CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23: She was rescued by him (part 1)

The light in front of her was completely gone, leaving nothing but endless darkness . Her every thought scattering away .

The hand resting on her stomach slowly slipped and she fell to the ground .


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Xiaonian lay in coma for a few days after this incident . Her mind would not let her wake up, fogging up her thoughts and memories until she could not distinguish between the reality and imagination anymore .

When she finally woke up, an opulent sky reflected in her eyes through the window .

She frowned unable to understand if this was her own imagination or reality .

Her whole body felt uncomfortable .

When she finally cleared her foggy brain, she focused on her surroundings . When she turned around she saw an infusion tube hung by her bed side . She slowly realized the truth .

She wasn’t dead .

She survived . But . . how could that be?

This was not the forest but a bedroom, although an empty one .


Xiaoxiao struggled to sit up in the huge bed . She feltextremely weak and frightened . She had to struggle even to move a little . When she looked up, she saw a tall slender figure standing at the end of her bed .

To be precise, he was stepping on the bed .

She saw Gong Ouyang standing with his hands on the quilt and without his shoes . His long straight legs were wrapped by gray trousers and his pale shirt was untidy with the first three buttons loosened revealing his sexy collar bone .

He lowered his head to look at her, his handsome face was tight and his dark eyes aired at her with immense anger .

If he had super powers, she would probably blow up .

When she saw the live version of the person who tormented her in her dreams standing by her bedside she was so shocked that she was left speechless in the next few minutes .

Obviously she hated Gong Ouyang, but when she saw him stepping on her bed with his lithe stature and eyes like that of a lion she inadvertently felt that he might be a little good looking . When she caught herself thinking it she didn’t whether to laugh or cry .

May be it’s because of death . To think that Gong Ouyang is not disgusting, she must be dead . Isn’t it? But why was she lying here again?

Seeing that she woke Gong Ouyang’s anger on his face became even more intense . He shouted hysterically at her, “Xiaonian, are you not afraid of anything?”

What happened to him? Was this another side effect of his paranoia?

Xiaonian just regained her consciousness and as soon as she did, she was scolded . She could not think of any right response to his question and could only stare at the man before her .

“I told you to die and you would die! Are you so obedient? Why didn’t you ask to be my woman? ” Gong Ouyang yelled at her in fury . “Don’t you know how to beg for mercy!”

He had obviously gotten the body guards to withdraw to the edge of the forest . By the third day he ordered the bodyguards not to stop her from eating or drinking, yet still stayed at that broken tree without doing anything .

She was stupid enough to die .

If it weren’t for him who saw her unconscious form lying in the jungle in the surveillance picture, he would not have been able to rush to save her and she would already be dead due to severe dehydration under the intense sun .

She clearly did not even know how to struggle before her death!

Xiao nian was stunned .

It seems that she was the one who wanted to…die .

“Idiot! a fool! Even stupid women know how to survive!”

Gong Ouyang fiercely scowled at her . His sexy voice sounded distorted and hoarse after his shouting tirade .

Perhaps he still did not feel satisfied , Gong Ouyang kicked the quilt on her aside .

When the quilt flew away from her body she saw the intravenous fluids getting into her body through the infusion needle placed on the back of her hand . Her previous clothing was changed and now she was wearing a night dress .

“What are you looking at? I changed you into those!” Gong Ouyang snarled . He sounded mad and arrogant, “Where have I not seen you or touched?”

Xiaonian silently looked at him, weakly opening her mouth, “I was not . . you don’t have to so excessive”

She wasn’t worried about these clothes . Anyways, he destroyed her innocence already .

Besides, she thought that she died once, and now she couldn’t gather enough energy to care about these things .

She just couldn't understand the fact that the man who would have her die by sending her into the forest was now making it seem like it was her fault, the level of vexatiousness he was displaying was enough to doubt her own memory .

“Excessive? I didn’t push you sown when you were dehydrated and lying in the bed . That was me exercising my excessiveness!”

Gong Ouyang’s whole face emanated hatred . He fiercely kicked the bed with his foot . The whole bed shook violently .

He kicked the bed really hard and if it wasn’t for the quality of the bed in this place, she was afraid that she would have crumbled along with a broken bed .

Xiaonian surrendered to his embarrassing words, she did not have any energy to fight with him . She slowly leaned against the bed and drooped .

She’ll just follow him .

This tossing her heart around for love is exhausting . She also wanted to lead a normal happy life… and she is too exhausted to struggle anymore .

“Don’t pretend to be dead!”

Seeing her indifference Gong Ouyang felt the dying embers of his anger re-ignite . He lifted his leg and squashed her leg .

Xiaonian sat up straight from the pain and frowned heavily . She struggled to pull her leg away from him and looked up at the tall man, “What do you want?”

She was so weak she couldn’t even speak properly to express herself .

“I want to kill you” Gong Ouyang said bluntly, “and dry you up and store you like a bookmark . ”

Xiaonian couldn’t understand his ideas, “Then . . why did you not let me . . die?”

Why did he,then, save her?

“That is what I have to figure out!”

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