Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 16: Advancing into the Finals

Chapter 16: Advancing into the Finals

Hearing Jian Chen words, Ka Di Qiuli’s eyes brightened, “You said so yourself, so don’t you dare try to say otherwise later!” Ka Di Qiuli clearly had no desire to let Jian Chen prepare himself, so before she could even finish her sentence, she had already started to dash towards him. Just like the first blow, she leapt up into the air and lashed her leg out to kick him in the face, but this time the speed of her kick was much faster than her original one.

Jian Chen gave an odd smile as the kick came closer. Just like he said earlier, Jian Chen didn’t bother to dodge, but instead, as the kick was right in front of his face, both of his hands lashed out and grabbed onto Ka Di Qiuli’s calf. Exerting a decent amount of strength while twisting around, he whirled her around in one smooth motion. As he threw her, Ka Di Qiuli cried out in panic as she was spun around by Jian Chen.

Many of the surrounding students watching the event became dumbstruck. Not only did it seem like Jian Chen did not care for the fairer s*x and threw such a beautiful lady into the air in such a crude way, he had also defeated the last 6 opponents in the same manner.

Under the arena, Ka Di Yun felt the veins in his forehead throb as he watched his younger sister get mistreated in such a way. A murderous intent was focused on Jian Chen as he watched him; if it weren’t for the vice headmaster Bai En presiding over the match nearby, then Ka Di Yun would have charged onto the arena long ago to teach Jian Chen a lesson.

Jian Chen’s two arms were almost like strong pincers, clamping down onto her legs, as he spun her around twice before finally letting go. At that moment, one could only see Ka Di Qiuli’s beautiful body streak across the sky in an arc, before finally flying out of the arena, and crashing into a group of people in the audience.

He had learned this trick from Tie Ta. After watching Tie Ta in some of his matches, he saw that he had done a similar method to easily toss his opponents out of the arena. However, Jian Chen had to admit, this method was a very easy trick to pull off for a quick but easy victory, and could be done to certain people with ease.

With only a tiny bit of disdain for the people in the audience who helped Ka Di Qiuli back to her feet, Jian Chen smirked as the referee proclaimed him the winner, before walking off the stage slowly.

Blankly looking at Jian Chen walk off the arena, Ka Di Qiuli’s face fell. Since she was born, she had been pampered by thousands of people as she grew. For her to suffer humiliation from being tossed into the air after being spun around like a top, she had felt that she lost face as well as being wronged, despite not getting injured. As she thought about this, Ka Di Qiuli’s eyes started to tear up, and she eventually began to leak out streams of tears as she cried silently to herself.

As Jian Chen walked down from the arena, Ka Di Qiuli’s brother, Ka Di Yun, blocked his path. Glaring at him icily, he growled, “Kid, you really have some fucking courage to treat my sister like that.”

Jian Chen lazily glanced over at the furious Ka Di Yun and snorted. Without saying anything, Jian Chen walked away from him. Words were not worth wasting on him, because Jian Chen couldn’t stand to hear Ka Di Yun try to use his clan’s influence to bully others.

Watching Jian Chen walk farther and farther away from him, Ka Di Yun’s own face grew even more somber.

With the end of Jian Chen’s match, the final 4 names were called out. In the end, it was Changyang Xiang Tian, Tie Ta, Ka Di Liang, and Tian Mu Xiong that remained.

As far as Tie Ta was concerned, Jian Chen was not at all surprised that he had made it. However, Jian Chen did not think that Ka Di Liang would unexpectedly make it into the top 4.

There was also the fourth participant, Tian Mu Xiong. His age wasn’t all that different from Ka Di Qiuli. He had a medium-sized body, and a pale complexion. Although he was young, there was no doubt that he was handsome, with a perfect balance of his facial structures.

Sitting on top of the platform was the vice headmaster, Bai En, who slowly looked over the four remaining students. With a small nod and a laugh, he announced, “It would appear that this year’s freshmen are much stronger than the freshmen before them. I can only hope that our Kargath Academy will be able to boast of someone just as strong after.”

After announcing the four remaining students, they were given an hour of rest before continuing on with the competition. However, by some miraculous chance, Jian Chen’s drawn opponent was Ka Di Liang, while Tie Ta’s opponent was Tian Mu Xiong.

Under the arena, Ka Di Yun and his siblings gathered at the bottom and watched; Ka Di Qiuli’s eyes were starting to become red and inflamed by this point.

“Second brother, you have to teach him a lesson later.” Ka Di Qiuli said with unrestrained fury to Ka Di Liang before the match started.

Noticing his sister’s red eyes and her tear stained face, Ka Di Liang couldn’t help but feel extremely furious as he spoke, “Sister Qiu Li, don’t worry. Even if I get penalized by the academy, your second brother will definitely teach him a lesson.”

“Hmph, what a savage kid. To think that he would dare treat our sister like this, he really does have a death wish. Sister, please don’t worry, I guarantee you, that kid will definitely only feel suffering for as long as he lives in this academy. Although the headmaster sides with the poor people, he is by no means a commoner. Even if I beat him until he’s a cripple, the headmaster won’t say a thing; at the very most, he’ll just scold us.” Ka Di Yun’s face looked as if he swallowed poison. When it came to their sister, both Ka Di Yun and Ka Di Liang cared greatly for her. When Jian Chen had treated their sister in such a way, he had already earned extreme hatred from both of them.

Soon, Jian Chen and Ka Di Liang both walked onto the arena, and waited for the start of the match. Right as the gong sounded, Ka Di Liang dashed towards Jian Chen and tried to slam his fist into Jian Chen’s stomach.

Jian Chen nimbly dodged Ka Di Liang’s attack, while returning the blow with his own fist that was even faster than his opponent’s.


Before Ka Di Liang could even respond, Jian Chen’s fist had already made contact with his back. The force of his punch was so strong, it forced Ka Di Liang to stagger backwards, before falling to his knees.

After one blow, Jian Chen didn’t bother to hold back. Both of his legs went into motion as he quickly ran towards where Ka Di Liang was kneeling. All of a sudden, the originally staggering Ka Di Liang suddenly lost his footing once more and was sent flying again. After being hit, he flew two meters towards the edge of the ring, almost knocking him out of it, though half of his body was already hanging out of it.

Watching this display of might, every student watching Jian Chen all cried out in surprise. They had never imagined that in a single engagement, the victor would be so readily decided. This was something that every student thought was amazing; the 9th layer Saint Force student Ka Di Liang was being beaten so easily by the 8th Saint Force layer Jian Chen.

Seeing half of Ka Di Liang’s body sticking out from the ring, both Ka Di Qiuli’s and Ka Di Yun’s hearts leapt out from their chests and into their throats.

“Ai, how can second brother be this careless, how-how annoying. He’d better not lose to a brat like him.” Ka Di Qiuli cried as she stamped her foot in anger. Though the longer she looked at Ka Di Liang, the more easily one could tell her face was full of concern for her older brother.

Ka Di Yun let out a breath in exasperation, “What is second brother doing for him to be this careless and lose to a brat who’s only at the 8th Saint Force?”

On top of the platform, the vice headmaster Bai En smiled excitedly as he said, “The freshmen we picked up this year are definitely jewels. One has been blessed by the heavens, while the other I can polish and shine in the future. While his attacks are simple, there is a strange sort of mystery to him. Every single time there is a crucial point in the match, he unleashes highly accurate moves with almost instantaneous reactions. These two students truly do require closer nurturing. I believe that in the future, these two will be great experts within the Tian Yuan continent. I’d better discuss this with the headmaster later.”

On the arena, Ka Di Liang scrambled to pick himself back up, his forehead already dripping with cold sweat. If his body had slipped just a few more inches, then there would be no doubt that his body would’ve fallen down from the arena. And then if he truly did lose to an 8th Saint Force layer student in such a disgraceful manner, he would definitely have been labeled as a great disgrace.

When Ka Di Liang crawled back up and turned himself around, his surroundings suddenly blurred, and he was suddenly aware of an acute sense of pain in his stomach before he could fully comprehend what was happening. But then, his body felt as light as a feather, before he realized the stage was growing smaller and smaller. The next thing he knew, his body impacted the ground below, and his previously spotless white robes now sported a single dusty footprint.

Blankly standing up from the ground, Ka Di Liang looked all around himself, before he fully comprehended what had just happened. Indignation burst forth from his eyes, as he shot Jian Chen a malicious glare. Although he had reached the 9th layer, he had ultimately been beaten by a student who had only reached the 8th layer, and felt his defeat was an extreme waste. Every time he thought of this, Ka Di Liang’s heart filled with endless anger. To him, this was definitely a huge disgrace.

Ka Di Yun walked up to Ka Di Liang and said, “Second brother, you’ve disappointed me. You have really lost face for our Ka Di clan.” After dropping these words, Ka Di Yun didn’t spare a second glance at Ka Di Liang, and immediately left the area.

Hearing Ka Di Yun’s words, Ka Di Liang’s face immediately turned beyond ugly.

“Second brother, you were too careless. Although you said that you would help me teach him a lesson, it ultimately became you being the one that was taught.” Ka Di Qiuli said resentfully in a disappointed voice, her tone quite indignant.

Hearing this, Ka Di Liang’s face changed as well, before growling, “This was the extent of his luck. It was because of this arena that he won; if we were to change places, then there would be no way he would be an opponent for me. Third sister, don’t worry, I will definitely teach him a lesson in the future.”

Ka Di Qiuli began to think; she felt that his reasoning had some truth to it. Slowly nodding her head, she said, “Second brother, you’ll have to teach him a lesson for sure next time.”

Ka Di Liang patted his chest, and solemnly vowed, “Don’t worry, third sister. Leave this to me.”

Not too long after Jian Chen had won his match, the match between Tie Ta and Tian Mu Xiong also started to wrap up. Although Tie Ta’s Saint Force was lower than his opponent by a single layer, his heavenly blessed strength helped make up for this deficiency. In the end, he relied on the experience he had learned from hunting beasts and was finally able to beat Tian Mu Xiong by a narrow victory. Along with Jian Chen, he became one of the two finalists. By the end of the next match, one of the two will emerge victorious and be crowned the Freshman Ruler.

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