CEO's Secret Lover

Chapter 22

She can't play

"Don't be so talkative, who are they?" Su Chen Hao's gaze swept across the sofa, and finally locked onto a temporarily built awning not far ahead.

A few people were playing Texas poker, and a bunch of bikini beauties were waiting on them.

"The bald man sitting over there is the biggest contractor in the area, and beside him are the city officials, the engineers from the design department, and the old man over there is the chairman of Heng Ding International, our biggest competitor. Speaking of which, Eternal Cauldron International had really invested a lot this time, and even the chairman himself had come out. It looked like this Moon Island really was a big piece of meat. I was lucky to be able to catch up with this party, otherwise we might not have much to do with this project. " Qiu Ye explained as he led Su Chen Hao towards the direction of the awning.

Luo Qing Yun knew that Su Chen Hao had come for work so she didn't dare to disturb him. Thus, she silently retreated to the side, found a cool place to sit and drank some coconut juice.

When Su Chen Hao came to the awning, everyone was a little shocked and put down the card in their hands.

The man who went to meet them at the pier previously immediately introduced them, "Everyone, I believe everyone in Mr. Su knows each other. There is no other purpose for everyone gathering together today, but there is one word that is important, happiness."

"Old Li, you're in the wrong. Since you informed the Mr. Su, why didn't you inform us in advance? Could it be that you want to give us all a surprise? " Eternal Cauldron International's chairman, Yang He Zhi, puffed out a mouthful of smoke and said with a cigar in his hand.

When Old Li heard this, he hurriedly waved his hands, "This is a misunderstanding. I didn't know that you didn't want to say it on purpose, but I only found out an hour ago."

"So you're saying, the Mr. Su came uninvited?" The moment Yang He Zhi said that, everyone's expression tensed, and a strong smell of gunpowder immediately spread out.

Su Chen Hao's indifferent face revealed a cold smile, his deep eyes looked straight at Yang He Zhi, "Is Chairman Yang afraid of me?"

Hearing his words, Yang He Zhi immediately felt embarrassed, "What a joke, why should I be afraid of you?"

"I'm afraid that the moment I appear, the Moon Island project will have nothing to do with your Eternal Cauldron." Both of Su Chen Hao's hands were in his pockets lazily as he spoke. His tone of voice was lazy, and it was a stark contrast to Yang He Zhi's cautious look.

"Self-confidence is a good thing. Since Mr. Su is so confident in himself, how about we make a bet?" If you win, then our Eternal Cauldron Group will no longer participate in the competition for the development of the Moon Island. When Yang He Zhi said that, he gave a signal to the dealer who was responsible for giving out the orders.

The dealer received the message and nodded to him.

"That's a good idea." Su Chen Hao agreed, but after some hesitation, he said, "However, I have not been very interested in gambling lately. How about this, I'll find someone to replace me."

At this time, Luo Qing Yun was enjoying the sunshine, sand, and delicious food as she laid on the reclining chair.

When Qiu Ye came over to call her, she was humming a song with her eyes closed.

"What did you say?" Mr. Su wants me to go and play cards with you? " Hearing Qiu Ye's explanation for coming, Luo Qing Yun's gaze went straight to the interior of the awning, and just so happened to see Su Chen Hao's gaze looking in his direction.

She felt weak in her heart, and immediately retracted her gaze, and waved towards Qiu Ye: "I won't play, I won't play, I don't know how to play."

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