CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Be my woman

Gong Ouyang loosened the restraint on her chin and controlled her with twisting her wrist in one hand and pressed her whole body against the floor-to-ceiling window, bending over her and kissing her madly everywhere inside her mouth . . .

He was an excellent kisser . She clearly hated him, but her body cannot help but tremble . Her tears streamed down her cheeks making Gong Ouyang's eyes darken . He deliberately bent down and licked her tears .

"You! what are you doing?," she grumbled wiping away her tears and finally burst out . "You . . you beast, let me go!"

She was wrong, she should not try and negotiate with a tiger . How can that be useful, and this result . .

She never wanted such a result!

"Be my woman . "

She heard an overbearing voice over her head .


Shi Xiaonian looked up at Gong Ouyang in shock .

This man is crazy!

"Isn't that the purpose of you stalling for time? You don't want to be separated from your child so now you can be with the child by my side" he said, gazing at her with a touch of patience .

He must admit that he had some attraction to the woman .

Instead of restraining her, he might as well make her his woman, waiting for her to come to her senses and think his way will probably take a long time .

It's not a very troublesome thing he felt at this moment .

Shi Xiaonian looked at him for few moments dumbstruck and only recovered her voice after a couple of seconds, "You made a mistake . "

She did not have any children, even if she did, she did not intend to rely on children to get any position .

"I told you, hand over the child and you can be my woman by my side!" Gong Ouyang ignored the words she uttered with self respect, looking beautiful as she looked at him .

This was already his greatest concession towards her .

Shi Xiaonian was speechless, in his paranoid thinking ways, do all women cling to him as the ultimate goal?

Seeing her speechless, Gong Ouyang moved closer to her so that the distance between them became negligible, and without heeding her objections, he bowed his head to kiss her .

He felt like it has been a long time since he hasn't tasted the sweetness of her lips .

Shi Xiaonian struggled out of his embrace and said, "I think you are making a mistake . I want to talk to you about me . . "

She tried to communicate with him again .

"Until when do you want to play this boring drama?" Gong Ouyang interrupted her, lowering his eyes to look into her beautiful ones, his voice dark, full of displeasure, "Is the price tag I quoted not high enough?"

Xiaonian suddenly found out that she cannot go anywhere with this man .

"Well, I'll give you a blank check each month to fill in any number you wish," Gong Ouyang added another condition with disdain .

"I can also make people turn you into a world class animator, invest in animation, and a series of movies that will carry your name into the big circles . " No woman can resist the temptation of f .

"I'll give them all to you as long as you stay with me!" This was the biggest price he has ever marked for a woman around him .

"Since I was young, I have always obtained what I wanted, and I'm interested in you now, it's better if you recognize that and accept this" Gong Ouyang is familiar with making business transactions, and when he said it's over, the other party understood that it was over .

He warned her, "I've already quoted your worth, don't be too greedy . "

If this was someone else, the deal he spoke of would be successful . Gong Ouyang has such confidence . He leaned into her, slender fingers stroking her face, her black lashes tightly locked in her eyes, a drop of tear on her eyelashes trembling attractively . .

Shee looked at him once again .

"Don't you have to take any medicines for your condition?" Xiaonian asked him abruptly after a while .

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