Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2760: A Firm Stance

However, just when the prodigies of the Saints’ World faced death, a powerful sword intent suddenly appeared out of nowhere and flooded the entire place. It seemed to be an invisible will that possessed a certain pressure, as if it could influence the laws there and affect space and time to a certain degree.

With the appearance of the powerful sword intent, the golden strands of sword Qi that originally shot towards the prodigies and Godkings after piercing the barrier seemed to encounter great resistance. Not only did they rapidly grow dim, they halted as well.

Getti’s face immediately sank when he witnessed this unexpected event. The flames of fury smouldered in his heart, while his eyes became extremely frigid.

He knew Kun Tian was responsible for this. Kun Tian actually wanted to stop him from killing these outsiders. This was not just a matter of provocation anymore. Instead, Kun Tian was openly working against him.

“I want them to die, so they must die. Kun Tian, do you think you can stop me?” Getti was furious. Ever since Kun Tian broke through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he actually stepped over the line more and more frequently. He was actually openly obstructing him today. He could not be forgiven.

After all, the entire Darkstar race was under the rule of his seventh divine hall for this millennium. According to the rules, the other nine divine halls had no authority nor reason to interfere.

Although there were not any corresponding punishments for divine halls that forcefully interfered with the internal affairs of the Darkstar race due to the lofty statuses they possessed, it was a severe form of provocation to the divine hall in charge.

Getti immediately released his soul, dividing it into thousands of segments and embedding them onto the golden sword Qi. The sword Qi strengthened immediately, shooting towards every single target quickly and forcefully against the suppression of the sword intent.

“Getti, you’re the mighty seventh hall master, yet you’re actually about to lay your hands on a bunch of Godking juniors. Isn’t that stooping a little low?” At this moment, a clear laughter rang out from behind. Before he had even finished talking, a figure appeared silently beside Getti.

He also hovered several hundred meters in the air, standing right beside Getti.

He was the fifth hall master who Jian Chen disguised as, Kun Tian!

As he said that, Jian Chen extended a finger leisurely and pointed at the city below.

With that, a wave of sword rain immediately appeared out of nowhere and collided with Getti’s golden sword Qi resplendently.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of explosions immediately rang out above the Hundred Saint City. It was deafening, just like thunder.

Whether it was Jian Chen’s white sword Qi or the golden sword Qi that Getti had condensed from the Laws of Metal, they all contained tremendous amounts of energy. As a result, every clash and explosion possessed the power of the Primordial realm, and what accompanied them were storms of energy.

In the blink of an eye, the Hundred Saint City was flooded by powerful storms of energy once more. The prodigies and sacrificial Godkings hiding in there were as insignificant as ants before the storms. They were blown far away helplessly, leading to countless injuries.

When the storm subsided, all of the golden sword Qi within the city had vanished. They had all been cleared away by Jian Chen.

“Kun Tian, what do you want?” A vein bulged from Getti’s forehead. He was fuming as he turned around and barked at Jian Chen.

If it were not for the fact that Kun Tian had reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer now and they had just clashed earlier, allowing Getti to learn Kun Tian’s strength, he probably would have lashed out against Kun Tian already.

Compared to Getti’s anger, Jian Chen seemed much calmer. He smiled in a nonchalant manner and clasped his fist, “Please calm down, seventh hall master. Now’s not the right time for the outsiders in the Hundred Saint City to die.”

Getti’s face had darkened. He stared at Jian Chen viciously like he wanted to kill him. His anger erupted like a volcano as he stressed each word, “I’m the one in charge of everything regarding the Darkstar race right now. Their lives are in my hands as well. Your fifth divine hall has no right to tell me what to do. Kun Tian, if you don’t give me an appropriate explanation, this won’t just end here.”

Jian Chen remained unfazed. He continued to smile nonchalantly, “It’s very simple. These outsiders of the Hundred Saint City possess extraordinarily powerful backgrounds. My soul’s been injured, such that I’ve lost my past memories, so I need these outsiders to provide me with some heavenly resources or pills that can heal the soul.”

When he reached there, Jian Chen’s smile gradually vanished. He instead became solemn. Even his nonchalant gaze sharpened. He said, “Healing my soul is a matter of utmost priority. Anyone who gets in my way, no matter who, will be an enemy of me, Kun Tian. I swear I will never forgive or spare them.”

When he heard Jian Chen’s last, resolute sentence that was also brimming with killing intent, Getti could not help but be taken aback. Within the Darkstar race, while the Primordial realm experts were in constant conflict with one another and a few small scuffles would happen from time to time, all of it was on a manageable scale.

Never in the history of the Darkstar race had anyone uttered what Kun Tian had said, where they would never forgive or spare them, basically going down a path of no return.

Getti could not help but calm down slightly, but Kun Tian’s threatening words still displeased him very much. However, he also understood that there was something wrong with Kun Tian’s head right now. Just earlier, they had actually begun fighting with him over some items that never existed in the first place. This time, it was for the sake of healing his soul and recovering his memories. If Getti really did end up setting him off, who knew what Kun Tian was capable of doing in his current deranged state.

Even if he could keep him at bay, it would come with a heavy cost.

As Jian Chen and Getti confronted each other in the air, the several dozen injured prodigies all gathered together below. As they looked at the two people in the air, they stared at the developing formations in the air nervously and anxiously.

Given the current situation, there was nothing they could do now. Even if they fell into formation and poured everyone’s strength together, they would not even be able to block a single attack from Getti. As a result, they could only remain in the city and pray that the formation would completely activate a little sooner.

“Kun Tian, you need heavenly resources to heal your soul, but it doesn’t have to come from the Hundred Saint City. We’ve gathered quite a few outsiders under our control over the years. These outsiders also come from major organisations in the Saints’ World. If you really need heavenly resources, you’re more than welcome to exchange with them.” Getti calmed down, but his voice was still extremely cold.

“Hmph, how can you compare those organisations to the ones behind the Hundred Saint City? Getti, I hope you don’t get in my way of healing myself, or this won’t be a minor matter anymore,” Jian Chen said coldly.

Getti said nothing in reply. Cold light flashed through his eyes as he stared right at Jian Chen. Although he knew healing his soul was a valid reason for Kun Tian to stop him from destroying the city, it was still somewhat humiliating for him.

“Hall master, the day of the great ceremony is soon. Hall master Kun Tian’s injured soul is indeed a matter of great priority. If hall master Kun Tian can recover, then our chances of success with the great ceremony will definitely increase.” The two vice hall masters of the seventh divine hall arrived from behind. They all knew what had happened, so they both tried to persuade Getti.

“Hall master Getti, if our hall master is unable to recover, it’ll affect the great ceremony to a certain degree at the very least. That’s something that ties into the fate of our entire race. That’s much more important than some measly Hundred Saint City. We hope hall master Getti can focus on the bigger picture,” Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin arrived behind Jian Chen and clasped their hands at Getti.

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