CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Turns out he's paranoid

Gong Ouyang does not like the feeling of being hungry, he must eat .

When Shi Xiaonian was pushed, she hit the counter, her waist hurt severely, but she was relieved that she escaped unharmed from him .

She cannot continue to stay at this place .

She lost her interest in drinking her fish soup, and was just about to leave when Gong Ouyang roared in fury behind her, "I'll ask you, can even dogs eat this food?!" And then a chill of panic went down her back when she heard plates crashing against the floor .

She did not have to look back to know that kitchen was now definitely a mess .

She thought of Feng De's words .

Feng De told her, "Miss, you think that the young master doesn't treat you well, but in my eyes, the way he treats you is much better than Miss Xie and the others . "

Then, slowly, Feng De told her about Gong Ouyang, "Master comes from a superior family background, had a wealthy childhood, he is considered a genius in business, wise and decisive, there isn't a thing he cannot solve, but no one is perfect . May be god doesn't agree to the existence of perfect creatures . . . have you ever heard of paranoid personality disorder?"

Gong Ouyang, the most wealthy man in the world, is paranoid .

The biggest symptom is that he is extremely irritable and is sometimes violent, and cannot control himself when faced with excessive emotions .

Feng De advice to her in order to regain her freedom was, she could not enrage Gong Ouyang and should follow his wishes .

Is being submissive to him the best way to please this bad man?

When she was thinking of those words, the man behind her was getting more and more furious at the chefs and the maids .

Hesitantly, she continued to boil the bowl of fish soup and then walked towards Gong Ouyang with it .

Gong Ouyang sat on the table angrily, the maids squatted on the floor cleaning up the mess scared and visibly shivering .

"Do you want to try my fish soup if you don't want to eat these foods?"

When she placed her soup in front of Gong Ouyang, she tried to hide her hatred as much as possible .

In order to be free, she would do her best .

Gong Ouyang was angry, he contemptuously glanced at her, "Do you know what is the level of the chefs I employ? I cannot even stomach their cooking, do you think I would fancy yours?"

A joke .

Well, she did not think it would be easy .

When Shi Xiaonian heard that, she quietly moved to the table, sat down and began to drink her soup . She was accustomed to home cooking and usually cooked her own food when at home, she thought that she did a better job than usual . Much tastier than the one from the poor hotel .

The smell from the soup slowly started drifting towards Gong Ouyang, it had an extraordinary aroma, it seemed nothing special . but it somehow hooked people's stomach . . .

Shi Xiaonian saw Gong Ouyang staring at her, but she silently and elegantly drank her soup without any expression on her face, silently sipping one sip after another .

"Give it to me!" Gong Ouyang was openly barbaric, he grabbed the bowl in front of her, picked up up the bowl and took a sip .

Uh .

Taste is not bad .

Without the slightest bit of fishy smell, all the flavor of the fish was transferred out, it was no chef's cooking that deliberately tried to show off, but it was unexpectedly delicious .

It had been too long since he drank a soup that suited his stomach .

Gong Ouyang was really hungry, and even drank a few mouthfuls, and also picked up the chop sticks to devour the fish . The maids who were still cleaning up the overturned bowls on the floor were shocked .

Shi Xiaonian was surprised, so stunned that Gong Ouyang drank her soup without leaving a single drop behind .

"I will not have the parsley next time"

After saying that Gong Ouyang pushed away the empty bowl, took a napkin from the maids hands and cleaned his hands and wiped his mouth, looked at some official messages on the phone, and then stood up and left without dropping another word behind, leaving only the view of his tall and straight back .

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