Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 30: Vice Headmaster Bai En

Chapter 30: Vice Headmaster Bai En


Tie Ta and Cheng Mingxiang’s fists collided into each other, creating a loud boom. A fierce shockwave exploded as the two fighters flew backwards.

Feeling Tie Ta’s power within his fist, Cheng Mingxiang’s face faltered slightly, becoming a look of astonishment. Although Tie Ta’s strength wasn’t at the level of a Saint, the energy in Tie Ta’s fist was something that even a Saint couldn’t release. If it weren’t for the fact that Cheng Mingxiang’s strength was stronger than Tie Ta by so much, then he would have suffered a huge loss from that confrontation. But even though he had made it out relatively unharmed, Cheng Mingxiang’s shoulder had started to ache with pain.

Stretching his right shoulder a bit, Cheng Mingxiang looked at Tie Ta in a new light, “The headmaster’s apprentice is truly marvelous. The power inside your fist is likewise frightening, and completely dominated my own fist. If you were a Saint, then your fist would have forced me into taking a huge amount of damage.”

Tie Ta’s godly strength was an inconceivable amount of power that no one else could compare themselves too. His strength was so strong that even Jian Chen gasped in astonishment. Against such a strong opponent, Tie Ta didn’t suffer a single trace of damage.

Tie Ta boomed with a happy laughter, and said, “Try again, I’ll return the favor immediately.” He swung his fists in a ready position as he faced Cheng Mingxiang.

Looking at Tie Ta, Cheng Mingxiang’s eyebrows knitted together as he looked the paling Luo Jian. “I’ll stall Tie Ta, you go teach Changyang Xiang Tian a lesson.” Without a pause, he charged at Tie Ta and the two started to fight once more.

Thanks to Tie Ta’s special status within the academy, Cheng Mingxiang didn’t dare to use his Saint Weapon, and instead used his twin fists to fight him. But after a few rounds of close combat exchanges, Cheng Mingxiang began to grumble to himself about how absurd Tie Ta’s strength was. Not only that, but Tie Tia’s body was like steel, so combined with his enormous strength that complimented his Saint Force, there was no way Cheng Mingxiang would be able to defeat Tie Ta without using his Saint Weapon, despite being stronger than Tie Ta. He was using the entirety of his strength, but could only accomplish very little, such as pushing Tie Ta backwards. In addition, he still didn’t dare to fight head-on with Tie Ta for an extended period of time.

The students all watched Cheng Mingxiang fight against the incredibly strong Tie Ta with wide eyes, as they took pleasure in watching the fight. Although many of the students here had never seen Tie Ta before, they all knew him by name. After all, he was the 2nd place winner of the Freshmen Competition, and thus his name had spread throughout the academy. Still, many people were having a hard time believing that someone who wasn’t even a Saint yet could fight toe to toe with Kargath Academy’s talented genius, Cheng Mingxiang.

The news that the Freshmen Ruler of the Freshmen Competition, Changyang Xiang Tian, was able to beat the Saint Ka Di Yun had already shaken the academy. And at the moment, they were completely incapable of accepting the fact that Tie Ta, who wasn’t even a Saint yet, could fight one of the strongest Saints, Cheng Mingxiang, to a standstill.

While Cheng Mingxiang fought fiercely against Tie Ta, Luo Jian didn’t idle about. Rushing towards Jian Chen, Luo Jian didn’t bother to use his Saint Weapon since he was a middle rank Saint, so it would be a waste for him to use it against someone who wasn’t even a Saint yet.

Luo Jian quickly ran towards Jian Chen before he could even prepare himself, and used his right leg to kick him. The kick traveled at such a fast speed towards Jian Chen’s stomach, that he could feel a cold gale. The kick was both fast and so fierce, and had no hesitation at all. Since it was Jian Chen, Luo Jian would never consider holding back.

Despite Luo Jian’s kick being extraordinarily fast, he underestimated Jian Chen’s reaction and evasion speed. Just as Luo Jian was about to kick Jian Chen, he narrowly dodged to the side, and so Luo Jian’s leg only clipped his clothes. Although it had looked like Jian Chen had only barely dodged the kick by the skin of his teeth, there was not a single trace of panic on Jian Chen’s face, instead, there was only a casual look of relaxation.

Seeing his attack miss, Luo Jian’s eyes reflected a shocked expression. However the next instant, the cyan Saint Force immediately appeared from within his body. As soon as it materialized, mysterious breezes began to surround his body.

Suddenly feeling the fierce gale from Luo Jian’s kick, Jian Chen’s eyes revealed a look of amazement. According to the books he had read earlier this type of attack was an example of a Saint with a wind attribute.

A Saint with an attribute was generally stronger than a Saint without one by a large margin; not only that, but those with an attribute would generally have that added to their strength. Those with a wind attribute would definitely have their speed increased multiple times, and in the higher ranks, there would be very little that could compete with a wind attribute Saint in speed.

A cyan colored Saint Force started to flow out from Luo Jian as his right hand was completely wrapped up in it. With another quick dash towards Jian Chen to attack him, this fist was even faster than before and even left behind a phantom image; the naked eye would not be able to see the fist at all.

His face growing grave, Jian Chen leaned his head to the side and dodged Luo Jian’s fist once more. His right leg immediately lashed out towards Luo Jian that was no slower than the fist earlier.

Luo Jian’s eyes flashed dangerously as he realized Jian Chen’s speed was no slower than his own. Because of the high speed kick, Luo Jian had no time to dodge it. Without any other choice, the wind attributed Saint Force started to concentrate within his left hand as he brought it smashing down onto Jian Chen’s incoming leg.

Luo Jian wind attributed Saint Forced infused fist fiercely collided with Jian Chen’s leg, causing the weaker Jian Chen to be sent flying back.

Jian Chen’s body was thrown back with great speed, but both of his legs dragged against the ground, using the friction to slow his momentum. Leaving behind two exceptionally clear drag marks on the ground, Jian Chen estimated that he had been forced to retreat 10 meters back.

Luo Jian cracked his knuckles and stared at the rarely seen look of solemnity on Jian Chen’s face. In that short confrontation, Luo Jian realized that he could not view Jian Chen as a regular person. Although his strength wasn’t that of a Saint, his fighting capabilities were.

Luo Jian’s eyes started to flash with a small amount of hesitation before he finally came to a conclusion . In this situation, if he wanted to defeat Jian Chen as soon as possible, then he would have to use his Saint Weapon. Although this would be hard to avoid being subjected to everyone’s laughter, but he knew that if he didn’t use his Saint Weapon he would not be able to defeat Jian Chen in a short amount of time. If it took a long time for someone like him to deal with a freshmen that wasn’t a Saint, then it would create an even bigger impact on his reputation.

When he thought about how he, as a middle Saint level, was unable to defeat a person who had not yet reached Saint level, and even had to use a Saint Weapon to do so; Luo Jian could not help but feel vexed. It made his hatred for Jian Chen develop even deeper. Today’s battle, no matter who the victor was, he would still lose a lot of face. On the other hand, Jian Chen would most likely have his reputation increased by today’s battle, and his reputation would once again spread throughout the entire Kargath Academy.

Luo Jian’s eyes shone with a cold light that could make one shudder, and nobody dared to look at him straight in the eyes. Accompanying his palm, a powerful cyan Saint Force began to frantically rush forth, gradually condensing into a cyan greatsword. It was about 5 feet long and 3 inches wide, and the entire sword was covered in a thick layer of cyan light. That sharp blade emitted blinding light rays from the reflection of the sun light, and the mere sight of it made people quake in fear.

Jian Chen sensed that the cyan greatsword in Luo Jian’s hand was emitting a powerful Saint Force, and his face gradually became more grave. Using a Saint Weapon, Luo Jian’s power had multiplied, much higher than it previously was. If Luo Jian didn’t use his Saint Weapon, then Jian Chen could still deal with the fight, albeit with some difficulty. However, once the Saint Weapon was drawn, Jian Chen could only cautiously take up the challenge. Based on his previous world’s experience from the countless life or death battles he had gained, perhaps he would be able to hold off the attack. However, it would be extremely difficult to win.

With his Saint Weapon in hand, Luo Jian’s imposing manner suddenly grew stronger. His eyes intensely glared at Jian Chen, as he said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, today I will definitely dispose of you.” Luo Jian raised the cyan greatsword high in the air, and its cyan glow sharply increased in brightness, as its strong Saint Force managed to jolt even the few students observing the fight from within the library.

“Ah!” Luo Jian roared, as he quickly slashed the cyan greatsword down from above his head, leaving a gorgeous cyan trajectory behind it as it moved. The only thing that could be seen was the lightly fast cyan Sword Qi that shot out and headed straight towards Jian Chen.

Sensing that the Sword Qi was extremely powerful, Jian Chen’s face immediately showed matchless concentration; that was definitely not something the current him could withstand. The cyan Sword Qi was so incomprehensibly fast that Jian Chen didn’t have the time to contemplate his actions. He gathered all his power into his legs, to prepare to dodge with all his might. Suddenly, a white figure shot out as fast as lightning at a pace even faster than the cyan Sword Qi, and stood in front of Jian Chen as a shield.

When the cyan Sword Qi shot towards the white figure, it unexpectedly disappeared silently without a trace. Not even a single spark could be seen.

The white figure that approached was a middle-aged man around 40 years old. The man wore a white changpao, and his scholarly face was extremely solemn. His pair of unordinary eyes were completely filled with anger.

When Luo Jian saw the white clad middle-aged man, his expression drastically changed, and his face paled. He made the cyan greatsword in his hand disappear in an instant, and immediately bowed to greet the man respectfully, “Vice headmaster!” These mere two words betrayed the traces of fear hidden in Luo Jian’s voice.

Hearing Luo Jian address this middle-aged male like so, Jian Chen paused. His gaze rested on the male’s back for a bit, as his heart realized the man’s identity. To his relief, it was the one who held the position second only the headmaster’s: Kargath Academy’s one and only vice headmaster, Bai En.

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