CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Warning: references to possible non-consensual sex .

The hell with it! How could she have dreamed about being kidnapped by that man? The man had even relentlessly demanded his child from her! In the end, he even had to do “that” kind of thing to check if she’d ever given birth before……

That feeling was so real that even now she could remember the warmth of the man’s lips and body .

His expression was cold, but his skin was scorching hot, as if he could burn her to ashes .

The man’s physique was so good it reached perfection . There was not even the hint of excess flesh, and his muscles were well-defined .

Except that when he was crazily exerting himself on her body, it had hurt too much . That kind of agony was too realistic and hurt until it made her want to scream……

“Shi Xiaonian . You’re going crazy from craving men . ”

Shi Xiaonian hated that she was still thinking about the man in her dream so much that she slapped herself sober .

After coming to her senses, Shi Xiaonian was about to get off the bed when she saw the newspaper at the head of the bead . She picked it up only to see the front page headline—

“NE Conglomerate’s CEO Gong Ou Returns To the Country Carrying the Banner of One of the Highest-Valued Companies In the World!”

Gong Ou .

A picture accompanied the news . It was a picture of an elegantly graceful man coming out of the airport . A crowd of bodyguards followed behind him .

The man was very young, but he had an extremely strong aura . He was surrounded by people, but he was dead center and drew the eye with one glance .

He wore a gray windbreaker, looking tall and thin . Under his neat and orderly short hair was a face so handsome that it made people breathless in admiration . A pair of eyes that could suck in your soul were simply looking off to the side somewhere . Even through the picture, he could make anybody’s face red and heart-rate increase .

The man in the picture was the male lead in her dreams .

No wonder, in her dream she felt that she’d seen him before .

Alright . She probably fell asleep reading this news so she would dream that kind of dream .

It made sense when she thought about it . How could she have anything to do with the level of person that Gong Ou was?

Who was Gong Ou?

Asian . Born of British nobility . He was a quarter European . He started his own company when he was 20 years old, did business in a bold and cold-blooded manner, and had a vicious mindset . Unceasing expansion and unbridled acquisitions led to his establishment of a large multinational conglomerate .

Under the banner of developing many kinds of cutting edge software and systems, he practically achieved unrivaled worldwide domination .

In addition to this, he invested a bit in many trades . As long as it made money, he’d have something to do with it .

This year, due to the main company becoming the highest-valued listed company worldwide, he was touted as the wealthiest man in the world .

Yet this year, he was barely 28 years old .

This kind of man… . . probably wouldn’t have anything to do with her other than in her dreams .


Shi Xiaonian threw the newspaper into the trash so she could no longer look at that handsome face that was unreachable for her . She got up to go brush her teeth .

Shi Xiaonian almost fell down as soon as she got off the bed . Pain radiated from between her legs . It was so painful it made her clench her teeth . “Uh—“

She leaned on the nearby wall at once while putting a hand on her lower abdomen .

How could this be?

Could it be that the pain of being raped in her dream manifested itself in reality?

That type of thing… . was it really that painful?

Oh no! It was probably because she’d never been with a man and was going crazy from loneliness .

Shi Xiaonian forcibly endured her body’s complaints and walked into the bathroom to wash up . She changed her clothes and grabbed her sketchpad and bag on the way out the door .

She was a third-rate young girl’s manhua artist . She normally had a lot of freedom in her work so she could create works either at home or at the office . She tended to like barricading herself in her house to write and draw, but, today, she had to go out .

Because she was afraid that if she stayed at home any longer, she’d probably would have more erotic dreams .

As Shi Xiaonian walked into the office, she heard a symphony of feminine shrieks—

“O . M . G! Gong Ou is so hot and so sexy! AH! I really want to rush through the screen and push him down!”

“I heard that he constructed a castle as his residence in our city! Ah! A castle……”

“Hehe! Love-struck foolish women! Wake up! He is Gong Ou! Do you know how many times he can encircle the world with the money he makes?”

Gong Ou .

This name again .

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