CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I'll let you re-visit it

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Shi Xiaonian's heart tightened and she slowly turned around, and she saw Gong Ouyang wearing a thin sweater stepping down the stairs into the huge kitchen looking casual and lazy as he walked towards her with his long legs .

He probably just got up from bed, his short silky hair looked slightly haphazard, but even the slightly ruffled hair did not undermine his looks, in fact it even made him look sexy .

It looks like if those girls saw Gong Ouyang right now they would probably go crazy and may even scream loudly on the spot .

Of course, Xiaonian will not admit that he's handsome, she would only think that his face looked excessively good and that his double eye lidded eyes covered his dark pupils that were ridiculously attractive on his jade like face .

She did not dare look any more and quickly recovered her attention to pick up the cup of water in her hands .

Gong Ouyang coldly glanced at Xiaonian in time to see her soft lips gulping water, her white slender neck undulated due to her swallowing, the simple action of drinking water accidentally gave rise to temptation, letting his body tense quickly in reaction .

A strange heat gradually spread through his body .

He admitted, Shi Xiaonian with her pure little face and pure look held a fatal attraction to him .

He is not a man who held himself back, but at the same time he never over indulged . He was even less willing to indulge in a woman . He just replaced one with another and moved on .

But it was weird . That method was totally useless with her .

Xie Linlin's sexy and seductiv body failed to provoke his interest, but just looking at Shi Xiaonian drinking water made him so impulsive .

"I seem to be too merciful to you . You actually have the mood to cook here . "Dissatisfied with his uncontrollable reaction to this woman, Gong Ouyang talked coldly to her .

When he approached her carrying himself with his long legs, she smelled a woman's perfume on him .

She Xiaonian wrinkled her nose slightly as she frowned in distaste at his repeated action of invading her space and imprisoning her . Towards this man, she held a deep seated hatred . She opened her small mouth and told him crisply, "Was Mr . Gong not having fun till now? How did you appear so soon in the kitchen? Your fun time seems to be really short . "

Who is Gong Ouyang, how can he not understand het tone of ridicule, this is a complete insult to a man .

His brows suddenly tightened, and anger rose from the bottom of his heart .

"Pop -"

Gong Ouyang slammed his hand beside her on the kitchen counter and glared at her, the words he spoke were bitten off, "a short time? How long my time is, are you not very clear about it?"

"I don not know"

"What is it? You forgot? Then I'll let you revisit what happened," said Gong Ouyang reaching out to pinch her chin .

Shi Xiaonian was never flashy with her anger and never burst out verbally like that . But it was so ironic that now that he was angered the fire spread to her too .

She was a little flustered . She immediately stopped talking and turned her face around to the side .

Gong Ouyang did not let her, he pulled her out to the front, regardless of the fact that there were a large number of people in the kitchen he put his hand inside her clothes and started exploring . She Xiaonian's little face turned white, she immediately stopped his hand and while pushing it out she whispered, "I was wrong Mr . Gong . "

For several days she had been captivated . Losing in this verbal argument and admitting to this was nothing to her .

"You are too naïve to think that mistakes must be forgiven," he said, pressing her hard against his chest and kissed her with her stubbornly closed lips .

"Master, the dishes are on the table . " The maid's voice came behind him .

"Wait a second time while I clean up!"

Hearing the dialogue his voice fell and he turned to the long table .

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