Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3059 - Ancestor of the Heaven’s Sect

Chapter 3059: Ancestor of the Heaven’s Sect

Zhan Yun, one of the Heaven’s sect’s six great elders of Heaven’s prestige, was a late Chaotic Prime. Right now, ice crystals rapidly spread across his body, starting from his feet and moving upwards. In only a few seconds, it had reached his waist, such that the entire lower half of his body had turned into an ice statue, freezing where he was.

The ice crystals did not stop there. Instead, they continued towards the upper half of his body at an uncontrollable speed, even invading his head.

“Ancestor Lan, a- are you declaring war against our Heaven’s sect? You better think about the consequences of treating me like this.” Zhan Yun was alarmed. He erupted with his full cultivation in an attempt to stop the spread.

But unfortunately, the difference in his and ancestor Lan’s strength was far too great. The disparity between a Chaotic Prime and a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime could be described as an untraversable gulf, so no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to slow down the ice crystals at all.

Ancestor Lan had only done this casually, but it was so powerful and the laws involved were so high that it was well beyond what any Chaotic Prime could withstand.

“A puny Chaotic Prime like you is insufficient to represent the Heaven’s sect!” ancestor Lan said coldly, without any fear at all.

The Heaven’s sect was very powerful, basically the tyrant of planet Cangmang. However, as long as that person from the Heaven’s sect did not formally reach the Seventh Heavenly Layer, then they could not shake up the Heavenly Crane clan.

Zhan Yun was incapable of talking anymore. In a total of merely five seconds, he had completely frozen over into a vivid statue of ice, connected to the ground. He was rooted to the tundra firmly like a tree.

However, that was not the end of it. Shortly afterwards, there was a crisp crack, and a fracture suddenly ran across the ice sculpture, rapidly spreading. It spread faster and faster, growing denser and denser, until it seemed to form a web over Zhan Yun’s entire body.


It was also at this moment that the ice statue abruptly shattered into countless pieces, scattering on the ground. Every single piece was a part of Zhan Yun’s flesh and blood.

One of the Heaven’s sect’s six great elders of Heaven’s prestige, a late Chaotic Prime, had just collapsed so easily under everyone’s gazes.

But soon afterwards, an illusionary figure appeared out of thin air where Zhan Yun had previously stood.

That was Zhan Yun’s soul!

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Zhan Yun had not died. Only his body had been destroyed. His soul was still untouched.

However, after losing his body, even a Chaotic Prime like him would become extremely feeble.

“Ancestor Lan, y- y- you’ve actually destroyed my body. H- h- how vicious of you!” Zhan Yun’s soul stared furiously at ancestor Lan. His face was particularly twisted.

At the same time, among the fragments of Zhan Yun’s body, a tablet that had remained completely untouched suddenly erupted with powerful light, together with pulses of energy. It was to the extent that the tablet began to float in the air. The figure of an old man then appeared.

The old man was dressed in white robes. His face was ruddy, and his skin was very soft and tender. He gave off a natural sense of gravitas.

“The Origin Arts Ancestor, it’s actually the Origin Arts Ancestor!”

“The Origin Arts Ancestor has a cultivation at the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. It’s said that he’s already spent many years in secluded cultivation, working towards the Seventh Heavenly Layer. H- he seems to be close to success already.”

“I didn’t think the Origin Arts Ancestor who’s spent all this time in secluded cultivation would actually leave a sliver of his soul with Zhan Yun. Looks like the Origin Arts Ancestor also values this Jian Chen person very much.”

“That’s all too normal. The Origin Arts Ancestor is currently working hard towards his breakthrough. Reaching the Seventh Heavenly Layer doesn’t take talent and willpower alone, but also luck and fortune. Jian Chen possesses many precious items from the Darkstar World, which might just be the luck and fortune that the Origin Arts Ancestor needs to break through.”

“I see. So the Origin Arts Ancestor has come for Jian Chen’s resources. That makes sense. After all, the Darkstar race is a race that’s produced a sovereign. They possess many precious resources that even the Saints’ World has no access to, including even possessions of Grand Exalts. The Darkstar race themselves can’t use anything that’s too high of a level, so it’s extremely likely for it to have ended up in Jian Chen’s hands.”


With the old man’s appearance, the great elders from the various organisations present all became restless, discussing among themselves.

The expressions of the great elders from the Heavenly Crane clan all sank. Even the eyes of ancestor Lan who hovered high in the sky narrowed.

They all understood that this matter was important enough for the Origin Arts Ancestor to appear in person. Even though he had only sent a wisp of his soul, which did not possess any particularly great battle prowess, the significance behind it was something else.

This had elevated everything occurring here to an extremely high level.

Someone as important as the Origin Arts Ancestor would never show himself so easily, but once he did, even a trifle could develop into something major.

“Ancestor Lan, I only want Jian Chen. Hand over Jian Chen, and we might even be able to forge an alliance across generations between my Heaven’s sect and your Heavenly Crane clan,” said the Origin Arts Ancestor. He looked straight at ancestor Lan, ignoring what happened to Zhan Yun.

If he could obtain Jian Chen, so what if he lost a great elder?

“Senior Origin Arts, we cannot give you Jian Chen, so please return,” said ancestor Lan. Even though she referred to him as her senior, there was no respect in her language at all.

The Origin Arts Ancestor’s gaze sank slightly, and an invisible pressure radiated from him; he was clearly angered. “If you don’t hand over Jian Chen, the fact that your Heavenly Crane clan injured a great elder of my Heaven’s sect won’t be resolved so easily.”

“Are you saying that you want to declare war against our Heavenly Crane clan, senior Origin Arts Ancestor?” ancestor Lan said gently before letting out a chime-like laugh. She was unfazed. “If that’s the case, then I await senior Origin Arts’ arrival in person.”

Neither ancestor Lan nor the Origin Arts Ancestor backed down in the conversation. They both stood their ground, basically intentionally provoking one another.

“How audacious!” The Origin Arts Ancestor snorted coldly. “Ancestor Lan, you better think it through. Once I break through successfully and reach the Seventh Heavenly Layer, no one will be my opponent anymore, not just from your measly Heavenly Crane clan, but from the entire Ice Pole Plane. By then, trampling over your Heavenly Crane clan will be nothing but easy.”

“Hehehe, an outsider who has yet to reach the Seventh Heavenly Layer, who might not even be able to reach the Seventh Heavenly Layer in the rest of his life, has actually come to talk big on the Ice Pole Plane? How absurd.” A sneer rang out from nowhere the moment the Origin Arts Ancestor finished talking. The Icecloud Founding Ancestor appeared like she had teleported. She sneered away, gazing at the Origin Arts Ancestor’s clone in disdain.

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