Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3431: Nether

Chapter 3431: Nether

Immediately, the divine might reached billions of kilometres away. The column of light from the Book of the Populace was a million metres in diameter. The destructive presence basically filled the entire spatial crack.

At that moment, countless experts on the Profound Heaven Plane saw a colossal column of light shoot down from above with unbelievable speed. The light was so bright that it blinded the eyes of countless lower level cultivators.

“The Profound Heaven Plane… is done for…” Many Grand Primes appeared in the air across the Profound Heaven Plane. The golden glow reflected in their eyes, but their faces were all full of despair.

They were the native experts of the Profound Heaven Plane. As one of the seven sacred planes, the Profound Heaven Plane was obviously powerful overall. Not only did they have many Grand Primes, but they even had numerous late Grand Primes.

But at this moment, under the Book of the Populace’s power, even those Grand Primes that had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer, or even those beyond the Seventh Heavenly Layer, developed despair. They gave up on escaping.

Yi Xin, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, the seven Saint Monarchs, and everyone else stood throughout the Profound Heaven Plane with pale faces. They gazed at the golden column that seemed to come from a different time and space, also filled with despair.

The twelve of them could not stop it even with the formation that the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths had carefully arranged, so how was a single sacred mountain supposed to stop the Book of the Populace’s power?

At this moment, all the living creatures on the Profound Heaven Plane felt like the end of the world was here.

A formation immediately rose up where the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths forged his artifact, giving off a tremendous pressure.

It was also a Grand Exalt’s formation, but it was not the one that protected the Profound Heaven Plane but the one that guarded the sacred mountain.

The power from the Book of the Populace made contact with the formation. Instantly, the formation collapsed.

Despite also being a Grand Exalt’s formation, it was clearly much weaker than the formation supported by the twelve supreme experts.

Afterwards, the power from the Book of the Populace continued onwards like it was unstoppable, tearing through everything as it headed towards the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths on the sacred mountain.

“Sigh, don’t tell me this weapon is really unable to be born?” The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths let out a powerless sigh from atop the sacred mountain. He had already entered a critical phase of forging the artifact. Once he stopped mid-way, it would end in failure.

The higher the quality of the weapon, the more stringent the conditions for forging it were. It was about completing it in one fell stroke, without any mistakes occurring in between, or everything would go to waste.

When the golden column of light from the Book of the Populace was about to land on the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths, a colossal black hole suddenly appeared, releasing a great devouring force. It appeared right between the sacred mountain and the golden column of light.

The golden column of light from the Book of the Populace immediately struck the centre of the black hole, and it completely swallowed the light.

In the blink of an eye, the terrifying strike that had created a colossal disturbance earlier had vanished so easily.

The Profound Heaven Plane that resided behind the black hole gradually vanished in an extremely eerie manner. It seemed like it had been slowly swallowed and submerged by a great power.

In a total of just five seconds, the entire Profound Heaven Plane completely vanished, only leaving behind a colossal shadow where it was before.

An extremely terrifying presence radiated from the shadow.

The presence was so powerful that it had clearly reached the level of Grand Exalts.

Daowei Fatian held the Book of the Populace in outer space and stared at the colossal shadow with a rather sunken expression. In an icy-cold voice, he said, “Nether, I didn’t expect you to still be alive. Everyone from the Immortals’ World thought you died already.”

“Who… are… you…” An extremely powerful mental pulse emerged from the colossal shadow.

“I am Daowei Fatian!”

“Daowei… Fa… sounds… a little… familiar…” Nether’s broken voice rang out. He sounded like he lacked strength.

But at this moment, the colossal shadow suddenly trembled. An alarming rumble seemed to ring out from inside. Layers of golden haze seemed to turn into an unstoppable golden sword, piercing Nether’s shadow body from inside out.

Shortly afterwards, the golden haze inside Nether’s body multiplied. In the end, with a boom, the Nether Sovereign’s body exploded, turning into fragments.

“W-what… what is this… power…” Nether’s voice was filled with shock. His shadow body had disintegrated, but that clearly did not mean death to him.

Daowei Fatian’s eyes lit up as he began to laugh aloud. “So you still haven’t recovered from your wounds. Hahaha, you want to devour the Book of the Populace’s power while injured? Nether, you’re overestimating yourself. The Book of the Populace’s power isn’t something that the likes of you can devour.”

The Book of the Populace flew out of Daowei Fatian’s hand and directly entered the spatial crack. Immediately, it became even larger than Nether’s body, falling down towards his shadow body with great might.

Nether refused to fight any further. His fragmented body immediately gathered together before rapidly shrinking and fleeing. He vanished in an instant.

The Profound Heaven Plane vanished with him!

At the same time, in a region within the chaotic sea, great booms and terrifying energy stirred up the entire place.

The Anatta Grand Exalt was currently facing Daowei Fatian’s replicated clone.

When the Anatta Grand Exalt used the four ways, not only was Daowei Fatian’s replicated clone forced into a retreat, but his body even became covered with injuries.

The Anatta Grand Exalt also faced an intense backlash. Not only was her alluring face extremely pale, but crimson blood also lingered at the corner of her lips.

Daowei Fatian’s replicated clone did not harm her, but her backlash had left her heavily injured.

But at this moment, when the Anatta Tower struck Daowei Fatian with a devastating attack, Daowei Fatian was not repelled like normal. Instead, his entire body turned into a ball of energy that scattered with the wind.

The sudden occurrence took the Anatta Grand Exalt slightly by surprise, but she responded very soon. Her expression immediately changed drastically as she cried out, “Oh no, this is his clone. Daowei Fatian’s true body has already infiltrated the Saints’ World!”

As soon as she said that, the Anatta Grand Exalt returned to the Saints’ World as quickly as possible.

“What? Daowei Fatian was a clone?”

“Exactly what kind of clone possesses such impossible powers that it can even fool us?”

The expressions of the Grand Exalts from the Saints’ World fighting in the chaotic sea all changed drastically when they heard what the Anatta Grand Exalt said.


In the Saints’ World, a golden book soared through the entire place, radiating with a terrifying and shocking energy. Sometimes, it appeared in outer space; sometimes, it appeared in a spatial crack, moving around with unbelievable speed.

A shadow fled desperately in front of the golden book, running away from the Book of the Populace.

“I’m heavily injured… or… I’d… never spare you…” The Nether Sovereign’s aggrieved voice rang out from the fleeing shadow.

He was a sovereign who had comprehended two laws to completion, yet right now, he was being chased everywhere by an enemy who had only comprehended one way to completion. He would even have to take on a hit every now and then. This was definitely humiliating.

“Nether, my target is Ancient Paths, not you. Spit out the Profound Heaven Plane, and it has nothing to do with you anymore.” At this moment, Daowei Fatian immediately appeared in front of the Nether Sovereign. The Book of the Populace in his hand shone with blinding light and locked firmly onto Nether’s presence.

In the next moment, Daowei Fatian immediately sent the Book of the Populace towards the Nether Sovereign.

He had clearly already spent much time preparing this attack. When the Book of the Populace was launched, the word on the cover seemed to spring alive, appearing in the space there like it was living.

Immediately, Nether’s body stiffened. The word seemed to contain a mysterious and great power. When it faced the Nether Sovereign, he actually developed an uncontrollable urge to submit even with his strength.

That was not all. The word seemed to contain an extremely great restraining force. When it faced the Nether Sovereign, he felt like he had fallen into mud. His movements were sluggish as if he had been forcefully restrained on the spot.

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