CEO Above, Me Below

Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24: Leaving the palace (part 2)

- March 20, 2018

No longer satisfied with such a little contact, he wrapped a hand around her lean waist, holding her back in one hand and forcing her to raise her face towards him with the other and he sealed her lips with his without any ceremony .

It was a maniacal attack on her mouth .

In a moment, her mouth was filled with his taste, erasing all signs of her .

She could only bear his onslaught .

Gong Ouyang was not willing to let her be unresponsive, he used his skills to coax a reaction out of her, trying to arouse her with his actions . Shi Xiaonian had a flurry of light kisses land on her skin and she couldn’t suppress the shiver that ran down her body, but she did not want to yield, so she told him, “You have a lot of women in this place . ”

He could find any one of them, some one who E cups or someone who was gorgeous . She still felt very weak…

“Well, with one should I sleep with?” Gong Ouyang asked as if he was discussing something as casual as the weather . Before she could say anything to that, her lips were covered with his as he tasted her sweetness .

The room’s temperature rose and was filled with seductive fragrance .

Xiaonian who couldn’t do anything against his madness, speechlessly surrendered .

But strangely, in addition to kissing and touching, Gong Ouyang did not go any further .

She did not understand what he was thinking . She tried to make unnoticeable movements, slowly trying to get away from him, but she was held more tightly instead . If he hugged her any tighter she would hear her ribs creaking .

“If you struggle anymore, I promise that you wont be able to sleep the whole night” he said fiercely against her ear while biting her ear lobe until she felt it sting .

A shock rushed into her body from the tip of her ear, and Xiaonian shrank back and did not move again choosing to remain silent letting him do whatever he pleased .

After a long time, Xiaonian gradually fell asleep under his never ending kisses .


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The next day:

When Shi Xiaonian woke up, it was already bright outside the window . There was no shadow of Gong Ouyang on her bed, only his masculine scent lingered on the sheets .

She sighed with relief and slowly got out of the bed . She must get out of this place today .

It is still unknown what Gong Ouyang will do to her if she did not find any evidence .

After washing, Xiaonian took the elevator downstairs and still di not see Gong Ouyang . She only saw Feng De who was instructing the maids .

“Steward De” Xiaonian went to him and bowed politely .

“Miss Shi” Feng De smiled at her politely and looked at her . The wrinkles at the corner of his eyes crinkled with his smile .

“Well, it was good that young master went to save you when you fainted in the forest . ”

“Save me?” Xiaonian was stunned when she heard that .

“Yes . It was the young master who first noticed that you fainted and personally hurried in to save you . ” Feng De said with a smile .

“It was the first time I saw Young master act as if he couldn’t control his heart . ”

…couldn’t control his heart?

Gong Ouyang was the kind of person who discarded women as soon as he had them .

This kind of man, who is moods are so unstable, who clearly wanted her to die . . rescued her… but, why?

Xiaonian did not continue to think about the topic . She had more important things to worry about at this moment .

“Gong Ouyang promised me that he would give me a week to find the evidence . I am leaving now,” she told Feng De telling him her goodbyes .

“Of course Miss Shi . We will send some people to monitor your every move, so please don’t do anything irrational such as asking for help or running away . It’s better to not make the young master unhappy . ”

Feng De’s words, while sounded professional, showed his care towards her . He was afraid that she would once again anger the young master .

She was going to leave this place for the first time, but if she angered him again, would there ever be a second time?

No one could guess what their young master thought .

Shi Xiaonian understood his good intentions and nodded in acknowledgement .

“I know, Steward De . I’ll be careful, you take care . I’m leaving now . ”

After finishing bidding her goodbyes Xiaonian went to the door and stopped suddenly . She looked at her empty hand .

She didn’t have a mobile phone, a wallet or anything with her to take away .


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