Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3288

Chapter 3288: Taking Action Once More

Bai Yurou stiffened up mid-air. She stared straight at the old man before her with a sense of undisguisable sorrow.

Bai Changjie who lay in ambush here to kill them was from ancestor Yan’s faction in the White Emperor clan. Now that she had broken out of the encirclement after so much difficulty, ancestor Yan had personally intercepted her.

Bai Yurou immediately understood something. The true culprit behind the ambush and the attempt on their life here was actually one of the three ancestors of the White Emperor clan, ancestor Yan!

Among the three ancestors of the White Emperor clan, the strongest was obviously the White Emperor.

Beneath him were ancestor Zong and ancestor Yan.

“Why, ancestor Yan? Why is it you? Why are you doing this?” Bai Yurou was emotionally distraught. Her face was filled with sorrow and disbelief as she cried out in heartbreak, “I’ve already shown you great respect. You’ve always been a well-respected senior in my eyes, b-but why, why are you doing this?”

“We’re all from the same clan. We prosper and decline together. Just what benefit is there if you do this?”

“Without the White Emperor, is the White Emperor clan still the White Emperor clan?”

“You don’t want the White Emperor to recover, but have you ever considered whether just you and ancestor Zong really are capable of upholding the clan without the White Emperor?”

Bai Yurou was heartbroken as she called out again and again.

Ancestor Yan was a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Before an expert like that, she stood no chance at escaping.

Ancestor Yan’s expression did not change. He remained as cold as ever. However, a hint of pity appeared in his gaze towards Bai Yurou. He sighed gently. “Yurou, why aren’t you from my faction? Otherwise, with your talent, you might even become a Heavenly King in the future.”

“If our White Emperor clan gained a Heavenly King, just how glorious would that be?” As soon as he mentioned Heavenly Kings, ancestor Yan’s face became filled with yearning.

“Sigh, it’s just a pity that you don’t belong to my faction. And with your talent, how can we give you the time to grow?” Sighing gently, ancestor Yan looked at Bai Yurou with utmost pity.

“We? Sure enough, ancestor Zong stands on your side too. It’s no wonder, no wonder that ancestor Zong and you always found all kinds of reasons and excuses to avoid the task of retrieving the Earthen Winged King’s source of life. S-so you decided a long time ago that you did not want great-grandfather to recover from his wounds.” Bai Yurou was ashen. She was in despair.

“You’re right. We indeed do not hope for him to recover, as it’s about time that the White Emperor clan changes its bloodline. As for the glory of the clan, you don’t have to worry. It won’t decline.” As he said that, ancestor Yan took out a wooden sceptre. It was a low quality god artifact.

“Yurou, since you already know everything you need to know, you can set off peacefully. You are the most outstanding prodigy that our White Emperor clan has produced in all these years. After your death, your name will still hang high in the ancestral hall, and the descendants of the clan will still know that the clan once produced a talented genius.” With that, ancestor Yan directly extended the sceptre in his hand towards Bai Yurou. As he released the god artifact’s pressure, a beam of green light immediately enveloped Bai Yurou.

This was a powerful attack from a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime and a low quality god artifact. Even in her peak condition, Bai Yurou was unable to withstand it, let alone now in her exhausted state.

But at this moment, the space there suddenly fell quiet as if time had stopped. Everything froze. Ancestor Yan’s attack actually remained exactly where it was.

It was not only his attack. An invisible force had restrained him at this moment. He could not even move a finger.

The restraining force was far too powerful. Even with his strength as a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he was unable to budge at all with his full strength.

Ancestor Yan was shocked. At that moment, he was no longer able to maintain the same composure and calmness as before. His eyes immediately narrowed to the size of pins, filled with fright.

With his knowledge and experiences, he immediately realised that a supreme expert had locked up the space there with the Laws of Space.

It was not just ancestor Yan either. Elsewhere, Chu Tianxing and the others who fought for their lives discovered in surprise that all of their enemies seemed to be frozen. Bai Changjie and the several dozen black-robed Godkings under his command were stuck in the same posture as before, unable to move at all.

Immediately, several dozen Godkings, as well as ancestor Yan, were all frozen!

“You only have a minute. During this minute, they can’t do anything to you. Whether you want to fight or flee is for you to decide.”

At this moment, an indiscernible voice drifted out from between the mountains.

Hearing the familiar voice, Chu Tianxing, elder Qing, and the others who had already experienced this once immediately lit up. They were reinvigorated.

“It’s the senior. I didn’t think the senior would save us again.”

“Thank you for assisting us, senior. Our White Emperor clan will never be able to pay back your kindness in saving our lives.”

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“Kill them! Kill them all! Don’t waste any time. Take action, everyone. Kill all of these despicable bastards.”

“A minute is completely insufficient for escape. Our only chance at survival is to kill all the people here!”

Fifteen of the Godkings under Bai Yurou’s lead had already fallen in battle. At this moment, the surviving Godkings all bellowed out. They unleashed their remaining power without holding back at all and began desperately killing the Godkings in black.

The Godkings were all restrained by the Laws of Space. Not only were they immobilised, but they could not put up any resistance either. All of them were like sitting ducks, completely unable to protect themselves. They were slain effortlessly by the Godkings under Bai Yurou’s command.

There were even many Overgods that took part out of resentment, thrusting out with their swords mercilessly.

In the end, some of these Godkings had their heads pierced easily by some of the Overgods, perishing on the spot.

Elsewhere, Bai Yurou, who was originally overwhelmed with despair, began to see hope again. She arrived in front of ancestor Yan with her sword. Gazing at the immobilised old man whose eyes were filled with fear, her gaze immediately became mixed.

She raised her sword several times, but she lowered it again each time. She wanted to kill ancestor Yan, but she was unable to bring herself to do that. She was greatly conflicted inside.

Very soon, half a minute had passed. Apart from Bai Changjie, all of the people in black had been cut down.

As for Bai Changjie, elder Qing had heavily injured him before taking him alive. The dozen or so bloodied Godkings all arrived before Bai Yurou.

When they saw ancestor Yan, they were obviously surprised as well, but they recovered very quickly.

“Miss, we don’t have much time left. Once we lose the senior’s help, all of us here will die at ancestor Yan’s hand.” Chu Tianxing could not help but remind Bai Yurou when he saw her hesitate.

They had killed all the Godkings, but the threat of ancestor Yan was clearly above them.

“It’s already been forty-five seconds. Young miss…” Seeing how time was running out, even elder Qing could not help but become anxious.

None of them possessed the courage to kill one of the three ancestors of the clan. They could only leave the decision up to Bai Yurou.

Bai Yurou clearly understood that they could not leave here alive today if ancestor Yan did not die. Sorrowful tears flowed down her face, and she let out a hysterical bellow, suddenly thrusting out with her sword and immediately piercing ancestor Yan’s forehead.

The pitiful ancestor Yan, a mighty Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, had just been killed by Bai Yurou like this, unable to resist at all.

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