CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Will that person save her?

Gong Ouyang opened his mouth and ate the ice cream, vanilla flavored and sweetened lightly, it was just right .

His face became stiff for just a moment .

Originally, the dessert was something so delicious .

He was never used to eating sweet things because they never matched his taste, even when he was too tired he did not touch any sweets .

However, what this woman made was perfect for his appetite, and she wasn't even a qualified cook .

How could this be?


"Go ahead, why are you so slow? Is your hand broken?"

Gong Ouyang was not concious of being fed the slightest bit but kept urging her from time to time for ice cream while he was working, with an extremely serious face .

Shi Xiaonian accepted her fate and fed him another spoonful of ice-cream, Gong Ouyang's attention was on the computer, his slender fingers flew on the keyboard entering information, and the data on the screen kept changing continuously .

Soon, Gong Ouyang picked up a phone call rom one of his subordinates, "Bring me the most advanced image processing technology! I'll grant 6 Billion, bring it to me within a week!"

After that he started to talk about transport industry, his voice cold and decisive .

Few minutes passed . .

The amount of ice cream in the bucket was getting less and less .

As she stood by him, Shi Xiaonian couldn't help but think that even though she hated this man, this man could be advertised as the richest man in the world for .

He is the president of the multinational group of NE which has billions of dollars of software systems developed worldwide and an R & D for mobile phone softwares . He was only 28 years and already has the monopoly in the world of transport, banking and other big industries . Not a lot of people can match him .

After all, all this he had done while still suffering from paranoid personality disorder .

She continued feeding him ice cream, inorder to get him calm and find some opportunity to chat with him . So, Shi Xiaonian did not immediately leave and turned to the windows on her side that spanned from floor to the ceiling .

The large windows opened to the vast blue sky as blue as gemstones, rolling forests whose ends cannot be seen, with such environment, it almost felt like they were like in Europe .

She did not know if pleading Gong ouyang would be useful . May be informing that person would help her escape this place faster .

Yes, that person . . . will he come to rescue her?

Shi Xiaonian stood quietly by the window, her eyes staring far away without her focus on anything . .

"Send the latest data to me" after the last call, Gong Ouyang threw the handset on the table . His fingers tapped smartly on the arms of the chair and revolved around to see Shi Xiaonian .

Out the window, the dusk was approaching, the sun light reflected on her smooth face and made it look like a natural painting .

Shi Xiaonian stood in front of the window, wearing a silk dress, simple but elegant, the light fell on her body and her dark inky hair drapes over one shoulder covering a portion of her snow white face .

She just looked pure and other wordly .

He rose from the table and walked silently towards her, approaching her he discovered that she was looking out the windows but her eyes were empty as if her soul had already flown elsewhere leaving only her body behind .

The soul isn't here?

This feeling made Gong Ouyang very uncomfortable, he was about to say something when tears swirled in her eyes .


" . . . "

Gong Ouyangs chest felt severely stuffed, he pressed her against the glass window sharply and and lifted her chin up with his finger and bowed low to kiss her, forcefully prying open her lips and his fiery tongue lay a desperate siege .


Shi Xiaonian opened her eyes wide in shock, her hands pressing against his firm chest struggling to get away from him .

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