CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22: In the forest for three days (Part 2)

Everyone said that people remembered everything before they died, it seems that she really is not far away from the end of her life .

Swipe .

She quickly moved her pen across the drawing paper to draw the teenager in the attic . She lightly sketched the the teenagers eyelids .

The second day in the forest:

Xiaonian did not eat or drink for a whole day, she really couldn't stay hungry for a long time .

Her stomach ached in bursts .

She was desperate at the end and tried to drink some dew from the leaves depending on the instinct to survive . At her first attempt, a body guard rushed in to warn her not to do that and knocked it out of her hands .

She was not allowed to take in anything, even if its dew on the leaf .

They watched her all the time, waiting for her to starve to death .

May be it's not too bad this way . Dying faster can make the pain shorter .

She continued sitting by the broken tree . Her long dress was dirty and she did not care .

She looked at the giant tree in front of her and recalled that she had desecrated herself in front of Mu Qian chu in the last few years .

In the eyes of everyone, she was just a playmate when she was young . Everyone thought that she shouldn't take away her sister's happiness by swaying him .

Her dad said, "Even if what you said is true, that was a matter between children . Even if he had not lost his memory, what he wants is your sister!"

Mom said, "I regret it, I really regret it! I wish I hadn't adopted you . Yougo! Go and don't come back after this New Year . "

Stop going .

Even when it's new years, she cannot go back .

She thought that if she disappeared, all of them will make a toast in celebration .

On the terrace outside the forest, Gong Ouyang stood against a balcony bathed in bright sunshine and pressed headphone on his ears with one hand . The call connected, "After the acquisition, arrange the director to take care of the news conference, don't bother me . "

After instructing the subordinates, Gong Ouyang hung up the phone and glanced towards the forest .

He lowered his head and placed the tablet with the most advanced technology in his hand . The computer impressively worked in the forest .

When he saw her, she sat in front of a broken tree regardless of the dirty dress .

Dirty woman .

Gong Ouyang looked at the screen disdainfully, but did not turn off the screen and stared straight ahead .

From time to time he kept staring at the monitor, looking at the person in the forest ignoring that he was acting like a voyeur .

In the forest, drawings were scattered on the ground .

The sun pierced through the mottled leaves, and shattered on the ground and fell on Xiaonian's dirty long skirt . She looked like an exceptionally Dusty beauty .

She did not sleep the whole night and kept drawing on the paper .

Boring woman .

Before you die, these are the things you wanted to do?

Awkwardly Xiaonian put aside her pencil and pressed her hand to her stomach with a painful expression on her face . She finally felt the pain searing through her stomach . It seems that she would soon cry and plead .

Gong Ouyang wrung his eyebrows, his heart going through inexplicable thoughts . He turned off his tablet and no longer looked at the image on it .


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The third day in the forest :

Xiaonian still did not get any mercy .

Her body collapsed a little by little, her stomach felt constant hunger pangs, and her lips were cracked out and wounded .

They said that if you don’t drink water for three days you'll will die . Did she reach her limit?

As the time went by, Xiaonian could only sit on the broken tree and cover her eyes . She did not even have enough strength to lift her hand anymore .

Tired, ah .

Waiting for death is really uncomfortable .

Her body went soft, the papers and pencils in her hand slipped and scattered around . She laid on the ground, her head resting against the tree with her hair was scattered around her .

When she woke up again, the light above her head was constantly changing . The ground refracted the light with different angles, sometimes transparent and sometimes colorful, with birds flying over, there sounds crisp .

It was really beautiful .

This beauty was like what she experienced as a child in front of her house all those years back . Then, Mu Qian Chu, who was taller than her, appeared in her sight .

The teenager was so dazzling .

As bright as a sunshine .

Vaguely, she saw a figure walking slowly towards her . It was the teenager . He smiled ans gave her his hand, "Xiaonian, be my guide and take me out on a walk . "

His smile was so good looking, and he was full of trust and dependence .

"Mu Qian Chu . . . "

She uttered his name weakly with her cracked lips .

No, it can't be Mu Qian Chu .

He can now already see the whole world and no longer needs her .

"Mu Qian Chu . . . . . bye" she murmured with all the helplessness and hoplessness, her eyelashes fluttered like an injured butterfly wings, slowly and softly .

Slowly, her eyelashes landed, closing her eyes .

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