CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

She’d never been with a man before . How could there possibly be a child?

“Shi XiaoNian, 24 years old, third-rate young girls’ manhua artist . Right now you live in S-city . Do you want me to recite every school you’ve studied in, the friends you’ve made, or your family members’ backgrounds again?”

Gong Ou looked at her sternly as he recited her identity and erased the possibility of a misunderstanding from her lips .

Everything he said… . was correct .

Shi XiaoNian stared blankly at his overly handsome face . “But, mister, I really don’t know you . ”

She didn’t even know him! How could she give birth to his baby?

“Don’t pretend with me! Hand over the child you’ve hidden away!” Gong Ou said impatiently .

His thumb lightly turned off the safety on the pistol .

A danger that could accidentally go off at any time was pointed directly at Shi XiaoNian .

The man’s eyes only displayed an abnormal icy cold gaze .

She was so scared that cold sweat flowed continuously from her body . She agitatedly said, “I’ve really never been pregnant before! Can you please check it again? You can’t just ignore right and wrong and…… . ”

“Check? Alright, I’ll examine you right now!”

She had naively provoking Gong Ou to his limit .

Annoyed, Gong Ou swept his gaze across her body that was under the white muslin .

The white muslin covered her whole body like a dress and only revealed one shoulder . Her skin against the muslin was particularly fair and white like that of a newborn infant . It seemed as if her skin could be damaged with a light puff of air .

Rivulets of sweat ran across her skin as if she had just risen from a bathtub . The scene was captivating .

Gong Ou’s throat immediately tightened . A peculiar, dry heat spread throughout his body .

His gaze moved lower . The sweat on the woman in his view increased so much so that the white muslin became soaked . Under that white muslin, a faintly discernable dark scar could be seen on her flat belly .

“If you’ve never given birth, then why do you have that scar on your body?”

Gong Ou asked this in an emphatically tyrannical manner . The calm and unhurried look in his eyes showed his absolute belief that she had given birth before .

Shi Xiaonian suddenly noticed that she was exposing herself in an erotic manner and promptly covered her belly up with her hand . Red-faced, she said, “This was a scar left behind from an appendicitis operation . What C-section scar would be so far to the side?”

“Then you gave birth naturally! I want to check!”

Gong Ou threw the pistol away with one hand . Then, his big body closed in on hers .

Her womanly scent stirred up the fires within his body which was in desperate need of release .

“How would you check that?” Shi Xiaonian was confounded . Soon after, she shouted, “Hey! Don’t come any closer!”

The man in front of her was approaching her step by step while enveloped in an intensely frightening aura . A pair of eyes stared fixedly at her like a hunter seeking his prey . His gaze clearly conveyed his desire to rip her apart and swallow her whole .

“What do you want? Don’t come any closer!”

Shi Xiaonian continuously backed up until she was at the head of the bead . There was no more room to retreat .

Gong Ou had already reached the bed . He kneeled on the bed in front of her . One hand pressed down next to her head on the headboard as his large body covered hers .

His body enveloped hers .

“To examine you . ”

Gong Ou spat out those words . His dark eyes stared straight at her as if she was completely naked in front of him .

“You don’t need to be so close to examine me, OK? ……” Her thoughts whirled around her brain .

“This is close? Shi Xiaonian, the distance between a couple having sex is closer!”

“What are you babbling on about? I told you! Don’t come any… . . MM—!”

Shi Xiaonian’s words were silenced by the man’s thin lips . Without being able to utter a word of protest, the man lifted up the white muslin with a large hand . A robust, burning hot body promptly pressed tightly down on her . The temperature in the room rose to even higher extremes .


Shi Xiaonian let out a shriek and suddenly sat up . The room as luxurious as a presidential suite was no longer in front of her eyes but rather her own tiny apartment .

Shi Xioanian stared dazedly in that position for about ten minutes, then it finally began to register that she had been dreaming .

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