CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21: The last phone call before death (Part 2)

For a long time Feng De thought that she would not pick up the phone but then Xiaonian finally picked up the phone . Her index finger pressed a string of numbers .

Every number seemed to have caused her to spend an inordinate strength from within .

After what felt like centuries, the ringing tone stopped and someone picked up the call .

"Hello?" A slight masculine voice sounded over the phone .

Sitting on the chair Xiaonian blanked for a moment, her heart beating in chaos, the phone almost slipped from her hands .

"Who's this?" Seeing as no one answered the call, the other person enquired wth a trace of impatience .

"Yes . . . It's me" Xiaonian opened with trembling voice .

For a long time the air seemed to have stagnated . Thinking that the other party might not have heard her voice, she repeated again, "It's me, Xiaonian . "

"I know" Mu Qian Chu's voice instantly chilled down when he realized the identity of the caller . "I told you not call me in private to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings . "

So he refused her with a thousand miles of indifference .

When she heard him speak like that Xiaonian did not quite know how to start asking for help, "Qian . . "

"You, stop calling me inappropriately" Mu Qian Chu said coldly, "after all, I am your future brother in law, 'sister-in-law' . "

Listening to him use 'sister-in-law' she felt distant enough to belong to a different planet .

Yes . He was soon to be her brother in law, and she was supposed to be his 'sister' even though she was two years younger than he was .

Swallowing down her bitterness, Xiaonian continued, "If I said that I am kidnapped now, will you come and save me?"

If she had to believe that there was a person in the world who can save her in this world, then it is Mu Qian Chu .

She stubbornly believed him, still .

"Kidnapped? Who will do such a ridiculous thing? Did you draw a silly comic and started believing it?" Mu Qian Chu laughed in derision, his voice getting colder by the second, "You are Ah Yue's siters, how can you fabricate such lies to entangle your brother? Does this look like something a good sister would do?"

Fabricating lies . .

Why did everyone think she was lying? Gong Ouyang thought that, Mu Qian Chu also thought that .

"I did not lie, please help me . . . " she begged .

Feng De stood by her side and did not stop her asking from help, anyway, it was useless, no one can save her from the hands of young master .

"If you were really kidnapped . . " Mu Qian Chu's voice came coldly, he paused, then continued to coldly utter heartlessly, "Considering you are my relative, I'll get someone to collect your corpse . "

He said that he would send someone to take away her corpse .

Xiaonian felt as if she was thrown in a thousand year ice cold cave, the cold seeped from beneath her feet freezing her insides .

Her heart felt numb with pain .

When Gong Ouyang mistreated her, she did not fear death, but in the end, she still wanted to live, and she naively wanted to rely on Mu Qian Chu to live . .

But Mu Qian Chu shattered her last glimmer of hope .

He will not come to her rescue .

He let her feel despair more painful than death . She thought, if she begged him, he would come to her rescue .

It turned out, she was too naive .

"Shi Yue is here, I have to go . "

Mu Qian Chu was about to hang up without another word for her .

"You still don't remember me?" Just before he hung up, Xiaonian asked urgently .

This will bethe last time she asked .

"Xiaonian, don't you find this boring? Always trying to get me interested with these tactics?" Mu Qian Chu asked coldy, his disgust unhidden .

He completely hated her . .

Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled, her fingers gripping the phone tightly until they turned white . She wanted to hang up the phone but at the same time she could not . .

This was her last call before death .

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