CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 21.3

Chapter 21.3

Chapter 21: The last phone call before death (Part 3)

- March 16, 2018

She held the phone tightly . Blinking her dry eyes, she slowly said, "Mu Qian Chu, listen, I worked hard to make you realize, but my efforts can only stop here . If one day you think of me, please . . "

Please visit my tombstone .

Mu Qian Chu did not give her the chance to complete her sentence and directly hung up, because at the end of the phone came Shi Yue's urging voice and he always put her first .

Xiaonian heard the dial tone on the phone again her chest hurt as if it was being strangulated .

He even refused to listen to her last words .

Mu Qian Chu .

Because of his childhood blindness, Mu Qian Chu's family sent him to recuperate in her town, a calm and silent place . He recovered his vision after six years but because of small twists and turns during the surgical procedures he lost all his memories . Then he fell in love with her sister, Shi Yue .

It was stupid .

He once stuck to her, shouted to the world that he would marry her and the teenager just disappeared with one operation . .

Regardless of what she said, Mu Qian Chu staunchly believed that she was jealous of her sister and was trying to grab her man . Even her parents think that she is too much and ignore her .

In fact, she is also very tired . In the face of a person who does not have her in his memory anymore, she has done enough .

Today, it can be considered a full stop to the whole thing .

"Miss Shi, are you okay?" Feng De approached her with concern in his eyes .

This time, Miss Shi seems to be more sad than when she was attacked by young master .

"I'm ready to enter the forest" Xiaonian said faintly putting down the phone, a slightest bit of despair was visible in her eyes .

From MuQian Chu's voice she knew that now, there's no one to care if she disappeared .

No one really cares .

Do not know how long it'll take for someone to notice that she had disappeared . Who will notice first? Shi Yue? Adoptive parents? Colleagues? or . . . Mu Qian Chu?

Not important, isn't it?

"Miss Shi, you really rather refuse to bow to young master?" Feng De asked .

"If I can bow for freedom, I will but not to be in his bed . I'd rather walk to my death" She whispered and stood up and left her seat without hesitation .

Seeing her resolute, Feng De no longer tried to persuade her, he only prayed that there would be a turning point .


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In the huge lounge:

Gong Ouyang lied on the capsule massage chair with top configurations .

Xie Linlin and two other beauties stood next to the bar helping themselves to wine, and from time to time walked to the side of Gong Ouyang to make a small talk in order to attract his attention, but they were still afraid to anger him so trod carefully .

Gong Ouyang ignored them . His hand held a remote control and his gaze was completely focused on the vertical screen before him . His handsome face looked grim and his dark opupils looks unfathomable as he stared at the screen .

On the screen, the camera focused on the overcrowded green outside the castle . The forest surrounded the castle in waves of green .

She was wearing a long blue dress and was being dragged out by the bodyguards . She did not struggle and took steady steps . The branches and brambles along the way broke her dress but she seemed unaware .

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