CEO's Secret Lover

Chapter 20

Is she a pig?

"Afraid?" Su Chen Hao could see that she seemed to be somewhat resisting.

"No, no."

"Let's go." As Su Chen Hao said this, he very naturally grabbed her hand and boarded the ship.

His touch caused Luo Qing Yun's face to instantly flush red, but she didn't dare to struggle and could only obediently let him hold her hand.

Although she said that she wasn't afraid, she didn't dare to move her body after boarding the boat.

The sea was rough and the yacht was fast. She had the illusion that the boat would capsize at any moment.

Turning his head to look at the man beside him, he saw him standing against the wind. His hair was blown back, and his expression was calm and unperturbed. He didn't seem to have any misgivings at all.

Suddenly, the boat turned and Luo Qing Yun's body tilted to the right, her head lightly knocking against Su Chen Hao's shoulder.

"Sorry …" "Sorry …" She frowned and rubbed her forehead as she apologized. There was something rolling in her heart, as if she was going to vomit at any moment.

Su Chen Hao felt that something was wrong with her expression, "Fainted?"

"Yes." Luo Qing Yun forced herself to resist the discomfort in her heart, blinked her pitiful big eyes and nodded.

"Endure it." Su Chen Hao gave her an order, then turned to look at the pilot of the yacht, "Is there any seasickness medicine?"

The pilot pointed to the first aid kit at the side and said, "Look inside."

"No need to trouble yourself, I …" "I didn't …" Luo Qing Yun didn't want to trouble him, but before she finished speaking, she felt a strong sense of disgust, causing her to have no choice but to shut her mouth and cover her chest.

Su Chen Hao opened the first aid kit and rummaged through it for a while, but didn't find any seasick medicine.

"Slow it down." He turned around and instructed the driver, and then went to the storage box in the front row to get a bottle of water and gave it to Luo Qing Yun, "Drink some water."

Luo Qing Yun took the water. It was ice-cold, and after frowning and taking a few sips, she placed the water down.

What should he do?

I feel like vomiting …

Luo Qing Yun was so regretful that she wanted to cry.

Why was she so upset?

He should have told her she was seasick when he asked her about it.

Now, he felt better. He wanted to vomit, but he didn't dare to. He couldn't resist anymore. This was too uncomfortable!

Her face paled and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Just when she felt that she couldn't hold on any longer and was about to throw up while leaning against the side of the boat, a large warm palm reached out and grabbed her left head. The palm pulled her directly to the right, leaning her body against a wide and warm embrace.

What was going on?

She jumped in fright. She wanted to struggle to get up, but her head was forced against his chest again. "Don't move, just lean on it. Close your eyes."

"Huh?" Luo Qing Yun's mind was full of greetings, but she really did not dare make a move.

As her ear pressed against his chest, she could clearly hear his strong and forceful heartbeat. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was extremely rhythmic. It even caused her heart to beat violently.

So awkward, so shy, so nervous.

She didn't dare to open her eyes. She didn't know that her face was as red as an apple. As she breathed, she could smell the faint scent of cologne emitting from his body.

Perhaps it was because the boat was slowing down, or perhaps it was because after he leaned against her, his attention was diverted, and he was so focused on his taut nerves that the nausea disappeared and was replaced by lethargy after the wobble.

Luo Qing Yun, are you a pig? She had slept so long in the car, and now that she was on the boat, she had to sleep again.

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