felt a hint of hunger . Because Feng De and bodyguards, psychologists’s endless pressing, she did not eat properly for the last two days .

Ignoring the bodyguards who were following her every step, Shi Xiaonian walked in the castle as large as amaze and after turning around a whole circle successfully found the kitchen .

The kitchen was clean and bright with the most advanced equipment, twice the size of her entire home . The maids and the chefs were doing their job and completely turned a bling eye towards her .

She Xiaonian did not speak either . She simply walked to the refrigerator to see if there are any ingredients and nobody stopped her .

There was a special food area, vegetables were fresh and separated and even fish were kept fresh in a tank .

Fish . . It has been a long time since she had fish soup .

Shi Xiaonian walked over and picked up the net and picked up a black fish . She then proficiently removed the scales, fin and head and made thin oblique cuts with the knife . The knife here was better than the one at her home, cutting the fish was so effortless . .

She never liked to eat spicy . so she took a few tomatoes and other ingredients as well . After some cooking the soup emitted a burst of fragrance .

“Young master . ” A neat sound suddenly came from the door .

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