CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 24.3

Chapter 24.3

Chapter 24: Leaving the palace (part 3)

- March 20, 2018

“Miss Shi, please wait . ”

“Could you do us a favor?” Feng De stopped her and asked .

Puzzled, Xiaonian turned to look at Feng De waiting for him to mention his request . But he silently led her downstair towards the kitchen area without saying anything and Xiaonian followed him silently .

As she approached the kitchen she could hear Gong Ouyang shouting at people in displeasure . His anger was palpable .

“If you don’t mind, would you please make some ice cream?”

“Which dog awarded you those titles and honors? Did no-one test you and graded you the best and declared your food as hundred times more delicious than the average!”

“Steward De is really getting old for him to hire this bunch of useless waste! Roll!”

… . .

Xiaonian went to the kitchen door, a long row of ice creams were displayed on the long table . Chefs and cooks of renown are lined up at the table, all heads were down bearing the anger of the owner and a few wee actually trembling .

Gong Ouyang was standing at the opposite side of the table, wearing a well dressed suit, and dressed like a sharp businessman . His reactions were unbelievably ridiculous . he actually threw a spoon at one chef’s face and berated him .

His character was really bad . He get’s violent too easily . Xiaonian wrinkled her eyebrows .


Shi Xaonian looked at Feng de by her side and watched him look aback at her rather helplessly . His wrinkles engraved on his face revealed a pleading look . He stretched his hands towards her . This small action showed that this was an honest old man . But to have him do this to her was . . a bit too embarrassing for her .

It’s just that while the request was not too hard, Gong Ouyang was disdaining the food prepared by famous chefs . What can she do?

Okay She will do whatever she can as a help to the old man .

She licked her lips, straightened her back and slowly walked into the room .

Seeing her, Gong Ouyang’s face had a hint of surprise, “Still alive after yesterday?”

His mouth…really . . too poisonous .

Well, she will bear it .

Xiaonian pretended to not hear him and calmly asked, “DO I need to make ice cream for you?”

“No, it’s too hard to eat!”

“Is it so?” Well, she tried .

“Why aren’t you rolling? I’m bothered when I look at you!” The food he wanted to eat, he couldn’t eat at all and Gong Ouyang’ stood worsened making him more violent .

“ . . then, I’ll take my leave,” Xiaonian turned around to leave .

“Come back and make it for me!” she heard Gong Ouyang biting out the words .

Shi xiaonian came back, the kitchen was immediately cleared out and all the ingredients were placed on the counter for her to use .

This man…he really is invincible .

In order to prevent Feng de and innocent chefs from being troubled Xiaonian rushed to make 20 vats of ice cream .

In order to prevent the German and innocent chefs from being swayed, Xiao Nian rushed to make 2o vats of ice cream .

When she put the last bucket of ice cream on the table Xiaonian felt too tiered to breath and Gong Ouyang was liesurely sitting on the sofa eating ice cream while talking on the phone to some business officials .

Clearly, just half an hour ago, he was angry .

Xiaonian once again felt the moodiness of this man .

Before, he said that he did not like sweets, and now he’s eating it like this . If he doesn't get fat then he’ll definitely die .

She shook her head . She wiped her face and hands and turned to leave and before she could reach the door she was stopped by Gong Ouyang’s question filled with displeasure, “where?”

“I’m going to look for the evidence to prove my innocence,” Shi nan said seriously .

“What if I want to eat ice cream?” Gong ouyang swallowed another mouthful of the dessert and asked with great confidence as if this were her task .

Xiaonian really wanted to give him a sarcastic answer but restrained herself .

“When you finish eating it, I will make it for you . ”

In order to leave Xiaonian was ready to do almost anything . She looked at the ice cream on the counter . So many vats…she was sure that hey would last at least 2 months .

By then, she will have nothing to do with him .

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