CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: For your own good

After finishing the fish soup he should have solved her, but he still had some urgent documents to be dealt with .

It was not his principle to delay a woman's business .

But when he thought of clutching his stomach in hunger, looking at the empty bowl, his heart almost went crazy .

Did not like to eat parsley but that one pot of soup was very delicious .


"Miss Shi, you have been in this palace for such a long time, don't you think about the baby?"

"No . I really don't have a baby, and I told you this a hundred times . I really don't have a baby . "

It was another day of interrogation . Shi Xiaonian felt a slight headache as she got up from the polygraph chair feeling mentally tired .

"How are you Miss Shi?" Feng De closed his interrogation document and looked around with wrinkled eyes around him .

"I would be fine if you did not ask these boring questions everyday . " In the beginning she hated Feng De as much as she hated Gong Ouyang, but she softened towards the affectionate old butler . "Housekeeper De, when can I leave?"

If she went on like this, she was afraid she would really go crazy .

"Miss Shi, I told you, as long as you can get Young master convinced . . "

"But . . "

"The young master just got furious again and drank a lot . "

She fell silent, her face looking very reluctant .

As soon as Feng De saw this, he said, "As long as the young master is in a good mood, he will listen to you "

As long as he's in a good mood . . . she can be released?

She would try again . .

Xiaonian tried to talk herself into taking a more proactive role, to endure the hatred for Gong Ouyang and obediently mad a bucket of Vanilla ice cream and holding it up she walked up the winding staircase .

A woman came down the stairs coquettishly, the red gown slip off her curvaceous body and through it, her e-cup breasts were prominently distinguishable . That day, the woman Gong Ouyang was fooling around with turned out to be her . her name seems to be Xie Linlin, one of Gong Ouyang's woman, uh . . cannot even be called his woman .

Anyway, she has nothing to do with her .

Xiaonian glanced up and walked right by her without looking back . A white leg obstructed her and Shi Xiaonian could only stop .

"Don't think that if you give birth to a child you will be able to stay next to Mr . Gong", Xie Linlin warned her in a vicious voice with an indescribable charm . "I'm telling this for your own good . There are lines of women around Mr . Gong, and you can't just get him like that . . "

The meaning behind those provocative words are obvious .

When she looked at the woman, instead of getting angry she just found it funny, "Will you get him then?"

"You -"

Being ridiculed, Linlin's face turned ugly and reached to push her . Shi Xiaonian quickly held the bucket of ice cream, "This is Mr . Gong's, are you going to responsible?"

When Linlin heard that she was immediately scared, abruptly pulling her hand back, even if she had the guts of ten leopards, she wouldn't do something against Mr . Gong's wishes .

Shi Xiaonian slowly walked past her and heard Xie Linlin snorting in disdain behind her .

After taking two steps, Xiaonian paused suddenly, her pure little face wrinkled slightly .

She felt something was wrong .

Xie Linlin was here just to warn her?

When she thought about it, she scooped a spoonful of ice cream and a strong stench wafted from it . She immediately spit in the trash .

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